30 November 2007

Mike Huckabee Victory Highlights from the CNN/You Tube Debate

After winning the Debate on Wednesday, even after all the Democratic plants that were in the audience in the CNN You Tube Debate (CNN of course being owned by moonbat Ted Turner), it's time for some highlights. Huck crushed the field. Rudy and Romney were too busy attacking each other to come across as statesmen like, delivering their worst performances of the campaign season. Fred looked a bit out of it and was less than inspiring. McCain and Hunter did solid jobs. Hunter actually makes a lot of solid points but is given so little time that he can not state his solid credentials for the front office, but quietly may be making a case to be a VP consideration. Tancredo was his usual entertaining self, but he may even admit that he won't win the nomination, but if he can keep hammering home just how important the issue of illegal immigration is, from the economic issues to national security, then he should stay in the race to the very end, as this is very much needed. In fact, his rant about Americans not wanting to take jobs because "they are beneath them" is something that needs to be repeated. Indeed, should illegals be taken out of the equation and suddenly the demand for workers exceeds supplies, it is American citizens who win out as wages would have to rise in order to find equilibrium, so all those "low paying jobs no one wants" is a crap argument due to an artificial supply of cheap and illegal labor. A lower supply of labor will lead to higher wages and benefits for American works as companies are forced to abide by employment laws, something that benefits our citizens. However, it was clear to anyone watching that Huck won the debate. Here's some links to read through on how clear his victory was:

Huckabee Is For Real - Real Clear Politics

Big Night For Mike Huckabee - Chuck Todd (from MSNBC of all places)

Insider Advantage Poll of CNN/You Tube Debate - Southern Political Report

Who Won? - Mary Katherine Ham over at Townhall.com

Now here's some video highlights to savor:

I'd be remiss not to have some post debate interviews up here as well, enjoy:


450 Kegs Stolen from Guinness Brewery

How exactly one steals 450 kegs of beer is beyond me. How this guy was able to drive his truck into the Brewery and attach it to a trailer and then simply drive off with all those kegs is something that really needs to be addressed. Though the robber got off with 180 kegs of Black Wine, aka Guinness, and 90 kegs of Carlsberg, he also got stuck with 180 kegs of Budweiser, which in and of itself should be his punishment when he gets caught. Condemned to drink 180 kegs of Budweiser is a death sentence, at least on his stomach and taste buds, so the punishment would fit the crime. For future reference, for anyone out there who would like to buy me a keg, here are the three you can get me:
1. Guinness
2. Harp
3. Smithwick's
In fact, I would like to make a special appeal to the Guinness Brewery. I am of Irish descent and am extremely proud of my heritage (to which my friends and family will attest) and I absolutely love the brews that are produced in ancestral homeland and come from the Guinness family of beers. I humbly submit that by making this case more public by posting the details of reprehensible act on my blog, that I may officially endorse you in exchange for some of your frosty, tasty, beverages. I understand that I already do endorse your products and talk of them in the highest regards already so I may not have much leverage, but it can't hurt to ask right? Additionally, I would ask you, for the love of God, to kick Budweiser out of the plant, and if this was all an internal ploy to get rid of that God forsaken dirty river water out of the plant, then the people who loaded up that trailer dropped the ball by having Guinness inside the trailer, unless that was the payment for transporting the horrendous Budweiser chemical agent away from the rich, sweet brews of the Guinness plant.


Karzai Blasts Bin Laden

Read the whole article over at Fox News, it's definitely worth reading. For all the anti-troop rhetoric the Left spews and the overt hostility toward our troops and the governments of Iraq and Afghanistan that were democratically elected, you hear nothing from them commending President Karazi for blasting bin Laden over "his" latest message (depending on whether you really think the waste of oxygen is alive). President Karzai definitely has Afghanistan on the right track and is using the correct terminology and phrasing to illustrate just how evil bin Laden and his terrorist organization are. Sure we have our flare ups with President Karzai and disagree on some issues, but for the Leftists to point to that as some way of vilifying him in order to take shots at Bush is simply insane and a dangerous political game to play. President Karzai correctly asserts that bin Laden and his organization are responsible for atrocious numbers of innocent civilian deaths since the end of the Cold War and denounces him as "ridiculous." The article is definitely worth a read, and I give President Karzai kudos for having the intestinal fortitude as a Muslim leader to speak out against the evils of the al-Qaeda network when many other Muslim leaders have not called this spade a spade as of yet.


Double Standard on Abortion Apparent During Horrific Crime in Wisconson

A man is being charged with multiple felonies after committing a horrendous crime in Wisconsin. The man tried to slip a crushed Morning After Pill into his girlfriend's smoothie, but the woman noticed the powder on her cup and had the foresight to refuse the drink and subsequently submit the substance for testing confirming the horrible truth of this vile crime.

On Thursday, Manishkumar M. Patel, 34, of Appleton, was accused of slipping the drug to the woman without her knowledge. He was charged with seven felonies and two misdemeanors, including attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child, stalking, burglary and two counts of violating a restraining order. The nine charges carry a maximum penalty of 99 1/2 years in prison and a $92,000 fine.

This man should most definitely be incarcerated and the charges brought against him are legit and just. I'm glad the DA is throwing the book at this guy and it's about time that we start prosecuting criminals to the fullest extent of the law, so I commend the DA in Appleton, WI.

The double standard that I speak of in regards to the abortion issue, is that had the woman taken the Morning After Pill on her own, and the situation were reversed, where the boyfriend wanted the child, then there would be no charge at all. In the crime committed here, one of the charges is the intentional homicide of an unborn child. In a circumstance where the mother were to decide to take the pill herself it is no longer considered homicide, but an issue of privacy and the mother's "right to choose". The unborn child is still the same in both cases, unborn, innocent, and unable to defend itself. In a situation where a father wants to raise a child and take care of it, he has no say, and the unborn child is not considered a human being. In a case where the mother wants the child, the unborn child is considered a human being and afforded all the protections of the law. The status of the unborn child changes based solely on the opinion and feelings of one individual, and this is a double standard. We, as a civilized society, must protect all life and treat it as precious, and not have legal standards where life is defined based on a case by case basis. That being said, I hope this guy is served justice and enjoys a long, long stay in prison. The victims in this case demand and I'm sure, will receive justice. I do not mean to take away from this case, but I thought I'd take this time to illustrate a point on the issue that is many times overlooked.


Ninja Attacks and A Battering Ram Response to a Stolen Pizza

A couple of interesting news stories for you today. I thought I'd throw these out at you for something a little different today. The first story comes from Florida where three armed "ninjas" attacked and robbed a man in his driveway. Here's a snippet:

David Cheezum told police three man dressed as ninjas held him down, covered his mouth and took his wallet, cell phone and cash.

The ninjas were wearing gloves and had guns, police said.

When did the ancient art of the pistol become a mainstay of the "ninja" arsenal? It's amazing how the Internet obsession with ninjas is resulting in morons dressing up in outfits in order to commit crimes. I can just hear Hillary now, "we will not stand for ninja attacks in our backyard, these ninjas are the real terrorists." Seriously, that may actually happen, would anyone put that past her?

The second story is a moral lesson: Don't steal pizza, especially not in Michigan. Police actually used a battering ram to enter the apartment of the food thieves (who were probably doing their best impersonation of Towlie at the time.) Here's a sample:

Jessica Gray, 19, of Eastpointe was arrested Wednesday after she and the occupants of her apartment refused to pay for a delivery of pizza, ribs, chicken, shrimp and a soda valued at $17.18, police say.

...Police then broke down the door, and the delivery man identified Gray as the person who took the meal. Police recovered rib bones, chicken bones and shrimp tails as evidence.

This is just full of great stuff. First, let me just say getting a pizza, ribs, chicken, shrimp, and soda for 17.18 is a damn good deal, and the company should use this as one hell of an advertising promotion. Second, the teenage morons inside who stole the food had to have the absolute funniest looks on their faces when the police busted in their door after mocking the delivery guy and the police, I'm sure the looks were priceless. Finally, the evidence collected is hysterical. Imagine having to DNA test that. This story will definitely be a rallying cry for delivery guys everywhere.

Well there it is folks, something a little different for you to lead the day off. Keep you on guard and all that jazz. All this talk of pizza and ninjas..hey, I wonder where the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were...hmmm....maybe Dennis Kucinich can investigate with aid from his friends on that UFO.


29 November 2007

Slovak Authorities Stop the Sale of Uranium For Use in Dirty Bomb

At the time of this posting, CNN and CBS do not even mention the story on the front page, ABC has it on a small link on the left hand side, surprisingly MSNBC has a rather large text link, but at least Fox has it prominent on their website. God forbid the lefties make a solid mention of this story that at the minimum is very disturbing and at worst cause for major, major alarm. Here's a link the story and here's an excerpt:

"Police were watching the sellers as well as the buyers," Kopcik said. He refused to give more information on the buyers however. The radioactive material was due to be sold for 3,500 dollars a gramme, he added, giving a total price of about 1.6 million dollars (one million euros).

It is the latest in a series of cases involving the sale of radioactive material in Slovakia and the neighbouring Czech Republic.

In 2004, two former Slovak army officers were found guilty by a Czech court of attempting to sell uranium. The two were arrested at a hotel outside Brno in November 2003 after they tried to sell three kilogrammes (6.5 pounds) of the substance.

Refused to give more information on they buyers? That would be extremely relevant, would it not? Remember the Czech's report and their adamant stance that Mohammad Atta was in the Czech Republic prior to the 9/11 attacks? They also said they had evidence that could prove an Iraqi Intelligence officer met with Atta in Prague. The left worked hard to discredit this story even intentionally printing fabrications about what President Havel has said. Read this article for a refresher. The Czech Republic and Slovokia have been taking an active role in the war on terror from the outset, very away of the problem radical Islam has posed. Keep in mind also that the EU has a history of trying to be politically correct to fault, even going so far as trying to hide from the rest of the world that radical Islamists are the ones rioting in the streets of France, firing at police, and being a destructive hoard in general. The importance of this of course, is to show the track record that the EU has of trying to use terms other than Islamic radicals, even the Heathrow attack this year was described by the British as "Asians." The Czechs have been pro-active in helping us in the War on Terror as have the Slovaks. So I'll go out on a limb here:

Sellers: Former military or science officials from former Soviet Bloc nations.

Buyers: Current members of Islam

Any takers? So here's the suppression that will take place, the leftist media won't have the stones to put this out there that radical Islamists came damn close to acquiring materials for a dirty bomb, or else they validate what President Bush has been telling us for so long. They also risk violating their own self policing of being politically correct. They also fail to recognize that is entirely feasible these two attempted acquisitions were not the only ones and that they have secured plutonium or uranium already. Evidence be damned, the Leftists need to paint the world the way they see it, even if innocents are killed and laws are violated to do so.


An Open Letter to CNN

After the planting debacle that was last night CNN's You Tube debate, with at least 2 questioners now confirmed as Democratic plants, the most obvious one being the gay general on Hillary's Steering Committee, I decided to send CNN a letter asking them to consider addressing this situation. Enjoy:

I believe you should update the main page of your site to accurately reflect a few facts. First, the candidate how jokingly suggested that Hillary Clinton be sent to Mars is not named "Republican," it is "Mike Huckabee," though I see the confusion you may have there with one being a noun and the other being a name. Second, the biggest headline that is coming out of the debate was Hillary Clinton's campaign planting a questioner at another of your debates and your inability to screen said questioner that could be achieved in five seconds...on Google...by a middle school student. I see other questioners are being researched as being planted. You may want to pony up to the mistake on your homepage, or at least the political page, or it may just appear that your organization is institutionally biased against any one who is not a Democrat. Other than that great job on the debate, you know, that Mr. Kerr was unable to be identified as a plant from Hillary Clinton, and then he just so happened to be the only person who was allowed to go on a rant for a few minutes, I mean, what are the odds right?


UPDATE: For your enjoyment here is Bill Bennett calling out Anderson Cooper and CNN live on-air and the subsequent admission from Cooper. Hat tip to Hot Air:

27 November 2007

Another Attempt at Israeli-Palestenian Peace and the Oh-So-Shocking Iran-Hamas Reaction

I suppose the new peace talks should be exciting news and a reason for optimism, and indeed it is, if you view it from one particular angle, which I will go over. MSM, of course, for their own political reasons, are not getting very excited over this, after all, what would happen if President Bush succeeded where Bill Clinton failed, and additionally, if President Bush were to pull this off, the MSM and Left Wing's collective heads would explode simultaneously. Nonetheless, here is what I mean by the one angle in which this may work.

Since Hamas won the elections in Palestinian controlled areas, tensions have been astoundingly highly, and the subsequent split of the Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza have helped to fuel tensions amongst the Palestinian people as well as Israelis to a higher level. However, this rift in Palestinian control may actual help fulfill peace between Israel and the Abbas's Fatah, which controls the West Bank. Here's my rationale. Abbas has the backing of most of the Arabic states in the area, not Hamas, which is in control of the West Bank. Abbas also has the support of most Western nations, as there is simply no way that we will ever legitimize or support a terrorist organization so long as a Democrat is not in charge. Abbas also needs to gather support amongst all Palestinians against the terrorist organization that controls Gaza. This all adds up to an interesting recipe.

The scenario I see working is one where Abbas strikes a deal with Ohmert that garners concessions on both sides backed with aid from Western nations as well as Arabic nations. This would lead to more prosperous West Bank in relation to Gaza, where the population would demand that Hamas do something drastic to improve their situation, which of course they won't. Seeing some positive movements in a peace movement with Israel would turn the population against Hamas and allow for the first Palestinian-Israeli co-operation in being the restoration of true democracy to the Palestinian people. A very, very long shot indeed, but a possibility where Israel can get some points with the Palestinians and Abbas gains control of all Palestinian areas and successful defeats his Hamas rivals.

Perhaps this is why Hamas was so "shocked" when Arabic states backed the talks that are currently underway between Abbas's government and Olmert's government. A situation like the one I spelled out above would be a death blow to Hamas in Palestine, which of course, would further shun Iran from influence in the Mideast. Which is exactly why Iran has gone out and offered an "alternative" meeting to include the militants who are dedicated to achieving Iran's stated goals of Israel's destruction. Iran and Hamas do not want any progress on the peace front, to hell with all the human suffering that has for so long existed. So you see why this can work, and why Iran and Hamas are in a panic.


The Very Peaceful and Religious Saudis

The Saudis have always ducked alot of criticism from the Left and the Right for purely strategic and political purposes. The House of Saud is immune from criticisms here at home for a variety of reasons, chiefly because the Saudi rulers are the lesser of some evils over there; one that we can somewhat manage. This of course is in contrast the even more extreme elements that reside in the country. I thought I'd point out some articles of note of what our friendly neighborhood Saudis have been up to for you to contemplate:

Gang-Rape Victim Sentenced to 200 Lashes. Read the whole thing. Here's an excerpt:

According to the Arab News newspaper, the woman was gang-raped 14 times.

Her offence was in meeting a former boyfriend, whom she had asked to return pictures he had of her because she was about to marry another man.

The couple was sitting in a car when a group of seven Sunni men kidnapped them and raped them both, lawyers in the case told Arab News.

The former boyfriend was also sentenced to 90 lashes for being with her in private.

136 Government Sponsored Beheadings so far in 2007.

So what's the "good news" coming from our great allies today? Well, the release of 1,500 Al-Qaeda prisoners they were holding after they "promised" (wink, wink, nod, nod) that their eternal bloodlust for murdering all people not Muslim and lopping their heads off or strapping explosives to their chest blowing innocent men, women, and children, into numerous pieces.

Our friends...the Saudis.


Massachusetts Ready to Launch the Children of the Corn Upon The Masses

We already know how far to the Left they are in Massachusetts. It's truly amazing that Mitt Romney, a respectable and honorable man, ever got elected to office in that god-forsaken state. Well, now comes news that they are about to pass a law that will outlaw one of the last means of putting an out of control child in line, the evilness that is....dun-dun-dun...spanking.

That's right folks, there shall be no disciplining of your child in the near future if you live in the state of Sen. Ted "Ich Bin Ein Drowner" Kennedy. God-forbid someone smack their child on the rear for being a little deviant. Hell, I was spanked, most of us were spanked. Was it fun? No. Did it hurt? Yes. Did it work? Yes. The increase in ADHD cases and autism can probably somehow be linked to the lack of discipline in a child's life. For example, if you don't actually stop your child from being a spaz by either disciplining them, or having them do something constructive, like house or yard work, well then they're probably going to have alot of energy to burn, especially since most hipster parents decide that Starbucks is a good idea to serve to a young child. They then fail to comprehend where their child is Chok Full O' Energy. Secondly, if your child does act up and you subsequently discipline them by the torturous "timeout", what you are essentially doing is putting your child into a situation where they are emotional and yet are not facing a corner and blocked off from the rest of the world. Now what disorder do we know of consists of a child being blocked off and feeling as if they have no means to communicate or trust those around them with their feelings and emotions? Au....oh, I can't remember but is seems to be on the rise ever since the "let's not discipline and load my kids up on caffeine and sugar" deal didn't work, right around the time the "timeout" became very popular. Spanking of course, doesn't stop a child or parent from loving one another and can help to toughen a child up a bit as well as teach them limits. I'm not talking about beatings of course, I'm talking about a spanking, there is a huge difference, and anyone with half a brain can figure that out, but hey it's Socialist Massachusetts we're talking about here, so...



Possibly the strangest news story of the day, month, hell, maybe the year. This story has it all, and is a must read. Here's a highlight:

The transvestites allegedly struck the manager with a tire iron, and when he swung back, the drag queens took off their stiletto boots, removed their earrings and prepared to attack. The manager, Albert Bolton, was covered with scratch marks after suspects clawed him with their fingernails.

Bolton grabbed a pot of scalding french-fry grease and hurled it at his attackers. One of the cross-dressers then smacked Bolton with a wet floor sign, sending him to the hospital in an ambulance, WMC-TV reported.

Read the whole article, it's only a few more paragraphs. Sounds like something out of a weird Monty Python sketch or something, but it's real. Frightening and extremely humorous.


Global Warming Hoax Update (Where Going Green = Going Red)

The more I read about the mass hysteria over global warming, the more it is becoming apparent that global warming is nothing more than a left wing attempt at forcing the rule of communism upon the masses. The first piece of evidence that I have, I have long since documented. The Global Warming alarmists shout down dissent and do not allow for free speech in regards to the issue, rather, forcing their opinion on the masses by utilizing the media, using children to influence and force their parents to their view point (much like Mao's Cultural Revolution), and labeling all those who preach caution as radicals and liars. Classic communist move.

Population control has long been a communist tactic, as I am sure you are aware of how the Chinese go about this element. In fact, the Chinese have touted their "population control" as a way of fighting global warming. The Western Leftists, however, have done their part to essentially brainwash people into not having children in order to achieve this means as opposed to the Chinese way of murdering babies after birth. The Western Leftists, however, just want babies murdered before birth or completely prevented from being conceived. Pay special heed to this article, which details why some women in Western nations are being sterilized or having abortions in order to control the human population, because it is not "eco-friendly." That qualifies as moonbattery to the fullest. Completely idiotic, selfish, and barbaric.

On the home front, the Communist bastion of San Francisco has another grand idea that will help to eliminate the "threat" of "global warming" by creating their own special little nanny-state. The new idea being floated on the Left Coast is that fireplaces should be banned because they are not eco-friendly (please not that breathing is not eco-friendly either, which is why the left loves to dismember babies, stop the breathing, stop the carbon). Another ridiculous idea floated by the hard left as a means to control the rights of the people for the "common good," which is another basic philosophy of Communism.

What is another basic philosophy of Communism? The distribution of wealth to those "in need" as determined by the central government. Yes, Hillary, Edwards, Obama, etc subscribe to this tenant as well, but in this case, the central government in question is the United Nations. For example, just today the United Nations came out and said that if Western Nations do not pony up $86 Billion dollars, then the "poor" nations will be affected heavily by "global warming." Here's a little nugget for you to savor:

Half the cost, $44 billion, would go for "climate-proofing" developing nations' infrastructure while $40 billion would help the poor adapt how the live to cope with climate-related risks, says the panel's report. The other $2 billion would go to strengthening responses to natural disasters.

The report recommends the biggest share be paid by the United States and other rich nations, based on aid targets and financing calculations by the World Bank and Group of Eight major industrialized nations.

Amazed at the idiocy yet? How is President Bush criticized for protecting our freedoms from this Leftist onslaught. In fact, we have Canada to thank for stopping another horrible "Global Warming" international act from passing. This act would have given free pass to India and China to pollute all they want while crippling the economies of developed Western nations, giving the developing nations a competitive advantage over Western nations, destroying the intellectual and patent rights of Western corporations, and greatly undermining the most basic of human freedoms. The fact that the parallels between Global Warming and Communism are becoming more transparent everyday and it's about time those of us who believe in human rights, entrepreneurship, technological advances, democracy, and the Western way of life start to stand up and fight for it or it will all slip away.


21 November 2007

Obama: I Smoked Alot of Weed and Would Have Snorted More Coke If I Had More Money

Come on, Obama. I'd much rather have our candidate run against you, and hell, I'd rather see you be president than Hillary since you are at least slightly more honest, even if you are a left-wing defeatist, but giving this diatribe to students is beyond idiotic:

"Junkie. Pothead. That's where I'd been headed: the final fatal role of the young would be black man," Obama wrote. Mostly he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol, Obama wrote, but occasionally he would snort cocaine when he could afford it.

Drugs, Obama wrote, were a way he "could push questions of who I was out of my mind, something that could flatten out the landscape of my heart, blur the edges of my memory."

Wow. First, when there were allegations that President Bush used coke, everyone went nuts, here...not so much...because he's a liberal. Again, I will give Obama alot of credit on the honesty factor here. However, giving this talk in front of high school students isn't going to show them that "if you use drugs, things will be bad", it's more of "if you use drugs now, things will turn out A-Ok for you in the future," which is what his story pretty much has a plot.

Additionally, Mr. Obama, Being a junkie or pothead is not the "final, fatal role of the young would-be-black man is." That is the furthest from the truth. Not all black men use drugs, and not all white people do. Nor is it OK to suggest that because you were black that you were more susceptible to drug use, that is what we call....racist. Additionally, saying you would have used more coke if you had more money is just sad. Buy hey, if you were at one point an addict and you overcame that, I give you alot of credit on that, that truly is great that you overcame that ginormous obstacle. However, once again, I would like to remind you that color should not be important in this debate. I am not of mixed race, though I have alot of friends who are, and I can't say I know any who drank or did anything else because of it. In fact, none of my friends who are of different ethnic backgrounds ever used that as an excuse for anything, and basically, snickered at the people who sympathized with them who thought that it was an excuse. It was a joke to them, and one that I understood. If someone would forgive you for being an average youth of any persuasion, susceptible to everything any youth of any race would be subject too, why not let someone think more highly of you for no reason other than your race, or your perceived social status. There has never been a difference between blacks, whites, hispanics, or asians, other than ones that people have carefully created in their minds. I was a lower middle class white kid whose best friends were lower middle class blacks in my most formative years. The only arguments we ever had between us was who was going to sit in the middle back seat when we all went out. Money was never an issue between any of us, who ever was short of money when we went to Taco Bell got covered by the rest of us. That's why race isn't an issue to me, never has been, never will be. Barack Obama gets great respect for addressing his issues, but my criticism for doing it how he did. I just wish the white media could express the same thing. Hey, we all make mistakes, but this was a bad mistake for him to make at a time when he was starting to surge past Hillary. But then again, if this was his way of subverting Hillary's "dirt," again, I'll respect that. My issue with him has never been his honesty, as it has been with Hillary, but rather, my direct and polar opposite of political opinions, as he at least makes a statement consistent with what he believes even, no matter how wrong I think it is.


20 November 2007

The Second Amendment Challenge is Frightening

Really, I'm quite sure the Supreme Court will find in favor of what our founders had in mind in regards to our Second Amendment when they take up this case. D.C. has subverted our laws for quite sometime now, and I'm confident that they will lose this case, and lose harshly. The one escape clause that the Supreme Court has and could utilize is that D.C. is not a state and is therefore not subjected to the wording of the Second Amendment which does include the word of "state" directly in its context. I, however, don't think they would take the case just to reinforce the fact that D.C. is not a state in the union. What's at stake here is whether individuals or state approved militias have the right to hold arms. Should be a no-brainer. It's apparent that the rights of individuals are what the founders had in mind in the Bill of Rights. It's a fallacious argument to say that founders felt that individuals did not feel that individuals should be allowed to possess arms as that is exactly what allowed them to overcome the British government in the cause of gaining America's freedom. It wasn't exactly a decision that was made from the colony's legislature that allowed those residing within the state to take up arms to overthrow the Brits. I'm confident the government will see it this way. As if a harbinger of things to come, even the leftist leaning PA legislature threw our Rendell's pathetic attempts to pass the buck on his horrific executive skills in enforcing laws that has resulted in outlandish murder totals in his only interest, the city of Philadelphia, by attempting to strip PA residents of their rights to bear arms. I'm confident in this one. It's something amazing that the two appointees that President Bush got on the Supreme Court will help us to keep the rights we have had since our founding in the face of the Socialist Left-Wing onslaught. Thank you President Bush.


Charlie Dent Nails A Homer

Kudos to Rep. Charlie Dent, who represents my district here in PA, for introducing a piece of legislature that would end the sanctuary for some illegal immigrants, these being the ones who have committed a felony. Under the proposal, the bill would require that illegals charged with a felony not be released from prison. Albeit a modest proposal, it is a step in right direction and one that has co-sponsorship from at least three Democrats, who are mentioned in the article. It's a start, and a damned sensible one at that.


Eliot Spitzer's DMV: Wanting to Catch Osama Bin Laden Is Racist

I would love to see a psychological analysis of the left, a real in-depth one. Spitzer, he of the dirty tricks with the state legislature, and his now immortal licenses for illegals plans, has been completely mum on the fact the DMV has denied a former NYPD Sergeant his request for a license plate that reads "GETOSAMA." Oh, heavens forbid that someone wants to capture the terrorist mastermind that slaughtered thousands of our citizens. Where is Spitzer on this? He's made so many horrible, horrible mistakes in such a short period of time, you'd think he'd at least stand up for this man. Nope. That is beyond reprehensible, and the man should be taken out of office by a mob with pitchforks and torches. Here's the leftist logic behind denying the license plate:

In a letter addressed to Herwerth, the DMV said they "prohibit the issuance of any license plate combination that is, 'in the discretion of the commissioner, obscene, lewd, lascivious, derogatory to a particular ethnic group or patently offensive.'"

Aside from the Dems being the biggest terrorist enablers in the nation, where is the obscene, lewd, lasciviousness, or derogatory nature of the plate? The only people that would be offensive to are to those who are rooting for the terrorists to win, so only in that frame of mind, the defeatist Moonbat state of mind, ala Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Murtha, can that be offensive. QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM.


Nothing to See Here Folks....Says Corrupt Rendell

Rendell is a world class tool, though his chumminess with the Clintons is pretty apparent in his denial that nearly all of the $322,000 in campaign contributions from the winners of the harness racing licenses went to Rendell's Democratic buddies in Pennsylvania, including a total of $211,000 to Rendell and his Philadelphia Future campaign. That's right, that had nothing to do with his decision making that he received these kickbacks. A member of the Clinton crime syndicate receiving illegal money? Ok, not very shocking, but what's shocking is the sheep that the electorate has become and how pathetic it is that no one is raising a fuss over this obvious abuse of power in demanding a kick back for granting this license. This guy has the balls to go out and act like he gives a rats ass about things outside of Philadelphia and their sports teams, but he's full of shit. The guy spends more time on Comcast talking about sports than he does in the legislature helping the people outside of Philly. Pathetic. Here is a demonstration of how to get his attention outside of the Philly area, buy greasing his grubby little paws.


Leftists Morons Give Thanks by Caring More About Animals Than Humans...Even the Homeless

Though in many ways, I'm sure that isn't surprising. Apparently, the left is in an uproar over President Bush paying homage to the Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, VA, where a settlement was established before one was established in Massachusetts. Of course, those in Massachusetts feel upset about this, not because of the historical fact that this is true, but because President Bush didn't come up to uber-liberal Massachusetts to face an army of zombie moonbats who would have tried to blame him for the sun's mysterious disappearance each night in the sky only to reappear the next morning among other things. Kind of funny considering this:

Plimoth Plantation spokeswoman Jennifer Monac provided a fact sheet arguing that since President Lincoln declared the first Thanksgiving Day in 1863, the Thanksgiving Americans now celebrate is largely a creation of the Victorian era.

"In the 1620s, a Thanksgiving was a religious day of fasting, the fact sheet read.

So there you have it folks, the image of the pilgrims celebrating Thanksgiving is just symbolic. Enough of course thought to anger the lefties in Massachusetts who, God forbid, would recognize the religious implications behind the holiday, because according to all liberals, all our leaders, going back forever, never thought that religion should in anyway be recognized and celebrated, no sir-ee. Of course, that logic defies all historical documentation, but I digress.

Back to the larger point, which of course, is the Thanksgiving holiday we now observe. The pardoning of the turkey should be one of the least controversial things going on in this country, but certain lefties are pissed...surprise, surprise:

Nonetheless, Mr. Bush will go forward with the traditional turkey pardon this morning, a custom thought to have originated with President Truman.

The turkey, as has been the custom since 2005, will then be flown first class, the White House said, to Disney World, where it will star as the marshal of the Thanksgiving Day parade.

This was still bad news for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, who said yesterday that Disney World does not provide proper care for the turkeys.

"Almost all of the turkeys who have received Thanksgiving pardons from the president in recent years have died within a year," a PETA spokeswoman said.

PETA pronounced the turkey's trip to Disney World "a death sentence."

Maybe for the Turkey's credit rating as we all know how expensive Disney is, but outside of that, the PETA idiots are once again howling at the moon. Personally, I love animals, I really do, love dogs, bears, etc. However, there is a point where you cross over to bat shit crazy and they have definitely flown over that line.

Here's another perfect example of the flawed leftist logic that I'd like to point out. Recently I hit a deer, in PA, yes, I know that's shocking right? Well, the over-population is out of control, hence the hunting season, after all, deer are not going to exactly ration their food and go on food control portions during the winter to ensure they all they healthy. Besides, it is definitely a risk to humans when a deer jumps out on the highway as I'm sure you know. What better way to combine the need for thinning out the over-population of deer than to donate the meet to the homeless. Many shelters do not have adequate resources to feed the numbers that rely on them, and this should be a win all situation. Unless you're a leftist idiot, as apparently the deer are more important than the homeless:

"If hunters are donating the spoils, [feeding the hungry] is really a secondary issue." Markarian says there are also non-lethal ways to avoid conflicts between deer and human populations, like installing reflectors to prevent roadside collisions.

Got that? We must avoid human-deer conflicts at all costs. Perhaps the UN can investigate and send negotiators. After all, maybe they will be more successful with the deer than the jihadists as deer appear to be much more intelligent and moral, that I will grant them.


16 November 2007

Insane Moonbat Anarchists Attack the Port of Olympia

I have the utmost respect for police officers, and if there was ever a time I wish I was one, it would have been at the Port of Olympia, where I could have maced those morons but good. It's utterly pathetic and disgusting and now, once and for all, THERE IS NO QUESTIONING THEIR PATRIOTISM, THEY HAVE NONE, AND SUPPORT OUR ENEMY. Here's a question for those asshats:

"If those were outbound supplies, and not inbound, and you say you don't want any more soldiers to be killed, then why block the supplies. For every minute you block outbound supplies, that's another minute the soldiers you claim to support are vulnerable to enemy fire."

This is not simply a right to assemble, this was an assault on law and order, our Constitution in general, and the military in particular. They raged at the police after those assholes blocked traffic and caused mass chaos at a major U.S. port while pouring concrete on train tracks. These are all crimes. They should have been clubbed, but the police showed amazing constraint. Bloggers backlash was hysterical, but the videos of these moonbats in action nearly made me throw up. Note too the mother who dropped her child headfirst on the sidewalk, while probably stoned, for no reason other than to watch a hippie beat a drum. Here's the links, read them all, the war is now moving into the homeland as brainless moonbats assault all branches of our government and private citizens as well:

Michelle Malkin has Ground Zero of the Coverage since the outset, including a correspondent at the scene and some exclusive photos.

The crew over at Hot Air has a nice post on this too including a good Fox News exchange.

The Jawa Report has a good post in regards to the aforementioned Baby Dropping Self Serving Hippie.

The CLASSIC backlash that I'll link you to looks to have started from Ace O'Spades, and trust me, you will DEFINITELY want to READ THE CALENDAR if the moonbats haven't fixed it. If they have, there's a nice screen cap there to soak in.

We really need to start to organize for our cause and become more vocal. These freak moonbats are hitting the street like the pets to the media they are. The media of course, will keep the craziest of the lot out of the news in order to not expose them for what they are, but it's time we start to be equally vocal. They can scream and cry and carry on all they want, and for what, to openly support our enemies while spouting out bold faced lies and comparing President Bush to any one of the thug leaders we oppose who would have had them all tortured and hung in a town square just for even thinking of having a protest in the first place.


President Bush Further Ruins International Relations as North Korea Expresses Gratitude to US

That mean ol' Bush has sullied the United States once again in the eyes of the world, by getting an extremely rare praise from the North Korean government for the rescue of a North Korean ship attacked by pirates. How dare he denigrate the U.S. in the eyes of the world by saving the crew of the North Korean vessel. Where is the outrage among the left for the U.S. Navy using force in an effort to attack those economically depressed pirates against the imperial might of the North Korean Nation. How dare he garner an official statement from the North Koreans that reads as such:

"We feel grateful to the United States for its assistance given to our crewmen. This case serves as a symbol of the DPRK [North Korea]-U.S. cooperation in the struggle against terrorism," the North's state-run Korean Central News Agency said.

Further more, how dare our President have an official North Korean statement denounce an act of terrorism, the first time they have ever done that in cooperation with our nation. Oh howl at the moon all ye moonbats. How dare our military assist a nation that we are not on great terms with when faced with a grave threat. How dare he do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. Grrrr.....


15 November 2007

Crazy Sect Barricades Themselves in a Cave and Threatens Mass Suicide Bombing

I know what you're thinking, and I thought it too. I know the first thing that popped in your head when you read that headline. Now read this quote:

"No one wants to take on the responsibility of provoking them ... because our information is that there are children among them," said the official.

Holding children hostage....authorities nervous about "provoking," I know you're thinking of what group it is. I mean a bunch of crazy people holding children hostage, a cave, and a threatened suicide bombing with a high volume of casualties.... But it's not, it's simply the exception that proves the rule. Oh, and the fact that you were thinking it was you-know-who, and I know you Lefties who read this were thinking it too, that should prove something to you.


What is Ahnold Thinking? Leeza Gibbons? Really?

Something as controversial as stem cell research should be taken seriously. So why in God's name is appointing Leeza Gibbons to the California Stem Cell Board? For every decent thing he does, like say, telling that moonbat reporter to stop comparing Katrina to the California Wildfires, he does two stupid things, like this whole Gibbons appointment and forming a Global Warming committee with ManBearPig. He tries to be in the middle of the road for alot of issues, not that there's anything wrong with that, but the logic behind this is insane. Al Gore is a divisive figure who profits off of his Global Warming scare tactic and somehow Gibbons is qualified for the Stem Cell Board based on the fact that she is an activist and her mother had Alzheimer's. Shouldn't he be appointing, say a scientist, or possibly an average citizen who also had a close relationship to someone with a debilitating disease to that specific slot rather than a woman who has pretty much failed at everything she has done? I mean if she can't keep a daytime TV talk show going, what exactly is she going to do for Stem Cell Research, which is a very slippery slope type of issue with immense moral implications?


13 November 2007

Buck the Leftist Scare Tactics. Ethanol Not Feasible. It's Nuclear and Hydrogen or Bust

For all the talk that the Lefties belt out in regards to breaking our dependence on foreign oil, they continually balk at one source that we have that is cheap, effective, and clean. That source, of course, is nuclear energy. The amount of energy that can be derived from a nuclear power plant is awfully impressive, and to increase the number of active plants in this nation, with updated technology would be a huge difference in decreasing the volume of oil we consume. I don't subscribe to the garbage that is the Global Warming scam, but the inevitable fact is that one day, be it 50 years, or 1,000 years, oil will be gone. Our national security dictates that we decrease our needs on foreign oil, and nuclear is our best bet. We have not, however, had a new nuclear power plant built since the 70s. Huge mistake. The technological advances we have made since then are immeasurable. Think of it this way, back then, the Atari was the shit, now compare that to the Xbox 360, and that's just a simple game console. So, this should be a no-brainer bi-partisan effort right? Wrong. Dems are doing their damnedest to stop a nuclear fuel waste facility to be built in a remote part of Nevada. Not shocking, however, when you consider Harry Reid is from Nevada, and the left has so scared the public with the "nuclear is evil" rhetoric in terms of weaponry that the average American is scared to go that route. There's also the whole "Not In My Back Yard," mentality to cope with. It's imperative we use this source. It's cheap, efficient, and mastered. It should be done.

Speaking of alternative energy, if it's possible to turn sewage into hydrogen energy, I'm all for it. The problem of course is that the most promising sources of alternative energy are not endorsed by the Dems. The only one they endorse is the least efficient, a higher pollutant than oil, and one that causes inflation on the masses due to higher prices for corn, which is used much, much more than the average person realizes. The reason they support it is to appear to be behind a made up cause, so that they can profit off of the scare tactic, using tax payer funds to sell the ineffective ethanol to the public.


Something for You to Ponder

For my 100th post, I thought I'd post something to give you some perspective. With former President Clinton and Hillary attacking the media for having the audacity to ask real questions (see Tim Russert and the threats against Wolf Blitzer), and Congressional Democrats following their worthless and senseless personal vendetta against President George W. Bush by trying to strip our troops of funds, what exactly are they doing to support our troops in Iraq?

They declared the Surge a failure even before it got off the ground. That, however, is exactly the opposite of what has happened, as the Surge is working, and working extremely well. The awakening in Anbar has provided a model that is now being followed with al-Sadr's people, something no one would have though possible before the Surge was in place. Bin Laden has admitted that al-Qaeda has been effectively paralyzed by the United States forces. The Baghdad curfew is about to be lifted. All positive developments, except for the defeatists currently in control of the Congress.

So how exactly do the last two ex-presidents celebrate their Veterans Day?

Bill Clinton, who dodged the draft in Vietnam, has his staff finalize papers to be released regarded the emails from staffers about UFOs from his time in office.

President George H. W. Bush, 83, decorated World War II veteran, skydives with an Army Team.

Think about.


Asshat in Carlisle, PA Destroys Flags in Front of Veterans...on Veterans Day

It's a shame the vets didn't teach this a guy a lesson the way they know best. It's a sad, sad day when a drunken moonbat shows up at Veterans Day rally simply to desecrate the American Flag. It's pathetic, and it just further shows how far the Leftists have sunk. Here's the meat of the article:

Police said Jamie M. Connors, 21, of Brooklyn, was drunk when he pulled several flags from their staffs in view of local veterans who were holding a vigil on the square.

Lt. Michael Dzezinski said Connors initially was charged only with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. More serious charges of desecration of a flag and insults to national or commonwealth flags,that carry possible fines and a prison term, were added after witnesses were interviewed, Dzezinski said.

Got that right? Multiple flags destroyed by this guy...in front of a group of war veterans...on Veterans Day...who were holding a vigil for their fallen comrades. I don't care how drunk this guy was, he should be prosecuted for every possible crime and charge that is on the books, even if the laws are outdated and go back to the 1700s. Kudos the Carlisle, PA police for increasing the charges. I hope Connors enjoys prison.


Easton, PA Update: Freeman Loves Him Some Taxes

The problem with the government in general is that once the government gets their grubby little paws on the people's money via a tax, they will almost never rescind the tax. You can thank the Spanish American War, for example, for a telecommunication tax that is still being enforced today. Enter, this little gem found in The Express Times:

State Rep. Robert Freeman will introduce legislation today that would offer financial assistance to municipalities hampered by a high percentage of nonprofit organizations exempt from paying property taxes.

Freeman, D-Northampton, plans to tap into the 18 percent liquor tax enacted in 1936 to assist victims of the Johnstown flood. The tax's mission has long been fulfilled and now generates about $240 million annually for the state's general fund, he said.

First of all, the phrase "hampered by a high percentage of nonprofit organizations exempt from paying taxes," is classic. What nonprofit organizations are hampering that section of Northampton County? Churches, Hospitals, Cemeteries, the Northampton County Courthouse, and Lafayette College, from which I graduated. Somehow, Freeman thinks that having such things are churches, hospitals, and a top flight school is a negative for the Easton area. The reason behind this backassward logic is that the government does not get enough money to provide services such for the community (churches), health (hospitals), and education (college). What is wrong with this guy?

It's also important to note that the tax funds are coming from legislation that was specific to recovery for the Johnstown flood. That mission is obviously over. Far be it for the government to end that ridiculous tax. No, it's been continued, and will continue indefinitely, as Freeman and a whole slew of tax loving elected officials are going to fund it into areas that have communities that self sufficient so that the citizens there figure out that, that hey, this tax should have been repealed a long, long time ago, and that we are getting along just fine with the current government levels, which are too big as it is. So next time you're in the Valley having a drink, think of a 1934 tax that is now being used to hijack Pennsylvanians money that is being used in order to fight the evils of nonprofit organizations.


08 November 2007

Global Warming Cult Take Heed, We're on To You

Wow, the news does come hard and fast, I'll tell you that much. It's amazing the cult that the Global Warming Enviro-Fascists have built up so quickly. Down right scary actually. I'm sure Charles Manson is sitting in jail right now, thinking, "wow, that Al Gore is something else."

First up on the agenda for this post is news that this is somehow a Generational Test for Republicans. Really? The premise of this article is that young people are entirely indoctrinated by the Global Warming rhetoric to the point where a Republican travels to Greenland on the advice of his children to see "first hand" how global warming is "decimating" the area. The children, you see, are already infected with the cult persona of the global warming moonbats. It's a very, very well documented fact how left wing colleges have been and have moved even further to the left. There is another take on how "global warming" is effecting Greenland, however, and that take is that...it's ACTUALLY A GOOD THING FOR GREENLAND. Sure the BBC throws in some of their global warming diatribe, but read the article, see what the people of Greenland think about the cyclical change of the ice levels.

Second, let's return to my point about indoctrinating young people (I hate using that term, but I'm 29, I'm getting old). The cult mentality is something the left wing Global Warming Hoax perpetrators have been doing for quite some time and have been quite effective at doing. Leonardo DiCaprio's now-infamous quote that "we need to get kids young," is exactly what they are doing. The Marin Independent Journal has an article on just how young they need to "get" and its quite scary:

On Friday, Rancho students will be given bilingual "Cancel-a-Car" coupon books filled with ways they can fight global warming.

Once the coupons are returned to school, teachers will track what conservation efforts are made and the date. Teachers will help monitor the progress. As the carbon reduction increases, images of cars will be crossed out on a giant poster kept at school.

So got that? Cars are bad. Children should be brainwashed as young as possible. Another all important, "get them young so that they will not resist while old" and encourage them to go after their parents on the issue like the Children of the Corn. After all, it's a classic Liberal tactic to hide behind and then have children do their dirty work. It's gotten so bad that Portland, OR, a strong bed of classic hippie activity, is set to impose a "carbon tax" that will enforce taxes on home builders, which, as you know, will undoubtedly be passes on to consumers. So homes are bad if they don't invest in the carbon offset program, got that?

Let's also note how opposed the Dems are to Nuclear Energy, the actual and only short and long term solution to our energy woes that are decimating the dollar. It's not exactly a secret that the dollar is getting crushed due to extremely high commodity prices. We have not built a Nuclear Energy plant since the 70s. Nuclear Energy is also the one source of clean burning, extremely energy efficient fuel that will have the largest single impact on reducing our dependence on oil. It's a technology that has improved immensely since the 70s and would be that much more effective for our nation if we moved towards it, but the Liberals are opposed to this because they are, basically, scared by technology, "Unga bunga, me live in cave, new techology frightens me, where is my club," sayeth the Liberal Neanderthal.

Wind sounds good too, right? Well not so much for the Liberals, after all, Democrat Ted Kennedy, was outraged, outraged I say, by the proposition of a wind farm near Cape Cod because, "That's where I sail, and I don't want to see them." Now that's what I call taking a stand. I'm sure Mary Jo Kopechne didn't want to see water rushing into the car that Teddy left her to drown in either.

Liberals are also vehemently opposed to increased drilling in Alaska and off the coast of Florida in order to increase the output in crude as temporary fix to the energy crunch. So let's re-cap:

1. Carbon is evil and gas should not be used.
2. Carbon should be taxed and the average citizen should pay more for using anything with carbon.
3. Nuclear Energy is evil and should not be used.
4. Wind Energy is a great talking point, but God forbid an elitist should be in view of it, therefore it should not be used.
5. Rising gas costs are a problem, and should not be addressed by increasing supply, but rather taxed even more.
6. Houses are evil if not made of balsa wood and/or Saran Wrap (wait, that's not bio-degradeable), if not made of imaginary structures that spew out carbon eating penguins.

Gee, you really have to wonder if they want any energy being used at all. In fact, the patron saint of Global Warming, Al Gore, makes a shit load of money off of promoting this crap and then having you invest in his Carbon Offset scam. It was also reported recently by the UN that urbanization is horrible and that the population essentially needs to be thinned out, because they are just too many humans. So, here you have a situation where they don't want you to have a car, gas, nor live in an urban setting. So basically they just want you to live amongst the trees keeping yourself warm by the campfire. Oh, that's right, wood contains carbon that goes into the air when burned. So basically, their premise is that they want you to freeze to death in a rural area while unemployed. I mean, if you lived in a rural area and had a job, you'd have to drive to get to work right? Meanwhile the Liberal elitists, buoyed by the new enslaved masses through their enormous carbon taxes burdened upon the citizenry continue to fly all around the world to scold other people on their consumption habits. The fiefdom makes a comeback.

Meanwhile, not everyone is fooled by this nonsense. The founder of the Weather Channel exposes the scam for what is, just that, a scam. If nothing else READ THIS WHOLE ARTICLE. It's a political, economic scam of unmatched proportions. Personally, I find this to be Y2K on crack, a great marketing scheme but nothing else, but the joke here is on the average man, woman, and child, and lets the Liberals make a strong run at your pockets while taxing you back to the Stone Age, quite literally, justified by a the scam they perpetrate and using children, and false science as a cornerstone.

Finally, I leave you with this gem from Glenn Beck:


Political Scandal Alert: Border Security Funds Disappear

This should be all over the news, especially given Seniorita Hillary's recent and righteous beatdown for backing a hugely unpopular and illegal drivers licenses for illegals spawned by Elliott Spitzer. This isn't chump change for border security that the Dems tried to secretly kill, they straight up stripped $3 BILLION DOLLARS from the defense budget that would have gone to secure our borders. It is beyond shocking that they would be so openly defiant about giving the American people the hose job. It is not shocking in a sense they are amnesty loving open border supporters. This is a direct and full on slap to the face of all Americans who value the rule of law. Again, this is not an anti-immigration issue, it is an anti-illegal immigration issue. Those who come in this nation by following our laws are welcome. That is the law and that is how the vast, vast majority of our ancestors came here. However, it is shockingly pathetic that the security at Hersheypark is better than that of our government. Worse yet, the Liberals in charge don't want to fix it. Imagine if someone jumped in front of you in line a grocery store, you'd be up in arms about it, and don't pretend you wouldn't. The illegal immigrants in this nation have spit all our laws and procedures and it effects legal immigrants, those applying for legal immigration status, and mostly those of us tax paying citizens immensely.

Take note of this from the aforementioned article:

Graham’s immigration amendment would fund building 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border, erecting more vehicle barriers at urban crossings and installing additional ground sensors.

The measure also would pay for detention centers for immigrants who overstay their visas or commit other crimes. It would provide money for state and local agencies to be trained in helping the federal government enforce immigration laws.

Graham’s amendment had been added to a comprehensive immigration bill in June in a failed bid to move the broader measure through the Senate.

Aides to Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House failed Tuesday evening to return phone calls seeking comment on Graham’s claims, or said they didn’t know anything about the issues. Graham planned to hold a news conference Wednesday with other senators.

The "Duh, we don't know nothing" line is pure crap and they know it. They are lying through their teeth in order to get a larger chunk of the Hispanic vote in the general election, pure and simply. They started pushing amnesty as soon as they came into office, knowing full well that their game plan is try to capitalize on our president's dedication to fighting for our freedoms in the war on terror while having their puppet masters from Move On, Code Pink, and Daily Kos pull the strings. They double talk on this issue so that when they are called on it, they can correctly state that they voted for this issue, but then lie to say they don't know what happened to funds after they were gutted by their party leaders. The so-called moderate Blue Dogs are silenced by the choke chain that is the hard left moonbats that dominate their party. They will proceed to say that Republicans don't respect Hispanics, which is an out and out lie, because we want to follow the rule of law and protect our citizens. Meanwhile, they still talk about Hugo Chavez and the deceased Fidel Castro like they were heroes, while they painfully slaughter their own citizens. That's who the Dems are and that's how they roll.


07 November 2007

An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

As I mentioned earlier, this was penned by Rissa....and it is awesome. Enjoy:

My comment and/or suggestion is that you stop being a FLIP FLOPPER! Do you actually make a decision and stand behind it? Or do you feel that confusing possible supporters will work to your advantage?

My opinion, you do not have a campaign. You are a fake! Give it up Mrs. Clinton. You cannot run a 7-11, let alone a country and our country will fail if you are elected. GIVE IT UP. Chinese money will not help you nor will it fill your sick soul. You disgust me as an American woman or an alleged American, I would never stand beside you or stand up for you.

Furthermore, equal rights are exactly that, equal rights. Don't cry because you are a woman being attacked by fellow candidates or communists, whichever you prefer to be called. Crying doesn't make you look strong. STAND UP for yourself and BE A WOMAN.

I pray to my Lord everyday that you are not elected, I would love to be able to have children someday and not have to worry about being taken over by terrorists. I pray everyday that you will not be elected so that I will be able to get medical treatment and not have to wait in line for 6 months because of socialized medicine. I pray that you will not be elected so that all of my hard earned money does not go to the government. You are exactly what this country does not need. God bless and I pray for you daily. You need it.


A proud American woman. (you should try it)

An Open Letter to Keith Olberman

Rissa inspired me to write a letter to Keith Olberman. Here it is:

Dear Olberman (and his aides who read this):
I remember when you were on the "Big Show" with Dan Patrick. ESPN was
bad back then, but to your credit, it is worse now. Having watched your
show on MSNBC a few times, I would encourage you to use Prozac and
various other medicines available to our mentally challenged and/or
disturbed. In fact, the polls in NJ are still coming in, and depending
on the results, you and your co-horts may be able to vote in NJ soon,
regardless of your lack of brain capacity. Congrats. I would also like
to say "job well done" on the Sunday NFL game, you and NBC's commitment
to going green, which stopped short of doing anything that would
actually help the environment, like say, not using large aircraft to
transport your buddies around, or using vast amounts of electricity to
broadcast the game you were commenting on, made a big difference. Matt
Lauer's appearance was also great, in fact, no one has seen his breath
vapor since he has been in the arctic. Amazing. I mean, tonight, when
it was 34 degrees here in Pennsylvania, I was able to see my breath
vapor due to the cold weather. It's amazing that Matt's epic journey to
the arctic while destroying the ozone layer with his corporate jet and
his subsequent landing in the "arctic" didn't even register his dragon
breath in the conditions down there. Now, surely, bad timing isn't to
blame for your company's carbon inducing trip to the Arctic. I mean,
really, it's shocking...shocking....that I feel the cold winter more
here in PA than Lauer's "green screening" in the Arctic. Hey, it's
"green screening", I get it now. Anyway, I did see the ratings recently
Mr. Oblerman, and you are getting stomped like an ant at picnic by Bill
O'Reilly. I know that disheartens you, but cheer up. It's not all
bad. In fact, now that most of the public sees you for the barking
moonbat that you are, you've got comic gold oozing out of your uber
liberal pores, and that will help your ratings. After all, there's
nothing America loves more than a good train wreck. Just look at
Brittney Spears, your own show, and Hillary's campaign. Keep up to good
work Keith, you're as crazy as Ron Paul and his Tin Foil Hat crusaders.
Oh, and Congrats on not getting canceled as fast as Dan Patrick's show.