26 June 2007

So What Exactly DO Democrats stand for?

The party is so full of fence straddling concepts that is nearly impossible to comprehend. Every single member of their party is able to take both sides of an issue simultaneously that "flip-flopping" is not appropriate but a term like "buy one get one free" is much more appropriate. Let's take a look at some examples:

1. The War in Iraq. Hard lefties say it is inhuman and against world law that the war continues. That we are just killing everyone with no regard for life. They say this is deplorable. Yet they say they support our troops, who are conducting the very mission that they oppose. Fence straddling complete: Dems vote to cut the funding of the troops, tell them their mission is a failure even before the Surge reaches full strength, but yet they support the troops. Yes, I question their patriotism.

2. Feminism. Hillary will get all of the militant feminist votes. Hillary is a feminist, she says so all of the time. Yet what kind of feminist would allow her husband to cheat, seemingly from the moment that they hooked up, and not do anything about it. Sure, she says religion (which I will get to shortly) got her through her marriage. Interesting mainly that she was speaking about the Lewinsky matter. Yet what about all of those other women earlier on? If not her thirst for power, wouldn't she have stood up to Bill and left the marriage if only to prove she wouldn't be walked all over? What kind of a feminist lets their husband cheat and does nothing about it? I mean if ethics is the driving force behind feminism, not money and power, surely she would have done something in a feminist manner. The fact is she is nothing more than power hungry hag who will exploit feminism for every vote its worth, but she definitely is not a feminist, despite what she or the media tell you.

3. Religion. This is one of the greatest examples, and its very short. The far left ACLU has great sway in the Democratic party, and not vise versa. So how is it then that Democrats always side with the ACLU in questions of Church versus state, yet claim they follow their respective faiths and live religiously. The ACLU is in an open state of war against religion and our laws in general, and the Democrats ALWAYS back them up. They gleefully watch as the ACLU helps to destroy the religious values in our nation, while the only time you hear about their faith is election time. They are even upset that President Bush had the audacity to give federal money to religious charities working with underprivileged people. Screw the underprivileged if they get help from Christians eh Lefties?

4. Unions. Sure they voted to gut they money that helps enforce that unions have open disclosure to government and can now watch over your shoulders at work and "persuade" you to vote along the leaderships lines, but the amnesty bill sure is opposed by the Unions isn't it? That's kind of like giving someone a severance package right before replacing them with cheaper, equally effective labor isn't it?

5. President Bush. He's a bumbling idiot who pulled the wool over everyone's eyes in a lead up to Iraq and fooled the entire world. Yea, sounds like a real idiot to me. Problem is President Bush has done a pretty good job. Let's just look at the economy for example, isn't it pretty amazing that there has been no recession since book took office and got the tax cuts done? Given the close nature of Congress and President Bush yielding a big Veto pen, if they can keep stopping the wave of taxes (such as the Energy bill) from getting enacted, I wonder what history will say when he walks out of office as NEVER HAVING A RECESSION during his time in office. Doesn't sound stupid to me Lefties, sounds pretty damn impression. As far as being "evil", isn't rather evil of yourselves to want to see Iraq and the entire middle East in carnage if we pull out early. Wanting to take out a dictator who murdered nearly 1 million people in order to give people freedom from tyranny is such an evil act right? Or is the evil in wanting to see that freedom never occur.

I could go on forever, but you get the point. It's not flip-flopping, its just their politics, by being on both sides of the issues from the jump, they are not held responsible, and since it's a proven fact now, thanks to the report that showed donations going 9 to 1 for Democrats from reporters, the media shouldn't ignore it. But it can, and it will, all in hopes another Democrat comes into office and sets up country up for economic troubles, terrorist capitulation, deterioration of morals, and ethics, and hopes for making it illegal that their views do not get 50% of discussion time, no matter how horrible and illogical it is by reviving the Fairness Doctrine. Democrats stand for nothing, but making a small percentage of people very rich and keeping everyone else poor and doing all the grunt work, all by tricking you into thinking you're "saving the world" and "progressive". Let's face it, large tax cuts aren't going to handicap the very rich, but the middle class? Hell yea it will, and the Dems will tax you back to the lower class with the quickness, and if their hopes of using junk science to show climate change (IT'S THE SUN, STUPID) you better get a job damn close to home and forget every flying again, because they need gas to dry up to get their mission accomplished. People really need to wake up, and quickly.