27 December 2007

The Dire Situation in Pakistan

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan may well send the nuclear armed nation into a Civil War. Though no one has been confirmed as the group responsible for the assassination of the the former Prime Minister, the chief suspect is al-Qaeda. Suspicion will surround Pervez Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif as well as the Taliban and other groups, but it is al-Qaeda who will most likely, ultimately, be proven to be the group that ended Bhutto's life. Bhutto had twice been removed as Prime Minster due to corruption charges, which had since been dropped upon her deal with Musharraf in order to return from Exile in October. She had returned to Pakistan in order to prepare for the January elections, challenging Musharraf and Sharif for control of the nation, but she did so under great threats against her well being. Bhutto knew her life was on the line, but did not care, she returned to her homeland in order make a push for Democracy and lead her nation. Extremism has long been on the rise in Pakistan, with Musharraf being forced to broker deals with Taliban controlled areas of Waziristan, while forcefully taking on militants during the Red Mosque situations. While Musharraf was a sometimes ally, sometimes foe of both the United States and the militants, it was clear that Bhutto's position was that of a more hard line stance against the Islamic Jihadis who despise all things Democratic and free human life. Bhutto died a patriot for her nation, and hopefully, will cause a rallying cry against jihadist bloodlust and for the cause of democracy. This tragedy could be the start of something positive for the troubled nation.

However, remember that Pakistan is nuclear armed, and al-Qaeda is salivating at the prospects of being able to acquire such weapons. The National Terror Alert Response Center ran an article on the 17th in regards to the possibility that bin Laden and al-Zawahiri may be in Pakistan and trying to obtain nuclear weapons. That was 10 days before the assassination of Bhutto. You should also keep in mind that al-Qaeda had assassinated Ahmed Shah Massoud the day before 9/11, something that makes me very uneasy about this situation. The Global Security website has a history of the Pakistani nuclear weapons program that is definitely worth the read. Among other issues that I have with Musharraf was his pardoning of Abdul Qadeer Kahn, the nuclear scientist who sold weapons secrets to any and all buyers and may have helped numerous dangerous regimes and terrorist networks learn the workings and provide a means to make, nuclear weapons.


The Democrats Exposed for the Racist Hacks They Are

I've been beating this drum for a long time now, as have many other conservatives, but the media, by and large, won't lay the truth down in print because of their leftist agenda. The Democrats are a racist organization. Their party continually divides the American people into many sub categories and pits them against one another in order scare the public into voting for their them. It is a fact that the Democrats started the Confederacy. It is a fact the Republicans ended slavery. It is a fact that the Republicans passes the Civil Rights Act in the face of fierce opposition. I have blogged before about the racism of Joe Biden. Liberal race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pit blacks against other races. The fact is that the message of the Republican Party is that anyone of any creed, color, race, gender, can succeed with hard work. We believe in rugged individualism, the power of the individual, the ability to succeed in life despite the conditions and challenges we face in life. We believe that setting up boundaries and separating people into subcategories does more harm than good, that people are all the same and can succeed with hard work and dedication. The Democrats' message is that if one strays off the Democratic plantation, they can't succeed in the world. The Wall Street Journal has published an incredibly insightful of the racist history of the Democratic Party, "Whitewash," and one that should indeed be thoroughly read as the article below by Peter Byrne, though this one is of much more dire consequences. It is a piece penned for a historical perspective with many quotes from Democratic leaders that underscore the point of how racist the Democratic Party is. Here are some samples:

Blacks "are inferior to the whites in the endowments of both of body and mind."

--Thomas Jefferson, 1787
Co-founder of the Democratic Party (along with Andrew Jackson)
President, 1801-09

"I am a former Kleagle [recruiter] of the Ku Klux Klan in Raleigh County. . . . The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia. It is necessary that the order be promoted immediately and in every state in the union."

--Robert C. Byrd, 1946
Democratic Senator from West Virginia, 1959-present
Senate Majority Leader, 1977-80 and 1987-88
Senate President Pro Tempore, 1989-95, 2001-03, 2007-present
His portrait stands in the U.S. Capitol.

"The Confederate Memorial has had a special place in my life for many years. . . . There were many, many times that I found myself drawn to this deeply inspiring memorial, to contemplate the sacrifices of others, several of whom were my ancestors, whose enormous suffering and collective gallantry are to this day still misunderstood by most Americans."

--James Webb, 1990
Now a Democratic Senator from Virginia

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Democratic Party.


David Cuddy For Senate in Alaska

Honestly, I don't know much about Mr. Cuddy, but I do know he is running against Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens in the GOP primary in Alaska. Stevens should have been out of the Senate a long time ago. Fiscally, the guy is a mess, and he is an earmarking and pork loving official who, in those regards, stands for everything I stand against. I know I make many mentions of this, but it was our favorite Senator here at To the Right of Wrong, Tom Coburn, who made Stevens throw a hissy fit on the Senate floor after calling out Stevens for earmarking money for his Bridge to Nowhere. Stevens is also being investigated for ethics and corruptions charges, and the time for change in Washington is more dire than ever, lest we be subject to the Liberal agenda of imposing Socialism on us. Mr. Cuddy has said some thing I think that bear repeating, and I hope that by encouraging people to talk more about him, we can get the word and help the people of Alaska get another politician as great as their Governor, Sarah Palin, elected to office. Here's some quotes form Mr. Cuddy:

Cuddy told CQ Politics that his drive to restore fiscal conservatism as well as combat widespread federal corruption prompted him to enter the race.

"There's a growing awareness that we can't keep spending ourselves to the extent we are," Cuddy said Wednesday, speaking by phone from Anchorage. "We can't continue doing business the way we've been doing business."

The two issues he mentions are the two driving forces behind the charge to get Stevens out of the Senate. We absolutely need to cut spending and corruption in Washington, and Stevens isn't part of the solution. It sounds cliche but he's part of the problem if you examine his record. Here's hoping Mr. Cuddy pulls off the upset.


The Byrne Report Exposes for Sen. Feinstein For What She Is

Every so often you come upon an article that is written so well and proves a point so strongly that it deserves to be shared with everyone who is open to using their reading skills. Peter Byrne achieves this feat with his article "Daddy Kleinbucks." A synopsis here isn't exactly going to do the job in order to fully understand what a corrupt, ethics deprived, pathetic excuse of a public servant that is Sen. Feinstein. Read this whole article to get a great appreciation for just how "ethical" the Democratically controlled Senate truly is. You should also read this article to see just which party is truly war profiteering in the economic sense, and who is at the center of this scandal. You should also remind yourself that war profiteering is also based on hoping upon hope that America loses the Iraq conflict and the War on Terror overall, in order to practice sheer corruption and contempt for the American public in whole in order to use it as a talking point for the 2008 election. Their interests are simply political, and the left is stunned that not only are they not being able to make a few quick bucks with shady political deals, but the surge is working, thanks to the minority Republican Party who has achieved great results since being taught a lesson about not fulfilling promises in the 2006 election.


20 December 2007

Moonbats Invade NOLA and Get What They Deserve

Honestly, there's really no other way to put this. Most of the people who caused a protest to turn very violent were not even from New Orleans and came there to specifically cause a fight with the government, as the far left is become more and more criminally and violently dangerous. For a background on the story, read this article on Fox News. Here's some key points to keep in mind:

The council chambers seat fewer than 300. Once capacity was reached, people who were not permitted into chambers marched and chanted outside and eventually violence broke out.

The clash happened at an iron gate that separates the council chambers from City Hall grounds. On the grounds, more than 50 had been chanting, calling for the council to reject plans by the Department of Housing and Urban development to demolish the housing projects.

Then, protesters tried to storm the gate with a few able to squeeze through a narrow opening before police began using the spray and stun devices.

So keep in mind that once maximum safe normal capacity they stopped allowing more people in, as one would expect to keep the public safe. Safety of course was not what these violent socialists had in mind, however, something the left is becoming adept at doing, using violence against innocents, police, and the government in general for their fear tactics. No, after the safe capacity was reached, the protesters attempted an attack on a government building, storming the gate and instigating a fight with the police, in fact, you can even hear one of the howling moonbats screaming "we gonna fight!" when you watch this video of a blatantly violent act and assault on government, police, and decency in general:

The one female police officer may be out of line for throwing around the taser like that, but hey, when you're one step away from a full out riot breaking out, you might want to think what you'd do in that situation. More people should have been arrested for sedition, inciting a riot, destruction of public property, disturbing the peace, the list of crimes goes on and on. Next, look at this video as even more proof that the police were doing their jobs of keeping the meeting safe. As the one moonbat says, "no one's going to do anything" in terms of violence breaking out, but the second they overstep their constitutional rights and law is enforced, the violent lefties attack the police, and are shocked when one of them gets tased. The police show incredible restraint in not defending themselves and the council to the fullest extent of their capabilities. You'll also notice the racial slurs, threats, theatrics, and acts of violence that are perpetrating by the socialist hoard here:

It's becoming a more and more often occurrence that the left is attacking our government and attempting to instigate a socialist revolution in this country. The evidence is overwhelming. What's even more important to note is that Ray Nagin (D), the mayor of New Orleans, supported this measure, it was a bipartisan decision that the socialist hoards violently attacked. Nagin has made some bad decisions, but has been a somewhat moderate politician, earning scorn for praising President Bush for helping New Orleans in the Post-Katrina Era while Former Governor Kathleen Blanco ran and hid. His "Chocolate City" comments and the decision to don a dictator type outfit and riding on a white horse in the first Mardi Gras celebration after Katrina are some of his low points. Here's some of Nagin's thoughts on the situation:

"The decisions made today were ones of compassion, courage, and commitment to this city," said Nagin. "This is an incredible day. You heard lots of pain today. The City Council in its wisdom has come up with a solution that will allow us to move forward, to hold HUD accountable."

"There's still one more step," said Nagin, adding that HANO and HUD must obtain their demolition permits from the city's office of safety and permits. "We're going to make sure that before those permits are issued" that HUD complies with the council's conditions.

Here's the truth in its purest form:

"You know why people were arrested, stunned with Tasers and pepper sprayed," said Police Superintendent Warren Riley. "You have it on videotape."

As if that weren't enough, turns out that most of the people down there attacking the police and the government, aren't even from New Orleans. Read the whole comments page from this article to see what the residents of New Orleans are saying....they're not happy...here's a sample:

This is not your city. Go back to your hippie cave mommas' boy. These idiots don't know the line between protesting and damage and assault. Arrest the hippie criminals. -chris44gwlsu

Absolute Animals ! There is no Right to attempt to destroy the democratic process. The local citizens had a right to vote for those who reflect their positions. The out of town trouble makers need to go home. What they are trying to achieve is to make a scene that will attempt to make the Police look bad by provoking them. What if the Police broke into their doors - wherever they live - in the same way? -StevieG1

they should have gotten really tough on those idiots...nothing but outsiders and thugs....lock'em all up....idiots! -Mineshaft

They should have all been arrested and taken to jail. End of story. Why aren't they working anyway? -JoeTHEDope

You could read them all day long, the people who are down there are not speaking for the people of New Orleans. The violent socialist movement is bouncing from place to place in order to give the appearance that they are much larger than they are and that they are in the majority. The louder and more violent they get, the more the Democratic Party will cater to their needs. They need to be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Notice too in the videos that the lefties attempting who break through the gates and initiate the violence from outside the hall are nearly all white. Think about it. New Orleans has long been a historically black city, something Nagin was referencing when he spoke the "Chocolate City" comment in reference to the large influx of Hispanics in the area after Katrina hit. So are all those white people citizens of the New Orleans projects who were there to protest what was happening? Of course not. However, for those who aren't looking to see the truth (MSM..cough..cough..MSM), that fact is never mentioned. Bottom line: if you start violence, especially against the police, government, and innocents, expect to have some consequences to deal. Of course, we all know they EXPECTED this to happen, as the violence didn't escalate until they noticed all the cameras. Really, in order to solve this situation is for the police and the court to both do their jobs fully, suppress the violence, arrest all violators, and incarcerate them for a substantial amount of time and left the violent loving hard left know they will be dealt with to the fullest extent of legal capacity.


19 December 2007

Lower Paxton and Susquehanna Townships Succeed Where Iron Pigs Fail

Kudos to the leaders of the two townships for not bowing to the Political Correctness machine like the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs did in regards to the name of their mascot. A petition was filed by the United States Board on Geographical Names on behalf of a few groups who were OUTRAGED that a river named Asylum Run would contain the highly inflammatory name "asylum,"...yawn. Outcome: swatted down like the nuisance it was. First and foremost, The United States Board on Geographical Names? How much money is that wasting in tax payer funds? Secondly, major props to George Wolfe of Lower Paxton and Frank Lynch for laying the smackdown on this ridiculous challenge. I don't know what party they are from and I don't care, they deserve massive kudos on this. Here's an "offended" person's plea for bowing to the small majority of "outraged" people:

"Asylums were just horrible places. They were torture chambers for people who have mental disabilities," Anthony said. "It's a very, very offensive word. For us, it's the same thing as an African-American person being called the N-word."

Well, that's interesting. An asylum was a place, so I really doubt it would be the same thing as calling a black person the N-word. Everyone is offended by everything now-a-days, and the nonsense needs to end. There was no racial or discriminatory overtones when that creek was named Asylum Run, so it's garbage to suggest that there was.

Here's some common sense from Wolfe and Lynch:

Lower Paxton and Susquehanna had the final say because the townships would bear the responsibility of changing signs and maps and paying for other expenses that would be incurred.

George Wolfe, Lower Paxton's manager, said the supervisors "didn't really think [the request] merited further consideration."

Susquehanna Twp. Commissioner Frank Lynch said changing names rooted in history for politically correct reasons often have unintended consequences.

Besides, Lynch said he doesn't believe the name conjures the terrible connotations as stated by the Disability Rights Network.

"I've done volunteer PR work for a mental disability organization that promotes independence for those who live with mental disadvantages," he said. "I know all the corners of this dispute."

Got that? Tax money from local and statewide citizens would have mounted to a few hundred thousands, at least, in order to change the name of the creek, and would have caused a media circus that would have resulted in lost man hours by people elected to do a job for the benefit of the majority of the citizens. Think about any name long enough and you will find that it insults someone, somewhere. The political correctness madness needs to stop before it goes any further down the slope towards the complete void of logic and common sense it has for so long been headed. Wolfe and Lynch should be commended for taking a stand on this.


Racist Animal Activists Attack the Japanese For Making Belugas Even Cooler

Sure, I understand how controversial the spearing of whales is in today's world. However, it's interesting that in this case the multi-cultural love-fest of the moonbats doesn't hold up. Animal Rights Activists are smearing the Japanese with racist accusations, claiming that having Beluga Whales at the Hakkeijima Aquarium wear little Santa Hats for Christmas festivities is a humiliating act by the Japanese, which degrades the Belugas. (WARNING: AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS CONTAINED IN LINK) According to these racists, the entire island nation of Japan has a bloodlust for whales, and the donning of Santa Hats by the Beluga Whales is an insult imagined by the entire Japanese nation and government in order to further denigrate the whale population. Hello logic? Are you there? First, it is only a small number of Japanese who are whaling. Second, it's an aquarium where entertainment takes place, and I'm sure the picture of the Belugas kissing the workers and children are first class evidence of how upset the Belugas are. Aquariums world wide take first class care of their animals, and to levy an accusation that all the Japanese are cold blooded killers is irresponsible racists by the fascist environmental groups, something that is oh-so common with these socialist monsters. The real victim here is the Japanese for having to put up with these de-humanizing accusations by civilization leeches. The Japanese are a great people from a great nation, and have done much for the advancement of civilization, as well as standing for democracy and human rights. To have to endure these attacks is ludicrous. I urge you to look at the Beluga whales in their little Santa hats and not think that is cool. I've seen and been able to pet Beluga whales before and know first hand that they are treated very, very well. I've even been able to feed them, and having seen a baby Beluga whale hop over a divider to get even more of the scrumptious fish being served by the staff, and play with the visitors and workers, well, let's just say that's not the actions of an abused animal.

First-hand photographic evidence of just how afraid Belugas are of their caretakers. (Take by me and Rissa at Niagara's Marineland)


Where's the Jubilant MSM and Leftist Celebrations for President Bush's Latest Achievements?

Seriously, they need to throw President Bush a major party. After all, the Left is so quick to call President Bush a war criminal, having an eternal blood lust, just looking for a reason to drop a nuclear bomb on every man woman and child. That of course, is utter nonsense, something the left is prone to, as they are not as rational as, say, your average woodpecker. The decline of nuclear stockpiles should have the left out in the streets in celebration, and President Bush has just announced the reduction of the stockpiles to levels of less than 25% of what they were at the end of the Cold War. Something remarkable, no? While I do not advocate shrinking our stockpile down to nothing, a strong reduction is definitely a good thing. It will allow us to maintain a strong national defense while taking out of commission a large number of weapons we no longer need. We most definitely keep our nuclear arsenal, but we do not need as large a stockpile as we once did. As we are currently seeing, the focus now is on terror prevention and urban combat. Recon missions will be of great focus as well, such as the Filipinos hunting down Abu-Sayyaf in the jungles of the Philippines. We most definitely should take the material from the decommissioned weapons and begin building more nuclear facilities in order to decrease our demand on foreign energy supplies, with clean, effective, and cheap nuclear energy that is even safer due to new technologies that have not been allowed to be implemented since the 70s. Think of the dramatic increase in oil consumption and "carbon" that the left could see if we did this....so why so quiet? Ah, because it's not part of their socialist agenda for us to be leaders in innovation, technology, self-sufficiency in the "global community", and does nothing to line the pockets of Al Gore and his profiteering, fear spreading hoard. Yet, even for the reduction in nuclear weapons, they won't praise President Bush for this bold move.

Secondly, for all the harping the left does about political solutions not coming about in Iraq, maybe they didn't notice this massively important tidbit of information:

Iraq's Shiite-dominated government has agreed to take over support of a U.S.-funded plan that has organized thousands of Iraqis — including former insurgents and their sympathizers — into local security groups.

The move is a long-awaited step toward national reconciliation, said Saad al-Muttalibi, an official at Iraq's Ministry of National Dialogue and Reconciliation.

The Shiites are now assimilating the Sunnis into the national security force. Hmmm....sounds like a political solution to me, the first step along the way to the nation of Iraq coming together and standing up for itself, and all due to the success of the Surge. The same Surge Harry Reid said had already failed before it even started. So how does the Left and Harry Reid meet this news, by completely burying it and trying to, you guessed it, pathetically attempt to move the goalposts once again by suddenly, in lack of any evidence or any logic, saying that al-Qaeda in Iraq is regrouping. Though I'm sure they are regrouping in hell, after being routed to pieces during the Surge, they are not regrouping in Iraq. A few incidents of violence an ol' Harry Reid tries to cover up the most important news to come out of Iraq in sometime. It's no secret the Democrats futures lie in Iraq's demise at the cost of the lives of numerous American and Iraqi lives, just so they can win a few more votes. Utterly pathetic, and traitorous, and yes, sadly transparent.


Envirofacist Hippes Block Entrance to Socialist Building

Left on left. In this corner, dirty, smelly hippies, brainwashed by the Global Warming Hoax. In the other corner, Socialist freedom haters, determined to take money from freedom loving capitalists in order to give money to themselves, the elitists, and the utterly child like, incapable of ration thought...dirty, smelly hippies. The envirofascists blocked the entrance the EU building in Brussels to protest fish stocks. The hippies maintain the fish are being over-fished, and the the EU agrees, but admits that people need to eat and make some money...so the socialists can re-take that money for themselves and give it to the people who refuse to work so they can buy food....like fish. If only there was other animals who dwelled on land that ate corn and other feeds that was easily stock-able in supermarkets and a great source of protein....a chick-a-cow, if you will. You know, the kind of food source that would be much cheaper and less susceptible to fluctuations if they were essentially "farmed," if you will. Something that a decline in corn due to insane ethanol aspirations didn't affect. Alas though, the left doesn't like to eat or raise these mythical, delicious, animals for food, and now they won't have fish to eat. I wonder how soy grows in Finland.


Blackwater Defends Themselves from New York Times' Viscious Dog

The AP headline is, of course, much different than the headline I have here, instead going with their continued villianization of a security firm that protects the lives of most dignitaries and congressmen and congresswomen who visit Iraq. Their version appears as: "New York Times in Iraq: 'Blackwater Shot Our Dog.'" Here's the account of the attack:

Blackwater spokeswoman Anne Tyrrell said the dog had attacked one of Blackwater's bomb-sniffer dogs while a security team was sweeping the compound for explosives.

"The K-9 handler made several unsuccessful attempts to get the dog to retreat, including placing himself between the dogs. When those efforts failed, the K-9 handler unfortunately was forced to use a pistol to protect the company's K-9 and himself," she said in an e-mail to Reuters.

I love dogs, I really do. In fact, I called for stiff punishments of Michael Vick and his dog murdering friends along the same lines as PETA, something that happens about as often as universal planetary alignment. In this case, however, the situation is a bit different. If the NY Times' dog attacks a highly trained bomb sniffing dog, something critical in Iraq in order to save human lives, the guard had little choice other than to shoot the dog if he felt that the dog was going to kill or seriously injure the K-9 officer. You may be thinking that the bomb sniffing dog should have been able to maul the NY Times' dog, but it may not have been trained for police service other than to smell out IEDs that kill, injure, and maim. If the NY Times dog latched onto the bomb sniffing dog and the guard couldn't pull them apart, he did the right thing if that dog can save human lives. Of course, you can expect to hear more stories like this in the near future, and you can almost sense a MSM headline along the lines of "Blackwater Fails to Give Reporters Lobster Dinner" and other nonsense coming in the near future.


18 December 2007

Oh How the Left Loves Them Some Pork

Not that it's shocking, of course. However, you really owe it to yourself to go check out the Leftist Congress's achievements in the peddling of pork products and inflated, egregious government spending and kickbacks to their buddies. Note too, that the "Republicans" doing this, are RINOs at best, after all, Ted Stevens is a pork lover, and he too needs to go. Hell, Sen. Tom Coburn almost got him to go after Sen. Coburn attacked him over the outlandish Bridge to Nowhere before the public had even heard of the shameful project. However, after pledging to stop the earmarks, the left made them more secret, and increased them dramatically. Here's a sampling:

The pork vacation tour stops include the following:
  • Fish for the catfish genome at Auburn (Ala.) University (cost of project: $878,000)
  • Envy the 'Green' Natural History Museum in Minneapolis ($800,000)
  • Walk across the Heart of America bridge in Kansas City ($750,000)
  • Cheer on the human robot teams at Texas A&M ($750,000)
  • Explore grape genetics in Geneva, N.Y. ($628,000)
  • Lift weights at the YMCA in Stark County, Ohio ($500,000)
  • Cruise on longer streets in Champaign, Ill. ($500,000)
  • Shoot hoops with the locals in Richmond, Calif. ($450,000)
  • Pedal on bike trails in Highland, Ind. ($400,000)
  • Play golf at Buhl Farm in Sharon, Pa. ($300,000)
  • Take the pulse of renovations at Transylvania Hospital, Brevard, N.C. ($275,000)
  • Dine at a wine and culinary center in Prosser, Wash. ($250,000)
  • Lob tennis balls at the Andre Agassi prep school in Las Vegas ($200,000)
That's not all folks. There's much, much more. In fact, my favorite Senator, Tom Coburn, helped get this website up and running:

USA Spending

Where you can research and view all earmarks and who has assigned them. It's great stuff, and something to utilize during the upcoming election season. I have added a direct link on the right hand site permanently. Have fun.


NJ Death Penalty: A Classic Tale of the Left

There's a lot of layers to peel away in this one, so I'll just start from a random point, a headline from an AP article:

Some Decry N.J. Death Penalty Abolition

Leftist Tactic: Media Bias. Proof.... is "SOME" defined as....

A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed New Jersey voters supported keeping the death penalty by 53 percent to 39 percent. The telephone poll of 1,085 voters was conducted from Dec. 5-9 and had a sampling error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The media headline would make this appear as the minority of people wanted the death penalty kept in tact. However, by a 14% spread, the public wanted this option kept open. That's a rather large spread, and is a classic example of the media showing bias in reporting.

Leftist Tactic: Conceal Agenda from Electorate, Push Radical Agenda, Disregard the Electorate

You know this was planned by the Liberals in the Jersey legislature for a while, yet was not once mentioned during the run up to the last election cycle. Had it been an issue, given the public's strong sentiment in favor of the death penalty, the liberals would have lost big. Making it even more cowardly to usurp the rights of the electorate, why not put it to a referendum? I'm a firm believer in Federalism, and each state should hold the right to decide on capital punishment, but that is not what happened here, the legislature punched it down the people's throats without any of their input, that is the people's will, the source of all legislative power, granting them this authority. Additionally, we run into another..

Leftisit Tactic: Bow down to the UN.

The radically socialist UN (see my Global Warming Posts) is staunchly opposed to the death penalty and lefties will bend over backwards to appease their socialist buddies across the ocean. The UN has time and again condemned the United States for the use of capital punishment, a right granted to us in our republic if we so choose as an electorate. We see the UN screaming at us anytime an inmate is executed after due process and numerous appeals including the use of DNA evidence. However, mum is the word when China and Iran (who account for nearly 95% of executions world wide) execute people indiscriminately.

Just to show you the Moonbats are everywhere, the morons decided to march across the Free Bridge from Phillipsburg, NJ into the town I grew up in of Easton, PA. Sadly, I was not off today, or else I would have been down there to voice my opinion for majority rule, you know, the power of the electorate that is fully intended to decide how the legislature should set laws. I can almost guarantee it's the same moonbat crew who protests down by the intersection of PA-378 and Delaware Ave by where I now live in Bethlehem, PA. Mindless, socialists drones. It's sad really.

Finally, I'll leave you with this though. I'm actually opposed to the death penalty in most cases. Crimes such as child rape and murder, law enforcement murder, the murder of our military, serial killings, serial rapists, etc are the types of crime which this penalty should be enforced and judged according to the laws of each state. Personally, it's a very tough issue for me as I do not believe in taking a person's life, be it when they are in the womb or out of the womb. However, that being said, the privileges granted in jail are asinine. There is no reason to give cable, weight training equipment, etc to inmates incarcerated for heinous crimes. The main point here is the power of the vote. The residents of New Jersey favor the government, and the legislature has stolen the right of the people of New Jersey to set their own laws, and that is an outrageous usurping of the people's power. I wonder if Jon Corzine feels the least bit bad that the man responsible for the creation of Megan's Law was spared the sentence imposed by the citizens of New Jersey. The father of Megan Kanka, Richard Kanka, is holding out hope that the inmates have more respect for the will of the jury than does Corzine and his leftist allies:

Megan's father, Richard Kanka, is still hopeful the men won't see old age. "The only thing we can really hope for is somebody in jail will knock off these guys," he said.

Keep an eye on Rissa's site, I'd Rather Be Right, as she just may get an answer straight from the horse's ass...I mean mouth, as she has been calling a direct line to the Governor.


Support Geno's Cheesesteaks

For more than just the reason that Geno's is way better than Pat's and Jimmy's. Much, much better. It's always worth the drive down to Philly just for the Cheesesteak and some South Street activities. I'm sure you've all heard by now that Joey Vento has exercised his God-given right to refuse service to people who refuse to speak the English language. Naturally he's being sued of course for taking a stand against people who either a) refuse to learn to speak English or b) people who refuse to actually speak English. They are claiming this is discriminatory but that's nonsense. It is inefficient for any business to staff people specifically to cater to the language needs of people who refuse to assimilate. It's also extremely egotistical, self centered, and lazy, not to learn the language of the land that you've already broken the laws entering. So what about Russians, Gaels, Czechs, French, etc, who do not speak effective English...in a city the size of Philadelphia with various ethnic immigrants. It is irresponsible and unbelievably arrogant and selfish to try to force a business owner to incur higher costs and slow down his ordering process in order to satisfy a few people who refuse to do what every one else's ancestors have done. They are attempting to destroy the melting pot and liberal left goes along with this moronic multi-cultural lunacy that is shattering and segregating our culture while disallowing integration and is a total slap in the face to what America has stood for and what the hardworking legal immigrants who have followed all the laws, learned our culture and heritage, have accomplished and stood for, and it needs to stop. So kudos to Mr. Vento and every other business owner who stakes this stand. Personally, if they say get rid of the sign (an asinine if not inevitable decision in moonbat crazy Philly), here's my plan of action. If said customer does not order in English, politely tell them:

I don't speak Spanish.

You can't not hire a person who doesn't know how to speak Spanish. In fact, if they speak English, you should most definitely hire them and refuse to hire bilingual workers. Then, if the customer refuses to order in English, you WON'T be able to help them because you won't know what they want, which will help them accept the melting pot and make things much easier on them and us in the long run. That's not discriminatory, that's how it's been, all our ancestors went through it without as much government assistance, night classes, charities, and relatives available as resources to learn the language.


11 December 2007

Follow Up from Yesterday's Post On Global Warming: I Told You So

See now what I mean by the Global Warming Hoax being used to push a Communist agenda. Well today they finally just came right out and said it: We are going to take from the "rich" according to their means and give to the "poor" according to their need. That's communism plain and simple. Hell, they even put a price tag on it for us "rich" Americans, we should all be ponying up:

Without going into the details, the Greenhouse Development Rights Framework (GDR) proposal foresees levying the equivalent of a climate "consumption luxury tax" on every person who earns over a "development threshold" of $9,000 per year. The idea is that rich people got rich in part by dumping carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels into the atmosphere, leaving less space for poor people to dump their emissions. In one scenario, Americans would pay the equivalent of a $780 per person luxury tax annually, which amounts to sending $212 billion per year in climate reparations to poor countries to aid their development and help them adapt to climate change. In this scenario, the total climate reparations that the rich must transfer annually is over $600 billion. This contrasts with a new report commissioned by the U.N. Development Program that only demands $86 billion per year to avoid "adaptation apartheid."

No, that's not made up, that is real, and very, very terrifying if you actually care about human freedom what-so-ever. First, is there anyone in America who is not making over $9,000 a year? Is there anyone out there making $15,000 a year and would call themselves "rich" in America? Again to my point of micro-analysing wealth in regards to geographical location, does anyone living in North Jersey qualify as "rich" making $40,000, or in NYC making $50,000? This is utter trash and is just a means to strip freedoms and money from the United States, and you can damn sure bet who is going to hand this over to UN on a silver platter, and that's the Moonbat Democrats. Their patron saint Al Gore is making a KILLING off of lying about the effects of global warming and the true cause of climate change. Read this article to inform yourself a bit more, and research it a bit further to check surface temperatures on Venus and Mars over the time frames that the Earth has actually seen increases, and when you see the percentages the same across each of the planets, ask yourself if driving your car is causing Global Warming in Venus, or if maybe that giant glowing sphere in the sky has something to do with it. Read this post over at Hot Air too. Hell, go to town researching more evidence and learn how the Leftist money machine shouts down any dissenters and purposely targets children to attack their parents for researching the actual evidence that prove the farce they're running.

The Bush Administration, for their part is taking a pro-active role in taking on the UN's increased greed and Communist push. The UN, you see, is seeking over a 25% increase over last years budget, while profiteering off of the Global Warming hoax they are involved in, all the while increasing their assets, while adding, exactly what to international security? Think they'll get an endorsement for the people of Myanmar, Rwanda, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, etc? What do we get for hosting the UN and funding them at a clip of 22% and Japan funds them at a clip of 20%? Hell, the UN funds them at a total of 38%, yet they continually put nations openly hostile to world peace and democracy such as Syria, Russia, China, etc to ever increasingly important roles. We see an Iranian stooge in head of the IAEA who is in charge of investigating Iran itself, who would undoubtedly torture and murder his family if he wasn't in lock step with their agenda. Here's a late breaking news item sure to make waves across the world very soon:

The Pope is an Ally of Logic on the Global Warming Issue

Perhaps His Holiness will help bring some calm to the insane hype going on in the world today.


The Assault on Christmas Continues

At least there are some politicians willing to stand up the political correctness machine and go to bat for our right to call a spade a spade, or in this case, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Tree. Here's the link where the latest battle is unfolding. Here's a snippet:

The General Assembly is expected to vote Tuesday on the bill proposed by Rep. Marlin Schneider, a Democrat, who wants the tree to be known officially as the State of Wisconsin

Christmas Tree.

The tree "celebrates one holiday and that holiday is Christmas," Schneider told FOX News. "It was called a Christmas tree from 1916 until 1985 when political correctness took over, and then we decided it would become a holiday tree. But what it really is, is a Christmas tree, and there's nothing really wrong with that," Schneider said.

Not everyone shares the Christmas spirit, however.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, a spokesperson for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a separation of church and state watchdog group, said she considers the proposed name change offensive.
Officially calling the tree a Christmas tree, she said, would amount to a state endorsement of Christianity.

"The word Christmas does have religious significance and to deny it is sort of preposterous," Gaylor said.

Kudos to Rep. Schneider, sure it's not a secret which side of the aisle I am on, and who usually gets the most flak from me, but he stood up and did the right thing for the right reasons, and I commend him greatly. As for Laurie Gaylor, she is a moron pure and simple. The word Christmas does indeed have religious significance, but uh, Gaylor, the entire concept of a decorative tree is not to celebrate the winter, it's to celebrate Christmas. You can try to convince your Pagan friends that it's not, but you know better, or you're brain dead, just let us know which one. This is yet another example of how Political Correct asshats are ruining this nation. Anyone remember going to cut down a "Holiday Tree" with their family when younger, or singing "O Christmas Tree"? Fact is, most of us celebrate Christmas and the tree is a symbol of it, to pretend it is not is beyond stupid and an outrageous assault on intellect and history. Don't like the tree? Don't go see it. Don't like Christmas? Don't celebrate it. You're free to do that, but we are free to celebrate Christmas and have our symbols, which are indeed Christian, and are in fact, intertwined with the culture, politics, and history of this great nation. It's the majority's religious holiday. Should one day this nation see Judaism become the great majority of this nation, I for one, will not be upset to see a giant Menorah displayed in the Rose Garden, so long as I am free to celebrate Christmas.


Gotta Love the Dutch

This guy is just begging for a Fatwa by planning on making a movie critical of the Koran. You know, this sort of thing just may spark a riot or two in the very near futures, so keep an eye out for it. The Dutch of course, are becoming in many regards, what America used to be, where the press and the politicians can openly practice freedom of speech on a multitudes of issues that American media and politicians simply won't touch for fear of rocking the political correctness boat. You really should go read that post and get the sense of just how afraid the author of that piece is to be in any way, shape, or form be associated as saying or thinking anything negative about Islam. Remember to check out Jihad Watch and Religion of Peace periodically to remind yourself about how peaceful and tolerant the religion is at all times. The entire article is great as it goes on to tell about what happened to the last "anti-Islamic" film maker who dared criticize Islam. Bonus Point? At the bottom of the article look at what is there for "Latest News" and compare that to the context of the article. Here's the link to what was there and the picture that appeared when, undoubtedly, that will be changed.


NBC Refunding to Their Advertisers, For they are Teh Suck

Got a good chuckle out to this little article. NBC's ratings have gotten so bad that they are actually giving money back to their advertisers for having to embrace the suck that is NBC. Anyone not see this coming? Does the network have anything decent outside of The Office and Sunday Night Football? It is the nation's most liberal network, and we all know how openly media performs in regards to ratings, I mean Air America is pulling in what, like 5 viewers while going bankrupt? Keep in mind there is an entire website dedicate to the lies and garbage that Keith Olbermann spews out each night entitled Olbermann Watch. Of course, their little global warming scam on Sunday Night Football bombed horribly in one of the most hypocritical acts in modern times. So where's the shock here? The most openly liberal network was recently slapped by the masses for initially refusing to run ads thanking the troops for their service while embracing the MoveOn Moonbats and running their ads. MSM is openly bias, but NBC is so far to the left bias that they are now suffering the consequences, and you know it's bad when other lefties are piling onto NBC.


There Can Only Be One! ...in Bethlehem, PA

Another example of what we have to deal with here. The Riverport, about a mile and half from my house, had some asshat whip out a sword and threated to kill a man he got into a fight with. Life isn't the highlander, and I'm sure all three involved were all doing things they should have not been doing, but the moron with the sword takes the high prize of Chief Idiot. Really, and sadly, I'm not all that shocked that something like this happened.


10 December 2007

Vick Gets 23 Months

Not enough time in my opinion, but more is coming, I'm sure. This is federal time only, and he's going to be in the Federal system for a minimum of 20 months:

Although there is no parole in the federal system, rules governing time off for good behavior could reduce Vick's prison stay by about three months, resulting in a summer 2009 release.

Among the other offenses that Vick originally denied knowing of or being involved in is this especially sick act:

Hudson recalled that Vick at one point said he only handed over two dogs to co-defendant Quanis Phillips, who killed them. On another occasion, Vick said he dropped a dog after Phillips tied a rope around the animal's neck, the judge added.

"I'm not convinced you've fully accepted responsibility," Hudson told Vick.

Federal sentencing guidelines called for a term of 18 months to two years. Federal prosecutor Michael Gill asked for a sentence at the high end, meaning Vick would get more time than either of the two co-defendants sentenced last month.

"He did more than fund it," Hudson said, referring to the "Bad Newz Kennels" dogfighting operation. "He was in this thing up to his neck with the other defendants."

Keep in mind that the State of Virginia has yet to proceed with the charges pending in the State, and that he faces much more time to be added onto the 23 months he was sentenced to today. His career is over, he is going to have all his money taken from him, and he will have to live with the fact that he committed heinous crimes that he thoroughly enjoyed and the only remorse he has ever shown is that he got caught. Good riddance.


More Global Warming Communist Tactics Pushed at Bali

First, I suggest you go back and read the post I published last month: Going Warming Hoax Update (Where Going Green = Going Red). The UN's pollution spreading conference in Bali is another cover to use Global Warming in order to push a very leftwing agenda upon the world and attack the sovereignty of all nations (please see the Law of the Sea Treaty). The AP has a story on the idiocy and here's a sampling:

The draft lays out three options for how to proceed after Bali -- ranging from non-binding talks over the next two years to a deadline for adopting a new global pact at a U.N. meeting in Copenhagen in late 2009.

Rich nations should consider ways to step up efforts to curb emissions of greenhouse gases by setting "quantified national emission objectives," the draft says.

Poor countries should take "national mitigation actions ... that limit the growth of, or reduce, emissions," it says. It adds that "social development and poverty eradication are the first and overriding priorities" for poor nations.

Got that? So "rich" nations need to set emissions standards that will drastically reduce "emissions levels" while "poor" nations will be able to ignore this standard in order to socially and economically develop. See the hypocrisy there? The USA is considered a rich nation, but with a large population of poor people. By buying into this system, we surrender economic freedom over the UN and the damage it will have economically on our nation will do nothing to help the poor people but will in fact, do more, to destroy the middle class and create a larger pool of poor people. Conversely, China (a nation completely exempt from The Kyoto Protocol) is considered poor and can do whatever they want, in fact, their levels of emissions make ours look tiny. So got that? USA bad, China good.

Next, let's look at what exactly the UN is getting at by dividing the world into "poor" and "rich" nations, while completely ignoring the socio-economic differences within a nations borders, be it from East to West, rural to urban, etc. The UN is attempting to mandate that "rich" nations re-distribute the wealth into poorer nations under the guise of "Global Warming":

Currently, adaptation money comes from two global funds that rely on voluntary donations from wealthy nations, but falls far short of what is needed. Rich nations have pledged a combined $220.4 million, but as of September had delivered only $116.6 million – a "pathetic" amount, says Ms. Raworth, who puts the immediate needs among the poorest nations at $1 billion to $2 billion a year.

That's right, we all need to pony up for the failings of other nations to develop themselves, and damn it to hell, if that means making those of us who have politically and socially developed tactics that will allow us to grow foot the bill and let those who have made these choices poorly to have exactly what we have, but not to work for it. Sure there are natural advantages, but how does that matter? Should we feel guilty that we have resourceful land? Absolutely not, we should feel blessed. For as much whining the left does about outsourcing jobs the "carbon credit" industry that Al Gore his cronies are making a killing off of, in part by fueling the fear over this hoax, is doing just that:

Under the protocol, a company can earn emission credits by building emissions-cutting projects in developing countries – dubbed a clean-development mechanism (CDM). CDM credits can be traded on the international carbon market, with 2 percent of the value set aside in an adaptation fund. But by some pessimistic estimates, that levy is only likely to generate several hundred million dollars a year. So developing countries want to expand the levy to cover all carbon credits issued under the protocol – not just those issued via the clean-development mechanism. Their goal here is to put the protocol's adaptation fund squarely on the agenda for the protocol's first operational review, slated for next year. The protocol's first commitment period takes effect Jan. 1. In addition, developing countries are pushing to streamline and cut the high cost of applying for adaptation money.

Meanwhile, you still can't get any Democrats on board for Wind Farms because Teddy Kennedy doesn't like the sight of them while sailing, and Democrats specifically blackballing hydrogen and nuclear energy (the only reliable source of clean energy available) from their doomed-to-fail energy bill, while raising taxes immensely on oil companies. Their efforts are reckless and baseless. They ignore the energy solutions that will work and respond the damaging effects of highly inflated gas prices by trying to shove a tax increase what will be passed along and funded by the tax payers. Luckily, President Bush and the Administration are taking a "thanks, but no thanks" approach to the lunacy in Bali as well as the Democrats latest logic lacking bill. Finally, for your consideration, I give you this excellent post by Stephen Milloy, entitled, The Greenest Hypocrites of 2007, a must read.


CIA Tapes: Manufactured Outrage

It's not really that shocking that the issue over the destruction of the tapes of interrogation processes is manufactured by the left. Please Michelle Malkin's excellent post in regards to what the Democrats knew and WHEN they knew it. Basically, they knew the tapes existed and were destroyed long before this story became the big rage among leftist media. If the issue is over waterboarding, it has also been long since revealed that waterboarding was only used on three suspects since the War on Terror began and has not been used since 2003. Ed, over at Captain's Quarters has another great post on this issue, in which this information is disclosed. However, an article by David Frum that is being overlooked is available at National Review and relays information and very intriguing possibility put forth by Gerald Posner. Here's a sample:

Zubaydah, wounded when he was captured in Pakistan, was fooled in a fake flag operation to believe that the Saudis held him. Instead of being afraid of the ‘Saudis,’ he demanded to talk to three Saudi princes (one, the nephew of the King, who happened to be in the U.S. on 9/11). He gave his interrogators the private cell phone numbers of all 3. He did the same regarding the chief of Pakistan's air force.

After the U.S. told the Saudis and Pakistanis of Zubaydah's finger pointing, all four men had tragic 'accidents.' The King's nephew died of complications from liposuction at the age of 43. A day later, the 41 year old Prince named by Zubaydah died in a one-car accident on his way to the funeral of the King’s nephew. The third named prince, age 25, died a week later of "thirst," according to the Saudi Royal Court. And shortly after that, the chief of Pakistan’s air force died when his plane exploded with his wife and 15 of his top aides on board.

Very interesting read and one definitely worth a full read. So what he have is a situation where even the idea of destroying the tapes was presented to top Democrats in Congress and were kept in the loop on the happenings of the tapes. The outrage now is purely political in regards not only to the issue, but of the timing. However, if Posner is right, it opens a Pandora's Box of issues in regards to just who our allies are in the Middle East.


Liberal Talker Indicted on Child Porn Charges

Bernie Ward of KGO was indicted on child porn charges, which he says is unfounded as he was simply "researching" information for a book. What exactly does this kid toucher have to research in regards to child porn that would have led him to download child pornography? The only research needed in a case like this would be interviews with the horrible monsters who partake in this hideousness. The guy is lying. Of course, he wouldn't be a liberal if he didn't try to blame this on President Bush and the administration. In liberal land, this animal is being defended. In the real world, this guy should be locked up and kept away from the general public. His mind state and actions are reprehensible and indefensible.


04 December 2007

Huckabee's Momentum Undeniable

One of the most rewarding things of this campaign season is seeing the grassroots campaign that we are involved with gaining so much steam, with so little money. It's amazing to see that in this day and age in America, where money has taken an ever increasing role over God in many people's lives, and most especially so in the political arena, that a message can resonate so strongly with the American people. When the campaign started, we were treated with an onslaught of pundits telling us that our candidate, Mike Huckabee, could not win for no other reason than they said he could not. We were then told with little organization in many of the states outside of Iowa that the Straw Poll results, while surprising to them, would not much more than to keep him in the race for a few more weeks. Those of us involved in the process, those who have followed the campaign season from start knew simply this, given the stage, the opportunity, to share his message, Gov. Huckabee's message would resonate strongly with the people. I, from here in Pennsylvania, found it refreshing to hear so much optimism emanate from Gov. Huckabee beginning with the first debate. In every campaign there are some tactics which we all disagree, but Gov. Huckabee has remained above the fray. Indeed, all of our candidates are strong, and if any one of them were to gain the nomination, except for one, I would openly support them. However, in America we are given the choice, thankfully, which was given birth by the brave men and women in uniform, those who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide a better life for people like me, including my father. If nothing else, the men and women of our armed services deserve our accolades, our praise, and our undying respect and gratitude.

The efforts of our collective grass root effort to promote awareness of the message has been incredible. The American people are responding to message of hope, of optimism, of values, and of strength. Today, the USA Today's Gallup Poll shows Gov. Huckabee in second place among the GOP field, on a microcosm of the budget of the other candidates, proof of the campaign's message holding greater strength than that of the dollar value of advertisements and muck-racking. Indeed, as Gov. Huckabee's positive vision for the future of America gains steam, the opponents of Mike Huckabee have increased their criticisms of his record. While criticisms of a political candidates record are a part of the process in American politics, Mike Huckabee answers all of these criticisms with facts and with his honest views regardless of the political correctness follies and fallout that may occur, walking the walk on intestinal fortitude and moral strength.

Columnists and pundits even praise Mike Huckabee's style and fear his vision, notably, ultra liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas
. Another indication of the awareness that the grassroots campaign has sparked through simply the message and the truth, is the attention we get from other conservatives who support other candidates. Dean Barnett has a nice article on Gov. Huckabee in the Weekly Standard, exercising his right to raise questions in a very solid article, while being fair to the campaign, something we supporters welcome. Cordial debate is always healthy in a democracy.

Keep in mind that we are surging in all of the early primary states. I do encourage you to help out the campaign in anyway you can. Personally, blogging and word of mouth are my biggest contributions. I urge you to keep up the outstanding work you have all done, to not be negative towards what is a great field, in fact, probably the most difficult field to choose from in a very long time. This campaign will be won on positive messages, ideas, and optimism. It is a battle we are winning and should continue to fight.


Once Again Our Lehigh Valley Finds a Way to Ruin Something

So really, getting the Phillies AAA affiliate pretty much in my backyard was a bit exciting. We really needed something positive and sports related here in a major way. Say what you want about us, but we love our sports. I wasn't particularly fond of naming the team the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, but that's cool. So they have a mascot naming contest and it was won by a 5 year old girl. The choice as voted on by the fans. The democratically elected choice was "Pork Chop." Innocent name, I'm sure the little girl was ecstatic when she found out she won the contest. One problem. One man found it to be offensive and had the name overturned because he was once called "Pork Chop" and found it to be derogatory when worked at Bethlehem Steel (you would think the pain he experienced would have dissipated now that Bethlehem Steel is being torn down to build a casino). Outrage on a national level erupts from "Pork Chop," as Guillermo Lopez was called this a few times when he worked there "decades" ago, and amazingly, horrendously, Chavez and Castro-esque, the folks with the IronPigs declared that the name just had to be changed because, in their own words:

"If it offended a few, it's a few too many."

Utterly disgraceful. At one point, I had planned on going to many games, my girlfriend and I, a bunch of our family and friends were looking forward to going...before of course, this idiotic bow to the wishes of only a handful of people. Look, no one is advocating racism or prejudice here. The name "Pork Chop" was submitted by a FIVE YEAR OLD GIRL, voted on, and received the majority of the votes. However, because of some old racist term, which practically no one, NO ONE, knew was even in the slight bit racist until Mr. Lopez decided to spark feigned outrage, the team changes the name to "Ferrous," which is Latin for "pertaining to iron." He also succeeded in giving racists everywhere a new word to add to their idiotic routine. I for one would like to point out that I am offended by this name "Ferrous" for multiple reasons:

1. I do not eat red meat as I have allergic reactions to it, and thus the lack of iron in my diet is made up for in vitamins. Hearing the name Ferrous is offensive as I am reminded of how sick I get when I steak, which I used to love before I got sick, Oh the Humanity!

2. I am offended at the out and out butchery of a democratically decided election by what is to be comprised of the fan base.

3. I am offended that Mr. Lopez has now, undoubtedly, by his actions, now made "Pork Chop" an unacceptable term, even in a butchery, less a person be declared racist.

4. I am most offended that the little girl undoubtedly had to be explained that someone accused her of being a racist for an innocently submitted name. I am offended that this little girl most assuredly cried her eyes out when she was forced to have had a conversation and exposed to what racism is at such a young age, robbing her of a good portion of the innocence of her youth. I'm offended that at the first pitch, when she is out there, when she looks over at the mascot, that she will only think, "Pork Chop", and her eyes well up with sadness as she is reminded that the name she chose for the team mascot was taken away from her for her being racist. I'm offended that at some point during that night she may cry and seek the love of her parents and utter the words..."Pork Chop."


Michael Newdow, Much Like an STD, Just Won't Go Away

I make the comparison because the only thing worse than having to see this jackass's name in the news is about on the same level as being injected with an STD, and in all fairness, I would like to apologize to STDs everywhere for comparing them to Michael Newdow. Newdow, as you will recall, is the asshat who sued to stop the use of the phrase "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, amongst other things, and was shot down like a Democrat who strayed from their party's lines. Well he's at it again, the worthless troll just won't give up. However, there is a theme building for this post, the previous post, and the upcoming post, and that is: MAJORITY RULES. IT'S CALLED A DEMOCRACY YOU LIBTARDS! The majority of people do not object to the phrases, the majority of people APPROVE of the phrases. Hopefully, the SCOTUS will actually do the right thing here and step in and just put an end to the madness. It's also painfully apparent what this guy really wants as he always seems to pop up in the news right around Easter and/or Christmas. Beware the tyranny of the minority my friends. I'd also like to point out that the fact remains that we were and are a Christian nation, the Separation of Church and State is essentially a doctrine that was put in place to allow Chrisitian theologies to co-exist, such as the Puritans and Anglicans amongst other Protestant religions in the outset and evolved into including the other religions, Judaism, Buddhism, and my faith Catholicism (yes Christian, but very different from, say Lutheranism) to all co-exist within our nation. Liberals make such a huge fuss about intolerance but attack Christians and the phrase "God" as being offensive, but will put out all the stops to show how differences between Muslim groups should be highlighted and celebrated. The same affection they show to jihadists are not afforded to the law abiding citizens of our nation. Should a terrorist asshat blow themselves up in a crowd of innocent Jews or Christians it is because they are oppressed; should a Christian simply say "Merry Christmas," they are oppressing others. See how that works? So God Bless Michael Newdow, and if you have a problem with our money, don't use it. If you have a problem with our flag, don't salute it. In fact, if you have that much beef with our country, we can start a fund for you to go to some Godless nation like Cuba where your rights will dutifully be respected, especially the ones to due process and freedom of speech.


Morons in PA Legislature About to Tax us For A New Team in Philly That Won't Win a Championship in a Sport Nobody Cares About

Wow, taxes to go towards a stadium is just a bad idea in the first place, but a soccer stadium..$45 million dollars? This has got to be one of the worst sports decisions since the Philadelphia 76ers hired Billy King, who surprise, surprise, was fired today. Get back on track, right, I know. Well insanity is sometimes defined as doing the same things over and expecting different results. First, sending Libtards to any legislature and expecting anything good to come of it falls under that definition. Second, Mr. Philadelphia Ed Rendell, whose primary concern outside of Philadelphia is how he can watch Comcast Sports, was sure to bring home more bacon for the city. Third, it's soccer, folks. You know, the sport that has been around forever and has never been popular in the U.S., ranks behind skiing, boxing, horse racing, curling, etc. How can they possibly imagine this will work when it's already failed before, in the 70s....at the height of the drug era.....stoned hippies everywhere, who are amused by goldfish, clouds, and butterflies...found it so boring that not just the team, but the entire league folded. There is really one target audience that this pork project is catered to..one whose insane growth level in the area could insure Donkeycrats a longer stay in office even if the votes are illegal...Here's a clue:

"Today, as we sit here, we see a really mature, soccer-consuming audience," said Nick Sakiewicz, president of sports promoter AEG New York, who is working to bring a team here. "Back in the '70s and '80s, there was really no soccer-consuming market."

The former pro goalkeeper and two-time Major League Soccer executive of the year, widely credited with securing a new stadium for the New York Red Bulls, sees solid evidence why, this time, soccer can't miss:

Local exhibitions between top international teams, such as the game between Manchester United and FC Barcelona at Lincoln Financial Field in 2003, draw sellout crowds.

The fast-growing immigrant community from Mexico and other Latin American nations provides a solid base of knowledgeable, enthusiastic fans. The Mexican population in Pennsylvania and New Jersey grew 74 percent from 2000 to 2006.

$40 Million Dollars to buy off a large portion of the illegal immigrants in PA and NJ, and no that's not a blanket statement, you know what's happened in Hazleton, and believe me, it's happening in many more communities. Even in Easton, PA where I grew up and outskirts of Palmer arrests are being made and deportations (thankfully) in process for the illegals who have trolled their free loaded asses up here. In the meantime, have fun driving on I-83, I-78, I-80, and I-81, and ask yourself why the roads can never be fixed up and sinkholes not filled. Sure the Dems go on TV and cry about it, but hey, it's a never ending tax cycle. Fund pork projects to secure votes, complain they did not have enough money to actually do the job they were supposed to do with the money, and then justify a tax raise to the dullards who refuse to follow the news. You've got a friend in Pennsylvania indeed.