19 December 2007

Racist Animal Activists Attack the Japanese For Making Belugas Even Cooler

Sure, I understand how controversial the spearing of whales is in today's world. However, it's interesting that in this case the multi-cultural love-fest of the moonbats doesn't hold up. Animal Rights Activists are smearing the Japanese with racist accusations, claiming that having Beluga Whales at the Hakkeijima Aquarium wear little Santa Hats for Christmas festivities is a humiliating act by the Japanese, which degrades the Belugas. (WARNING: AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHS CONTAINED IN LINK) According to these racists, the entire island nation of Japan has a bloodlust for whales, and the donning of Santa Hats by the Beluga Whales is an insult imagined by the entire Japanese nation and government in order to further denigrate the whale population. Hello logic? Are you there? First, it is only a small number of Japanese who are whaling. Second, it's an aquarium where entertainment takes place, and I'm sure the picture of the Belugas kissing the workers and children are first class evidence of how upset the Belugas are. Aquariums world wide take first class care of their animals, and to levy an accusation that all the Japanese are cold blooded killers is irresponsible racists by the fascist environmental groups, something that is oh-so common with these socialist monsters. The real victim here is the Japanese for having to put up with these de-humanizing accusations by civilization leeches. The Japanese are a great people from a great nation, and have done much for the advancement of civilization, as well as standing for democracy and human rights. To have to endure these attacks is ludicrous. I urge you to look at the Beluga whales in their little Santa hats and not think that is cool. I've seen and been able to pet Beluga whales before and know first hand that they are treated very, very well. I've even been able to feed them, and having seen a baby Beluga whale hop over a divider to get even more of the scrumptious fish being served by the staff, and play with the visitors and workers, well, let's just say that's not the actions of an abused animal.

First-hand photographic evidence of just how afraid Belugas are of their caretakers. (Take by me and Rissa at Niagara's Marineland)


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riss said...

I couldn't get the link to work to check the pictures out of the belugas! BTW, I LOVE BELUGAS! Remember Annie and Jeremiah? AW! Love you!