10 December 2007

CIA Tapes: Manufactured Outrage

It's not really that shocking that the issue over the destruction of the tapes of interrogation processes is manufactured by the left. Please Michelle Malkin's excellent post in regards to what the Democrats knew and WHEN they knew it. Basically, they knew the tapes existed and were destroyed long before this story became the big rage among leftist media. If the issue is over waterboarding, it has also been long since revealed that waterboarding was only used on three suspects since the War on Terror began and has not been used since 2003. Ed, over at Captain's Quarters has another great post on this issue, in which this information is disclosed. However, an article by David Frum that is being overlooked is available at National Review and relays information and very intriguing possibility put forth by Gerald Posner. Here's a sample:

Zubaydah, wounded when he was captured in Pakistan, was fooled in a fake flag operation to believe that the Saudis held him. Instead of being afraid of the ‘Saudis,’ he demanded to talk to three Saudi princes (one, the nephew of the King, who happened to be in the U.S. on 9/11). He gave his interrogators the private cell phone numbers of all 3. He did the same regarding the chief of Pakistan's air force.

After the U.S. told the Saudis and Pakistanis of Zubaydah's finger pointing, all four men had tragic 'accidents.' The King's nephew died of complications from liposuction at the age of 43. A day later, the 41 year old Prince named by Zubaydah died in a one-car accident on his way to the funeral of the King’s nephew. The third named prince, age 25, died a week later of "thirst," according to the Saudi Royal Court. And shortly after that, the chief of Pakistan’s air force died when his plane exploded with his wife and 15 of his top aides on board.

Very interesting read and one definitely worth a full read. So what he have is a situation where even the idea of destroying the tapes was presented to top Democrats in Congress and were kept in the loop on the happenings of the tapes. The outrage now is purely political in regards not only to the issue, but of the timing. However, if Posner is right, it opens a Pandora's Box of issues in regards to just who our allies are in the Middle East.


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