18 December 2007

Oh How the Left Loves Them Some Pork

Not that it's shocking, of course. However, you really owe it to yourself to go check out the Leftist Congress's achievements in the peddling of pork products and inflated, egregious government spending and kickbacks to their buddies. Note too, that the "Republicans" doing this, are RINOs at best, after all, Ted Stevens is a pork lover, and he too needs to go. Hell, Sen. Tom Coburn almost got him to go after Sen. Coburn attacked him over the outlandish Bridge to Nowhere before the public had even heard of the shameful project. However, after pledging to stop the earmarks, the left made them more secret, and increased them dramatically. Here's a sampling:

The pork vacation tour stops include the following:
  • Fish for the catfish genome at Auburn (Ala.) University (cost of project: $878,000)
  • Envy the 'Green' Natural History Museum in Minneapolis ($800,000)
  • Walk across the Heart of America bridge in Kansas City ($750,000)
  • Cheer on the human robot teams at Texas A&M ($750,000)
  • Explore grape genetics in Geneva, N.Y. ($628,000)
  • Lift weights at the YMCA in Stark County, Ohio ($500,000)
  • Cruise on longer streets in Champaign, Ill. ($500,000)
  • Shoot hoops with the locals in Richmond, Calif. ($450,000)
  • Pedal on bike trails in Highland, Ind. ($400,000)
  • Play golf at Buhl Farm in Sharon, Pa. ($300,000)
  • Take the pulse of renovations at Transylvania Hospital, Brevard, N.C. ($275,000)
  • Dine at a wine and culinary center in Prosser, Wash. ($250,000)
  • Lob tennis balls at the Andre Agassi prep school in Las Vegas ($200,000)
That's not all folks. There's much, much more. In fact, my favorite Senator, Tom Coburn, helped get this website up and running:

USA Spending

Where you can research and view all earmarks and who has assigned them. It's great stuff, and something to utilize during the upcoming election season. I have added a direct link on the right hand site permanently. Have fun.


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