27 December 2007

David Cuddy For Senate in Alaska

Honestly, I don't know much about Mr. Cuddy, but I do know he is running against Ted "Bridge to Nowhere" Stevens in the GOP primary in Alaska. Stevens should have been out of the Senate a long time ago. Fiscally, the guy is a mess, and he is an earmarking and pork loving official who, in those regards, stands for everything I stand against. I know I make many mentions of this, but it was our favorite Senator here at To the Right of Wrong, Tom Coburn, who made Stevens throw a hissy fit on the Senate floor after calling out Stevens for earmarking money for his Bridge to Nowhere. Stevens is also being investigated for ethics and corruptions charges, and the time for change in Washington is more dire than ever, lest we be subject to the Liberal agenda of imposing Socialism on us. Mr. Cuddy has said some thing I think that bear repeating, and I hope that by encouraging people to talk more about him, we can get the word and help the people of Alaska get another politician as great as their Governor, Sarah Palin, elected to office. Here's some quotes form Mr. Cuddy:

Cuddy told CQ Politics that his drive to restore fiscal conservatism as well as combat widespread federal corruption prompted him to enter the race.

"There's a growing awareness that we can't keep spending ourselves to the extent we are," Cuddy said Wednesday, speaking by phone from Anchorage. "We can't continue doing business the way we've been doing business."

The two issues he mentions are the two driving forces behind the charge to get Stevens out of the Senate. We absolutely need to cut spending and corruption in Washington, and Stevens isn't part of the solution. It sounds cliche but he's part of the problem if you examine his record. Here's hoping Mr. Cuddy pulls off the upset.


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Jerad McClure said...

I would submit to you that our governor, Sarah Palin, is far from great, is by no means a conservative, and is merely a populist. Hopefully, she will be ejected in the next governor's race here in Alaska. She was selected in the primary due to a large portion of the voters being fleeced as to what she was (she is a RINO), and the "independents" that swarmed the republican primary.
She has mismanaged and wasted the state's money in such situations as the Mat-Maid debacle, and with the liberal media's hatred of Free-Enterprise, she has forced the legislature to enact a tax hike unprecedented in state history against the state's only real taxpayer, the oil industry.
We can forget about ANWR's opposition on the national level because she will have forced the oil industry out of the state; no one will be left who will be actually capable of drilling in the wasteland known as ANWR.
She is a RINO, socialist, and has shown signs of crony-ism as showcased by the Mat-Maid debacle.
Sorry this rant was not really on the actual topic of the post. Just calling Palin "Great" really bothers me.
I actually like Dave Cuddy and will most likely support him against Pork King, Stevens.