11 December 2007

The Assault on Christmas Continues

At least there are some politicians willing to stand up the political correctness machine and go to bat for our right to call a spade a spade, or in this case, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas Tree. Here's the link where the latest battle is unfolding. Here's a snippet:

The General Assembly is expected to vote Tuesday on the bill proposed by Rep. Marlin Schneider, a Democrat, who wants the tree to be known officially as the State of Wisconsin

Christmas Tree.

The tree "celebrates one holiday and that holiday is Christmas," Schneider told FOX News. "It was called a Christmas tree from 1916 until 1985 when political correctness took over, and then we decided it would become a holiday tree. But what it really is, is a Christmas tree, and there's nothing really wrong with that," Schneider said.

Not everyone shares the Christmas spirit, however.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, a spokesperson for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a separation of church and state watchdog group, said she considers the proposed name change offensive.
Officially calling the tree a Christmas tree, she said, would amount to a state endorsement of Christianity.

"The word Christmas does have religious significance and to deny it is sort of preposterous," Gaylor said.

Kudos to Rep. Schneider, sure it's not a secret which side of the aisle I am on, and who usually gets the most flak from me, but he stood up and did the right thing for the right reasons, and I commend him greatly. As for Laurie Gaylor, she is a moron pure and simple. The word Christmas does indeed have religious significance, but uh, Gaylor, the entire concept of a decorative tree is not to celebrate the winter, it's to celebrate Christmas. You can try to convince your Pagan friends that it's not, but you know better, or you're brain dead, just let us know which one. This is yet another example of how Political Correct asshats are ruining this nation. Anyone remember going to cut down a "Holiday Tree" with their family when younger, or singing "O Christmas Tree"? Fact is, most of us celebrate Christmas and the tree is a symbol of it, to pretend it is not is beyond stupid and an outrageous assault on intellect and history. Don't like the tree? Don't go see it. Don't like Christmas? Don't celebrate it. You're free to do that, but we are free to celebrate Christmas and have our symbols, which are indeed Christian, and are in fact, intertwined with the culture, politics, and history of this great nation. It's the majority's religious holiday. Should one day this nation see Judaism become the great majority of this nation, I for one, will not be upset to see a giant Menorah displayed in the Rose Garden, so long as I am free to celebrate Christmas.


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