19 December 2007

Envirofacist Hippes Block Entrance to Socialist Building

Left on left. In this corner, dirty, smelly hippies, brainwashed by the Global Warming Hoax. In the other corner, Socialist freedom haters, determined to take money from freedom loving capitalists in order to give money to themselves, the elitists, and the utterly child like, incapable of ration thought...dirty, smelly hippies. The envirofascists blocked the entrance the EU building in Brussels to protest fish stocks. The hippies maintain the fish are being over-fished, and the the EU agrees, but admits that people need to eat and make some money...so the socialists can re-take that money for themselves and give it to the people who refuse to work so they can buy food....like fish. If only there was other animals who dwelled on land that ate corn and other feeds that was easily stock-able in supermarkets and a great source of protein....a chick-a-cow, if you will. You know, the kind of food source that would be much cheaper and less susceptible to fluctuations if they were essentially "farmed," if you will. Something that a decline in corn due to insane ethanol aspirations didn't affect. Alas though, the left doesn't like to eat or raise these mythical, delicious, animals for food, and now they won't have fish to eat. I wonder how soy grows in Finland.


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