11 December 2007

Gotta Love the Dutch

This guy is just begging for a Fatwa by planning on making a movie critical of the Koran. You know, this sort of thing just may spark a riot or two in the very near futures, so keep an eye out for it. The Dutch of course, are becoming in many regards, what America used to be, where the press and the politicians can openly practice freedom of speech on a multitudes of issues that American media and politicians simply won't touch for fear of rocking the political correctness boat. You really should go read that post and get the sense of just how afraid the author of that piece is to be in any way, shape, or form be associated as saying or thinking anything negative about Islam. Remember to check out Jihad Watch and Religion of Peace periodically to remind yourself about how peaceful and tolerant the religion is at all times. The entire article is great as it goes on to tell about what happened to the last "anti-Islamic" film maker who dared criticize Islam. Bonus Point? At the bottom of the article look at what is there for "Latest News" and compare that to the context of the article. Here's the link to what was there and the picture that appeared when, undoubtedly, that will be changed.


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