04 December 2007

Huckabee's Momentum Undeniable

One of the most rewarding things of this campaign season is seeing the grassroots campaign that we are involved with gaining so much steam, with so little money. It's amazing to see that in this day and age in America, where money has taken an ever increasing role over God in many people's lives, and most especially so in the political arena, that a message can resonate so strongly with the American people. When the campaign started, we were treated with an onslaught of pundits telling us that our candidate, Mike Huckabee, could not win for no other reason than they said he could not. We were then told with little organization in many of the states outside of Iowa that the Straw Poll results, while surprising to them, would not much more than to keep him in the race for a few more weeks. Those of us involved in the process, those who have followed the campaign season from start knew simply this, given the stage, the opportunity, to share his message, Gov. Huckabee's message would resonate strongly with the people. I, from here in Pennsylvania, found it refreshing to hear so much optimism emanate from Gov. Huckabee beginning with the first debate. In every campaign there are some tactics which we all disagree, but Gov. Huckabee has remained above the fray. Indeed, all of our candidates are strong, and if any one of them were to gain the nomination, except for one, I would openly support them. However, in America we are given the choice, thankfully, which was given birth by the brave men and women in uniform, those who sacrificed everything they had in order to provide a better life for people like me, including my father. If nothing else, the men and women of our armed services deserve our accolades, our praise, and our undying respect and gratitude.

The efforts of our collective grass root effort to promote awareness of the message has been incredible. The American people are responding to message of hope, of optimism, of values, and of strength. Today, the USA Today's Gallup Poll shows Gov. Huckabee in second place among the GOP field, on a microcosm of the budget of the other candidates, proof of the campaign's message holding greater strength than that of the dollar value of advertisements and muck-racking. Indeed, as Gov. Huckabee's positive vision for the future of America gains steam, the opponents of Mike Huckabee have increased their criticisms of his record. While criticisms of a political candidates record are a part of the process in American politics, Mike Huckabee answers all of these criticisms with facts and with his honest views regardless of the political correctness follies and fallout that may occur, walking the walk on intestinal fortitude and moral strength.

Columnists and pundits even praise Mike Huckabee's style and fear his vision, notably, ultra liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas
. Another indication of the awareness that the grassroots campaign has sparked through simply the message and the truth, is the attention we get from other conservatives who support other candidates. Dean Barnett has a nice article on Gov. Huckabee in the Weekly Standard, exercising his right to raise questions in a very solid article, while being fair to the campaign, something we supporters welcome. Cordial debate is always healthy in a democracy.

Keep in mind that we are surging in all of the early primary states. I do encourage you to help out the campaign in anyway you can. Personally, blogging and word of mouth are my biggest contributions. I urge you to keep up the outstanding work you have all done, to not be negative towards what is a great field, in fact, probably the most difficult field to choose from in a very long time. This campaign will be won on positive messages, ideas, and optimism. It is a battle we are winning and should continue to fight.


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