10 December 2007

Vick Gets 23 Months

Not enough time in my opinion, but more is coming, I'm sure. This is federal time only, and he's going to be in the Federal system for a minimum of 20 months:

Although there is no parole in the federal system, rules governing time off for good behavior could reduce Vick's prison stay by about three months, resulting in a summer 2009 release.

Among the other offenses that Vick originally denied knowing of or being involved in is this especially sick act:

Hudson recalled that Vick at one point said he only handed over two dogs to co-defendant Quanis Phillips, who killed them. On another occasion, Vick said he dropped a dog after Phillips tied a rope around the animal's neck, the judge added.

"I'm not convinced you've fully accepted responsibility," Hudson told Vick.

Federal sentencing guidelines called for a term of 18 months to two years. Federal prosecutor Michael Gill asked for a sentence at the high end, meaning Vick would get more time than either of the two co-defendants sentenced last month.

"He did more than fund it," Hudson said, referring to the "Bad Newz Kennels" dogfighting operation. "He was in this thing up to his neck with the other defendants."

Keep in mind that the State of Virginia has yet to proceed with the charges pending in the State, and that he faces much more time to be added onto the 23 months he was sentenced to today. His career is over, he is going to have all his money taken from him, and he will have to live with the fact that he committed heinous crimes that he thoroughly enjoyed and the only remorse he has ever shown is that he got caught. Good riddance.



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riss said...

Um just wondering, what the hell is anonymous trying to say up there? SCARY!
Anyway, at least you aren't making Michael Vick a movie star like Kornholio was on MNF!
Good riddance is right!