27 December 2007

The Byrne Report Exposes for Sen. Feinstein For What She Is

Every so often you come upon an article that is written so well and proves a point so strongly that it deserves to be shared with everyone who is open to using their reading skills. Peter Byrne achieves this feat with his article "Daddy Kleinbucks." A synopsis here isn't exactly going to do the job in order to fully understand what a corrupt, ethics deprived, pathetic excuse of a public servant that is Sen. Feinstein. Read this whole article to get a great appreciation for just how "ethical" the Democratically controlled Senate truly is. You should also read this article to see just which party is truly war profiteering in the economic sense, and who is at the center of this scandal. You should also remind yourself that war profiteering is also based on hoping upon hope that America loses the Iraq conflict and the War on Terror overall, in order to practice sheer corruption and contempt for the American public in whole in order to use it as a talking point for the 2008 election. Their interests are simply political, and the left is stunned that not only are they not being able to make a few quick bucks with shady political deals, but the surge is working, thanks to the minority Republican Party who has achieved great results since being taught a lesson about not fulfilling promises in the 2006 election.


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