19 December 2007

Where's the Jubilant MSM and Leftist Celebrations for President Bush's Latest Achievements?

Seriously, they need to throw President Bush a major party. After all, the Left is so quick to call President Bush a war criminal, having an eternal blood lust, just looking for a reason to drop a nuclear bomb on every man woman and child. That of course, is utter nonsense, something the left is prone to, as they are not as rational as, say, your average woodpecker. The decline of nuclear stockpiles should have the left out in the streets in celebration, and President Bush has just announced the reduction of the stockpiles to levels of less than 25% of what they were at the end of the Cold War. Something remarkable, no? While I do not advocate shrinking our stockpile down to nothing, a strong reduction is definitely a good thing. It will allow us to maintain a strong national defense while taking out of commission a large number of weapons we no longer need. We most definitely keep our nuclear arsenal, but we do not need as large a stockpile as we once did. As we are currently seeing, the focus now is on terror prevention and urban combat. Recon missions will be of great focus as well, such as the Filipinos hunting down Abu-Sayyaf in the jungles of the Philippines. We most definitely should take the material from the decommissioned weapons and begin building more nuclear facilities in order to decrease our demand on foreign energy supplies, with clean, effective, and cheap nuclear energy that is even safer due to new technologies that have not been allowed to be implemented since the 70s. Think of the dramatic increase in oil consumption and "carbon" that the left could see if we did this....so why so quiet? Ah, because it's not part of their socialist agenda for us to be leaders in innovation, technology, self-sufficiency in the "global community", and does nothing to line the pockets of Al Gore and his profiteering, fear spreading hoard. Yet, even for the reduction in nuclear weapons, they won't praise President Bush for this bold move.

Secondly, for all the harping the left does about political solutions not coming about in Iraq, maybe they didn't notice this massively important tidbit of information:

Iraq's Shiite-dominated government has agreed to take over support of a U.S.-funded plan that has organized thousands of Iraqis — including former insurgents and their sympathizers — into local security groups.

The move is a long-awaited step toward national reconciliation, said Saad al-Muttalibi, an official at Iraq's Ministry of National Dialogue and Reconciliation.

The Shiites are now assimilating the Sunnis into the national security force. Hmmm....sounds like a political solution to me, the first step along the way to the nation of Iraq coming together and standing up for itself, and all due to the success of the Surge. The same Surge Harry Reid said had already failed before it even started. So how does the Left and Harry Reid meet this news, by completely burying it and trying to, you guessed it, pathetically attempt to move the goalposts once again by suddenly, in lack of any evidence or any logic, saying that al-Qaeda in Iraq is regrouping. Though I'm sure they are regrouping in hell, after being routed to pieces during the Surge, they are not regrouping in Iraq. A few incidents of violence an ol' Harry Reid tries to cover up the most important news to come out of Iraq in sometime. It's no secret the Democrats futures lie in Iraq's demise at the cost of the lives of numerous American and Iraqi lives, just so they can win a few more votes. Utterly pathetic, and traitorous, and yes, sadly transparent.


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