11 December 2007

Follow Up from Yesterday's Post On Global Warming: I Told You So

See now what I mean by the Global Warming Hoax being used to push a Communist agenda. Well today they finally just came right out and said it: We are going to take from the "rich" according to their means and give to the "poor" according to their need. That's communism plain and simple. Hell, they even put a price tag on it for us "rich" Americans, we should all be ponying up:

Without going into the details, the Greenhouse Development Rights Framework (GDR) proposal foresees levying the equivalent of a climate "consumption luxury tax" on every person who earns over a "development threshold" of $9,000 per year. The idea is that rich people got rich in part by dumping carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuels into the atmosphere, leaving less space for poor people to dump their emissions. In one scenario, Americans would pay the equivalent of a $780 per person luxury tax annually, which amounts to sending $212 billion per year in climate reparations to poor countries to aid their development and help them adapt to climate change. In this scenario, the total climate reparations that the rich must transfer annually is over $600 billion. This contrasts with a new report commissioned by the U.N. Development Program that only demands $86 billion per year to avoid "adaptation apartheid."

No, that's not made up, that is real, and very, very terrifying if you actually care about human freedom what-so-ever. First, is there anyone in America who is not making over $9,000 a year? Is there anyone out there making $15,000 a year and would call themselves "rich" in America? Again to my point of micro-analysing wealth in regards to geographical location, does anyone living in North Jersey qualify as "rich" making $40,000, or in NYC making $50,000? This is utter trash and is just a means to strip freedoms and money from the United States, and you can damn sure bet who is going to hand this over to UN on a silver platter, and that's the Moonbat Democrats. Their patron saint Al Gore is making a KILLING off of lying about the effects of global warming and the true cause of climate change. Read this article to inform yourself a bit more, and research it a bit further to check surface temperatures on Venus and Mars over the time frames that the Earth has actually seen increases, and when you see the percentages the same across each of the planets, ask yourself if driving your car is causing Global Warming in Venus, or if maybe that giant glowing sphere in the sky has something to do with it. Read this post over at Hot Air too. Hell, go to town researching more evidence and learn how the Leftist money machine shouts down any dissenters and purposely targets children to attack their parents for researching the actual evidence that prove the farce they're running.

The Bush Administration, for their part is taking a pro-active role in taking on the UN's increased greed and Communist push. The UN, you see, is seeking over a 25% increase over last years budget, while profiteering off of the Global Warming hoax they are involved in, all the while increasing their assets, while adding, exactly what to international security? Think they'll get an endorsement for the people of Myanmar, Rwanda, Iraq, Somalia, Ethiopia, etc? What do we get for hosting the UN and funding them at a clip of 22% and Japan funds them at a clip of 20%? Hell, the UN funds them at a total of 38%, yet they continually put nations openly hostile to world peace and democracy such as Syria, Russia, China, etc to ever increasingly important roles. We see an Iranian stooge in head of the IAEA who is in charge of investigating Iran itself, who would undoubtedly torture and murder his family if he wasn't in lock step with their agenda. Here's a late breaking news item sure to make waves across the world very soon:

The Pope is an Ally of Logic on the Global Warming Issue

Perhaps His Holiness will help bring some calm to the insane hype going on in the world today.



riss said...

The biggest scam since car insurance! I love AL GORE! He is my HERO!

RAZ said...

No doubt that global warming is very debated. I, however, have never heard that man is causing global cooling. For this - all I can say is that I hope that the people that believe this is natural are not wrong. But if man is causing at least part of the problem then why not do all we can. One thing not in dispute is that we cannot continue to use non-renewable sources on energy forever.
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