28 January 2008

Videos from the State of the Union

I admit, this is essentially a repost of two posts from Hot Air, the first video origninates from this post, and the second from this post. What can I say, you just can't add to great posts. Here's the videos:

Notice too that Dems sit first, and that Nancy Pelosi seems to have no idea what "oorah" means and the clueless look on her face.


Bush to Go On Pork Hunt

I'm not a big fan of the stimulus package, which equates to not much more than a short term stimulus that should help out right until election time which is basically just going to be something in which all incumbents will duly remind us. It gets even worse, and even more obscenely transparent when Harry "Defeatist" Reid, wants to make sure he slows down the process and go after some more votes and "add" to the stimulus...I mean deficit. It's pretty much a welfare package and not a true stimulus package as it's not going to increase savings incentives in the long run, nor will it reduce tax rates in the long run for both businesses and consumers, which actually would stimulate the economy through the power of the wage earners who actually drive the economy. However, there's a good silver lining here, and something that will be getting more and more play in the media for sure as the Left will be up in arms. Bush is going to go after earmarks via executive order. It's a great first step, and something that should have happened much earlier in his tenure, but it's still coming down the pike. Perhaps slashing the pork can fund most of the stimulus package, but I doubt it. It's a good move, and he has nothing to lose, it's within his power and there really can't be a challenge to it, and it may make for some great commercials when we see the Lefties in Congress crying about it. Still though, don't think for one second that the Dems are licking their chops at having control of the Legislative and Executive Branches, and the pork that will come as a result will make a Pig Slaughterhouse look like a vegan retreat. This election is of the utmost importance for the fiscal future of our nation. The last time the Dems were in that position was the Carter era...be afraid, be very afraid, if that were to happen.


Egypt Wants Nothing to Do With Hamas

It's funny how most anytime strife pops up in the Middle East that alot of nations go out of their way to blame Israel. Take the blockade that the Israelis have imposed on the Gaza Strip for example. Under steady rocket fire from Hamas militants that are aimed at innocent Israelis, Israel cracked down on the area and have taken to protecting themselves. Undoubtedly it has been tough on the Palestinians being held hostage by the Hamas radicals, there is no arguing that. However, what is Israel to do? Should they simply lie down and let Hamas shoot rockets at them any old time they want and murder innocent civilians who are INTENTIONALLY targeted by Hamas, who has a stated goal of driving the Israelis into the sea? Well, you all know by know that the wall that EGYPT had erected in order to help protect their nation's sovereignty from Hamas was illegal breached by the radicals, and Hamas militants had assaulted Egyptian soldiers during this high violation of international laws. Egypt has criticized Israel in the past for their stances with the Palestinians to be sure, but you'd think even a left wing organization like the MSM would be paying more attention to Egypt slapping Hamas in the face and wanting Abbas to take control of the situation. Not that Egypt has ever been solidly in Hamas's corner, but it is still a huge developing story in the Middle East. If peace is going to be achieved in the Middle East, Egypt and the moderates in both Palestinian Territories and Israel need to make moves, along with of course, Jordan. Egypt's smacking at Hamas is a great sign for the region and after having to deal with the illegality of Hamas's actions as well having a bit of a taste for the terrorist organization's tactics first hand, they may find a bit more common ground with Israel.


Ed Rendell: Political Blowfish

If there's one thing Ed Rendell loves that isn't named "The City of Philadelphia," it's named "Ed Rendell." In perhaps one of the most fitting stories about a politician, Ed Rendell has released a study giving himself all kinds of love on what he has "accomplished" in his five years in office, loaded with questionable numbers, and costing the tax payers at least $20,000 for him to toot his own horn. What a pompous, arrogant move. Irresponsible in every aspect, using tax payer money for what essentially amounts to campaign release for the Democrats while simultaneously stroking his own ego. Worst of all, it's egregiously exaggerated...then again, what else do you expect from the man? Let us not forget he threatened to......campaign against Republicans who oppose his wasteful spending proposal that is socialized health care in Pennsylvania. That's shocking. Good, bring it on Rendell. You're wasting a surplus, increasing spending dramatically, and your health care plan is a further assault on the free market, while banking and hoping that people increase their spending on tobacco products that you have spent enormous amounts of money on trying to get people to stop using whatsoever. What happens then, when PA goes tobacco free? How do you pay for it then? What do you do about the jobs you're going to cost and the all the other taxes you're going to raise? How does it feel to go around threatening people who disagree with you in fascist tactic? Pathetic.


22 January 2008

USA Today's Pro-Illegal Immigration Stunningly Illustrated In A Single Article

It's laughable that in today's day and age, with the information that we have available at our fingertips, to both research reports as well as verify the validity of statements, that the MSM stubbornly keeps referring to themselves as "unbiased". The only network that really has legitimacy to claim that is Fox News, and yes, that has been verified. Liberals assail Fox for having the audacity to illustrate and report on more than just the vantage point that the Liberal elite has assumed. Today, the USA Today an article appear in their online journal entitled, "Rising Health Care Costs Put Focus on Illegal Immigrants," one of the most bias, pro-illegal immigration pieces I have read in quite some time. Here's some choice dissections for you:

"The phrase 'illegal immigrant' is just radioactive at the moment," says Leighton Ku, a health analyst at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. "Efforts to provide additional benefits for the undocumented would be essentially perceived as adding fuel to the fire."

At least here, they are courteous enough to point out the fact that Ku is a liberal. "Illegal Immigrant" is not inflammatory, it's true. They are immigrants. They are illegally in this nation under our immigration policy and have thus broken the laws, hence they are illegal immigrants. Undocumented is inflammatory. It is a term designed to strip away the fact that these people are criminals, in violation of federal laws, and have shown an utter disrespect to legal immigrants as well as the American system in whole. You should also note that on the left hand side only 9% of American citizens are uninsured, which puts the number of uninsured American citizens in the range of about 27 million people, most of whom are getting government benefits to cover their insurance. A large number to be sure, but read the article to get an idea of how much of money illegal immigrants are syphoning from our taxes, contributing a gigantic amount to our deficit spending. Take special note of this gem:

Illegal immigrants can get emergency care through Medicaid, the federal-state program for the poor and people with disabilities.

Medicaid should be only for citizens of this nation and people who are here through legal means and following our laws. Illegal immigrants need to be deported and our laws need to be enforced. Pro-illegals are simply in a position where they don't care about federal laws and they are stating as much. I feel the same way about people who smoke marijuana and are SHOCKED when they get busted for it and the laws are enforced. There's always people who make excuses and give a sob story about their situation, but if you broke a law, you broke a law, you can't cry to anyone when you get nailed for it when you knew what you were doing was illegal.

Because most illegal immigrants are relatively young and healthy, they generally don't need as much health care treatment as U.S. citizens, studies show. But while they account for less than 2% of national medical spending, their growing presence is a problem in places such as eastern North Carolina, one of the nation's poorest areas.

So we're to expect that these un-named studies have been able to effectively reach out to illegal immigrants and test them for their health, and somehow that didn't cost anyone anything? There's lies a plenty in that statement, an absurd amount of garbage actually. Also notice, they point out the SPENDING, NOT THE COST. They are ducking their bills. Think about it, when you go to the hospital, the only way to really track you down is with your Social Security Number, if you don't have that or a valid (I mean OFFICIAL) government/state issued ID, how would they track you down? So sure, they are accounting for 2% of spending, the idea here is cost, and if the costs are way up and the hospitals are taking a loss, they have to make up for it somewhere, and costs to legal recipients of health insurance goes up.

The whole article is inflammatory and completely dishonest. They give some lip service to the positions that we who are right, and happen to be on the right, hold, but by and large, it is such a puff piece and pro-illegal immigrant article that it beyond blatant. However, I will leave you with this, and I'm sure you'll have the same reaction as I did.....:

Ignacio Hernandez complained recently of recurrent eye pain after being struck by a sweet potato in the fields.


Another Reason To Like Microsoft

For the record, I have the Zune, not the iPod. Microsoft products are great, they have done a wonderful job for the productivity both in people's personal lives and for businesses, and despite what those smug Apple commercials claim, unless you're turning your home movies into on screen productions, their computers are overpriced and based solely on pretentiousness. As far as the audio claim, yes, recording on Apples is very good, but it's not like Pro Tools isn't available for the PC...after it was only available on Apple for sometime. That should tell you about demand and consumer choice right there. The point of my little rant is to bring to your attention Microsoft's efforts to help government enter into the digital age....about 10 years after the mainstream of the American population has done. The entire article is very interesting and most definitely worth the read, but here's a teaser/highlight for you:

Microsoft will provide governments with "template" programs that let citizens perform tasks such as accessing public records, getting marriage certificates, and paying taxes or fines online.

"Technology can help local and regional governments fill efficiency gaps and modernize services," Jean-Philippe Courtois, president of Microsoft International, said in an address at the forum in Germany.

"But, many are ill-equipped to meet citizens' expectations due to a lack of funding, available technology, technical expertise or other resources."

Microsoft has spent years working with governments and distilled some of what it learned into templates showing governments how to spare people trips to offices and let them handle interactions online.

The irony of the situation of course, is that the government went after Microsoft for being so efficient and skilled at what they do during the trial some years ago that now the government, who is increasingly inefficient and unskilled that Microsoft still has the decency to jump in to help out the citizens of this great nation by providing the governments with some tools to actually be as efficient as a 16 year kid who sells something on EBay. It's quite sad that the government, on many levels, is so technologically and logically inept that a private company (which by the way has done great works of charity) whom the government attacked, has turned the other cheek and helped to bring about some modernization and efficiency that the elected officials have not been able to bring about. Then again, that's the free market at work for you and an example of a corporation taking it citizenship seriously and working towards developing a better world for everyone. That's why the free market is the best system in the world and a great example of why many on the left are completely wrong, on many levels, when they constantly assail the free market and corporations. It works, it makes life better, and yes, corporations do care about the people in the nation. So while some assail corporations for following the principles that make this nation great, keep in mind that these same corporations that are viciously assaulted, are the same ones that keep us employed, that allow us to grow our 401(k)s, and whose R&D constantly blazes a trail to brighter horizons. Microsoft has done not only that since their inception, but in this situation, but has further proved the greatness of our system.


18 January 2008

PA State Democrats and Ed "If It Ain't Philly It Don't Mean Nothing To Me" Rendell About to Hose us Over...Again

It's amazing that this incredibly dishonest and underhanded group is in control of the government. I think I'm still a bit dumbfounded that Lynn Swann lost to Rendell in the last election, just to throw that out there. Of course, Rendell's political machine in Philadelphia, the only place the man cares about, is pretty much the only reason he won seeing as how it's the only thing he cares about. So a new round of elections are coming up and the Democrats in state Congress are gearing up to pull a fast one on the people of Pennsylvania. First, was this article, from Penn Live, which is special in that it shows just what "property tax relief" means to the Democrats:

Taking up a major promise to the voters, Democratic leaders in the state House plan to open debate today on a series of property tax measures.

Most of the bills are designed to shift the burden of school funding onto state income and sales taxes, allowing local property taxes to drop.

The principal plan advanced this week, sponsored by House Finance Committee Chairman Dave Levdansky, D-Allegheny, would raise the state sales tax to from 6 percent to 6.5 percent and increase the personal income tax rate from 3.07 percent to 3.29 percent.

Coupled with revenue from the state's taxes on casinos, Levdansky says, the plan would cut the statewide property tax burden by about $2.5 billion.

Democrats will reduce property taxes, which was supposed to be achieved by the revenues of the slots alone, ONLY if they RAISE TAXES on SALES TAX by 8.3%, and on PERSONAL INCOME TAX by 7.2%. Substantial increases. It is unforgivable for the legislature to do this. The property tax was going to be lowered through the increase in revenues from the slots. Instead, congressional Democrats have increased their spending by wide margins and will now raise the overall tax burden on Pennsylvanians.

Meanwhile, Rendell, is being dishonest by not fully disclosing the tax increases he wants in order to push through his socialized health care proposal, trying to spout off about decreasing spending, while he tries to initiate new spending projects backed by Liberal and Democratic interest groups while damaging the free market. Here's some meat from that article:

The Governor says approval can be done while still helping doctors pay for their medical malpractice insurance. He proposes to accomplish both by using available surpluses and combining them with other CAP funding sources. The Governor has called for an increase in the cigarette tax by 10- cents and the state's first ever tax on smokeless tobacco.

Now we're talking about increasing CIGARETTE TAXES and a NEW TAX ON SMOKELESS TOBACCO. Funny how Liberals go all drug dealer on smokers such as myself by saying how smoking is an addiction and the tobacco companies are predatory, all the while raising and raising tobacco taxes like a drug dealer would do to a drug addict. He also want to start to outlay money by helping doctors PAY MEDICAL MALPRACTICE INSURANCE. Cap the limits on lawsuits and the insurance costs will go down genius. Finally, he tops this all off by telling Pennsylvanians that, well, he's going to increase taxes even more in the near future and blow the state surplus instead of cutting taxes, and cutting spending which will help the economy and help bring much needed jobs into the state. Sure, he mentions he wants to cut spending, but, hey Ed, all these new spending proposals you are pushing through shows just how committed you are to that idea.

So to recap here's SOME of TAX INCREASES and SOME of INCREASED SPENDING state Democrats are pushing:

-Sales Tax
-Income Tax
-Cigarette Tax
-Smokeless Tobacco Tax
-Socialized Health Care
-Medical Malpractice Insurance

Unless we rally in November, we are headed for financial disaster and a hemorrhaging of jobs. Rendell and the state Democrats are going to do serious, serious damage to this state and we must take a stand.


Romney Destroys Liberal Reporter

Good for Mitt to go after this clown. He interrupted Mitt's speech to try to contest him on a position, going on record as a Liberal activist and destroying his reporter "unbiased" "reputation" by challenging Mitt at Mitt's press conference. We all know that media is by far and wide, a liberal organization, and this little stunt just helps to hammer the point home. Class act by Mitt to repudiate this fool with the facts and do some sparring with the Libtard without stepping over the line of proper decorum. Think that guy would have done the same thing if it were Hillary or Obama giving a speech? We're going to have to be prepared to do this all election season as the Media has gone off the deep left end. Keep reading Newsbuters to get a better grip on just how far to the left they are aligned. Anywhere, here's the video:

Here's a good analogy video for you, with Romney being Kostya Tszyu and Glen Johnson represented by Zab Judah:


17 January 2008

Clinton's Efforts to Disenfranchise Democratic Votes in Nevada? FAIL

It's not often you'll see me go to bat for Democrats on many issues, but the Clintons, the most notorious political crime family in American history, attempted to disenfranchise a large group of voters from being able to cast their votes because the Culinary Union had the gaul, the audacity, to not back her, but Barack "No Experience Needed" Obama in the caucuses. Here's the meat of the story:

The state teachers union went to court to challenge the plan, arguing that the casino caucus sites Saturday night will give the roughly 200,000 workers on the Las Vegas strip an unfair advantage over other voters who have to work that night.

But U.S. District Judge James Mahan rejected that argument after a Thursday morning hearing.

The lawsuit sparked a battle between the 28,000-member Nevada State Education Association and the state's biggest labor organization, the 60,000-member Nevada Culinary Workers Union, which supports the casino caucuses. The culinary workers endorsed Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in Saturday's contest and accused the teachers union of trying to tilt the race in favor of his leading rival, senator and former first lady Hillary Clinton of New York.

Hillary has very strong ties to leaders of the Teachers Union, who of course, was backing her. There was no problem with the mobile caucus precincts at all....until the Culinary Union came out and backed her opponent. The Teachers Union immediately sues. It's insanely transparent that the Clintons orchestrated this. Just like the are orchestrating racial and gender overtures and having their minions try to label Obama as the cocaine candidate. Personally, the Democrats can have their moonbat candidates, I don't like either one of them. I can't stand the political crime family, and Obama is the most abortion...loving...candidate....ever. What I do care about is not letting the Clintons pull these stunts on the public, because they will do it again in the general election if she wins, and the Democrats will do it regardless, but just not as much, if she doesn't. Hillary's campaign of race baiting, gender baiting, illegal immigration pandering, back door deals, and crooked fundraisers are a microcosm of what this woman does and will do in the future. She needs to go. What's even funnier about this situation is that the Teachers Union had no right to bring the suit at all, complaining that the Culinary Works will get an unfair advantage by being able to caucus on their lunch breach on a Saturday? A Saturday? Uh, Teachers don't work on Saturdays, isn't that the unfair advantage? Even the Liberals over at the Nation aren't buying her antics:

Since her loss in Iowa, Senator Hillary Clinton has been an outspoken critic of the caucus system, saying that the limited time allotted for voting disenfranchises too many workers who are on the job during those hours.

It seems in Nevada Clinton has had a change of heart.

Nah, neither she nor B.J. Clinton (Bill Jefferson, hey, we should have seen it coming) have a heart. For the record, here's Bill getting his hand caught in the cookie jar...by a liberal reporter. Gee he sure seems to know ALOT about the specifics of the account for someone who simply hear about it on TV. Hmmmm.....:


At Least 37,200,000 Babies Murdered Since 1976

According to a new article out today on Boston.com. The article reports on a study that shows that the number of abortions performed in 2007 was 1,200,000, the lowest since 1976. Horrifically, the number drop may be partially attributed to the availability of the Murder Pill, RU-486. So keep in mind when Liberals and Democrats go on TV to talk about how much they value life, when they betray our brave men and women in uniform who are fighting to give Iraqis and Afghans a chance at a richer and fuller life, just how much they care about life. They care so much that they minimize the effects of abortion and how much human life is lost per year. They care so much about the environment that some groups even encourage murdering babies to protect the "environment", while they sit back and watch 1,200,000 babies murdered per year. To fully comprehend the number there are only 9 cities in America with a population larger that 1,200,000.


The Hippies and The Japanese Whalers

The saga is unfolding like a South Park episode. When I first read that the hippies had assaulted and attempted to go all pirate on one of the Japanese ships only to find themselves being tied up by the Japanese whalers, I chuckled. Do I want to see whales hunted down for no good reason? No. However, the Japanese have been doing this for various reasons ranging from cultural to scientific. Japan, whom I often refer to as our brother nation, is not going to hunt whales into extinction or anything nearly as close as the apocalyptic Envirofascists are claiming. They assaulted the Japanese and were subsequently help for their misdeeds.

I went from chuckle to all out laugh when I heard that today, the Japanese had offered the pirate hippies some food....whale meat:

The crew of a Japanese harpoon ship holding a British anti-whaling protester captive insist they are treating him well - and have even offered him a meal of whale meat.

Not everyone will see the humor in this, but for those who do, yes it's laugh out loud hysterical. Again, not because the whales have been killed, but the whole irony and developments in this story. What's more is that the Japanese are eating the whales, so it's not like they are doing what was done to the Buffalo back in the day. Of course, the hippies are all outraged and even dare to call the Japanese ship captain a "terrorist," a label they refuse to apply to an Islamic radical who blows himself up and kills innocent women and children because the hirabahist is "oppressed" and "poor" unlike the Japanese, who are civilized and modern. These two criminal hippies stormed a Japanese ship and are being detained for the protection of the crew, who even offered to share a hot meal with the eco-moonbats and yet they paint the Japanese as the bad guys? Kudos to the Japanese for not backing down the envirofascist doomsayers, something I really wish we would do more often here.


14 January 2008

California Teenager Proposes Common Sense Bill That Should Get Overwhelming Support

In short, R.J. Feild won a contest in order to have a bill sponsored for consideration by the California legislature. His idea? Require welfare applicants to be drug testing in order to receive benefits. Completely rational and chock full of common sense, which in California will probably still be tough to pass. It's pure genius in its simplicity and I hope it extends to those still receiving benefits. I'd be damned to see my or anybody's tax dollars being abused in the first place, let alone for someone to be using drugs. The write up for this story is short, and what R.J. has had to deal with is gut wrenching, I'm posting the majority of the story, as there is not much more for me to ad other than to express that my heart goes out to him.


From Fox News:

R.J. Feild, a sophomore with spastic triplegic cerebral palsy, won Assemblyman John J. Benoit's "There Ought to Be a Law" contest with a 500-word essay about his own life — born at 2 pounds, 2 ounces with traces of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol in his body, the paper reports.

"R.J.'s captivating story provided a clear reason why we need his law," Benoit, R-64th Dist., told The Desert Sun. ""I look forward to introducing 'R.J.'s Law' in this legislative session."

Feild's mother used alcohol and drugs while she was pregnant and on public assistance, the paper said.

Guantanamo Update

Some good news came out on Friday that vindicated the United States Military with regard to Guantanamo Bay...again. A federal court ruled against four British terrorists who were being held at the Guantanamo Bay Facility. The US won on all counts:

The four British men also brought constitutional claims and claims under the Geneva Conventions and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Rejecting all of the men's allegations, the appeals court overturned the only part of a lower court decision that hadn't already been dismissed. That was the alleged violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

"Because the plaintiffs are aliens and were located outside sovereign United States territory at the time their alleged RFRA claim arose, they do not fall with the definition of 'person,"' the court ruled. The law provides that the "government shall not substantially burden a person's exercise of religion."

This is precisely why it unwise to house these murderers within our borders. The criminals have been trained to claim torture and file false claims about their treatment and our military in general as a means to give them propaganda to use against us. In fact, going forward, after reviewing information on Jihad Watch, going forward I will refer to these terrorists by the proper term, hirabahists. The hirabahists aren't stupid, they know they have an ally in the American moonbat general population and the media as well, and if given access to the court systems they will perpetrate outrageous lies and stir their propaganda machine. Follow that link to see exactly what I mean. Kudos, by the way, to the police for enforcing the laws on those moonbats, I'll be even happier if they impose the maximum punishments on them. Their propaganda and psychological weapons are perhaps more deadly than their convention weapons at this point, as they are being routed in Iraq. Should we allow visits to the facility by non corrupt nations in order to certify their treatment? Sure. Should we close down the facility and bring the terrorists onto our soil where they can spread their message in our prisons and and use our laws against us? Absolutely not.


MD, NJ, NY Governors Prove What Kind of Respect Democrats Hate for the Constitution

It's getting downright scary if you actually believe in the Constitution. The Democrats all-out onslaught on all things American is painfully obvious and they simply don't care. With the media in their back pocket running around slandering the Republicans, they are getting all the cover they need to punch holes in the fabric of American society. First, please familiarize with the spying and the drivers licence programs of which Elliot Spitzer (D-NY) is so fond. The guy is a political thug. Following the beat of Spitzer's drum in the chump Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, who is doing his best to assault the laws and organization of this nation as well as completely abuse the common tax payer.

You'll remember my post about Corzine and the Democratic legislature usurping the power of democracy from the electorate of NJ by abolishing the death penalty while a sizable majority of the people support the death penalty in the state. He follows up that gem by strongly pushing his mind numbing skyrocket toll increases through his moonbat controlled legislature, be sure to take note of this:

The plan would raise tolls on the Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway by up to 50 percent four separate times from 2010 to 2022, for a potential fivefold hike; it also would put a toll on a road that's now free. All that on top of other hikes to adjust for inflation.

The money won't go to the state or to the Turnpike Authority. Instead, Corzine wants a new "public-benefit corporation" that would collect the tolls and run the roads under a decades-long contract with the authority.

Unbelievable. Not only would the tolls on the roads increase 500%, but the money wouldn't go to the STATE or the TURNPIKE AUTHORITY. It would go to a third party administration that would "invest in the state." This is completely asinine, this is why 49% of people NJ don't want to live there anymore. Corzine is trashing the state. Furthermore, Corzine and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley have taken on an aggressive anti-Constitutional stance by attempting to overturn the Electoral College.

Apparently these guys don't quite understand that the one of the reasons we even have a Constitution is due to the Connecticut Compromise, which gave more say to the smaller states. Additionally, the electoral college continues this extremely important Constitutional provision by allowing small states a say in the election of the POTUS. Corzine and O'Malley have both passed bills meant to serve as a nationwide push to eliminate the electoral college system in their states in order to give all delegates to the national winner, and not the winner of their states' electoral choice for POTUS. It strips all power from the state and puts the small states at the mercy of the larger states. It is an attack on the very essence of our Constitution and Federalism. It's not something that should be overlooked. The Democrats are still mad the Constitution was followed when President Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000 and became engulfed in rage when President Bush defeated John Kerry in 2004. Apparently, they became so angry that they decided to do anything they could to destroy anything that reminded them of their failures, including deriding the constitution. Under a popular election vote, do you think any candidates will ever go to "Middle America", the area that the Liberals hate so much for voting against them in the last two elections? Essentially if you win NYC, LA, Miami, Dallas, Philly, and Detroit, you win the election. There would be little to no "get out to vote" efforts in the mainland and the Federal Government would become even more disconnected from the rural populations. It's exactly what almost prevented the Constitution from coming to fruition in the first place, and apparently something the Democrats care nothing about as they are attempting to run this course again.

Of course O'Malley is now trying to push through his proposal to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses in Maryland, under the guise of being in compliance with the REAL ID coming to fruition. Keep in mind that the state would give legal documentation to illegal immigrants instead of enforcing the law and deporting them as should be the case. Liberals constantly try to paint the GOP as racist, but remember, illegal immigration and legal immigration are not the same thing. You would give benefits and documentation to legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants you document only when you send them back to their country of origin. It is a blatant violation of federal law, law and order, and society in general to reward criminals, which is exactly what the Democrats are attempting to do. By following down this path, the Constitution is further diminished. The madness needs to stop and it needs to stop now.


09 January 2008

How Clinton Won New Hampshire?

I just want to raise this to everyone's attention.

1. Hillary Clinton had been busing in out of state supporters into New Hampshire from at least January 6th, according to the Washington Times.

2. Dems typically commit voter fraud at least once an election cycle, and you can refer to the post immediately below this one about IDs not being required to prove who you are at polling stations.

Just a thought, but if Clinton had bused in large numbers of supporters from out of state and if they just so happened to feel like voting illegally they'd have provided a sizable boost for Clinton in order to fend off Obama. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just saying....


Why Don't Democrats Want Voters to Show ID?

You would think it's a no brainer that an individual who identifies himself as being Mr. X would have to prove they are, in fact, Mr. X. It's a pretty logical, and basic assumption. Then again, it's hardened Moonbats we are talking about here, and nothing is ever basic, easy, or logical with them. According to the hardened Liberal, having to show an ID is a violation of an individual's rights, and under no circumstances, ever, must you have to prove who you are in order to vote, even going so far as to the Supreme Court in order stop people from having to prove who they are. Does this make any logical sense at all?

They claim that this unfairly disenfranchises people, which is preposterous. People could get ID cards from any state institution or verifying place such as a bus station. Now should you have to show ID in a town of 50 people where everyone knows each other? No, of course not. However, if you live in a large setting where a great deal of people live and not everyone is on a first name basis, then yes, you should. Now why wouldn't Democrats want people to identify who they are in largely populated areas where they have a majority of registered voters where only about 40% of the people registered to vote actually show up to vote; and with multiple polling locations where workers wouldn't recognize them at the next station should they choose to wander over to a second or third location and simply say they are another person? Hmmmm....


08 January 2008

Investors Fear a Democrat Victory

Indeed, Wall Street is worried about the upcoming elections. Though the article unfairly takes some swipes at Gov. Huckabee for being "a loose canon" and comparing him in some regards to, ugh, John Edwards (which is incredibly unfair to any human being), it underscores a point that most people with any level of economics already knows: Democrats will hurt the economy. Arguments will come from the left that the 90s saw unprecedented growth, which, indeed it did, under the supervision of a Republican Congress, who was able to overcome many of the shortcomings of Bill Clinton. The economy is taking a beating in the liberal media, as I suppose they figure that if they can't lie to the American public about Iraq anymore, the economy should be the next target. We are no where near a recession, we have not had a single quarter of negative GDP growth and will not have one this quarter either. It's a lie.

The Congressional Democrats are all protectionist, tax loving, economy killing Liberals who will most certainly cause a recession unlike anything seen before if a Democrat is election President. Yes, it will be worse than Jimmy Carter's time in office. This batch of Democrats don't even have morals, let alone any shame, and their policies will nearly cripple businesses as they scramble to readjust. I know the prospects for a Democratic Congress are very likely, which is why this presidential election is so immensely important. We need someone in their who can wield a veto pen like crazy, and I believe our batch of candidates will be willing and able to do so. As taxes increase, it is we, the electorate who will feel the burden, as the cost of the tax increases will be passed along to us. The bottom line in capitalism is profits and industries will not simply take a loss when Congress slaps them with taxes in addition to personal tax raises. The industries will in turn, reflect these tax increases in the prices that we pay for our goods, thus causing the inflation tax. Additionally, taking hostile steps against the world community by threatening tariffs and isolationism, will not bode well for American products or the strength of our dollar and reflect no confidence in American manufacturing products, skills, et al. Incredibly, the Democrats villanize companies and the profits they make and demand that their profits fall and that the revenues are shifted to the government, not individuals mind you, all in the name of helping the average person without actually helping the average person. It is outrageous that all the while ravaging the free market and corporations, that the Democrats are so horribly dishonest or stupid as to not realize that pensions are a dinosaur and that our retirement funding is only as dependable as our 401(k)s and not Social Security, which they have horribly mismanaged for decades. Indeed, when corporations do well, we ALL do well, since our retirement portfolios, at minimum, increase over time. The Liberal system promotes an economic slavery of sorts, one in which they boo-hoo the power of the individuals to keep their own money and grow it in the free market with security in the 401(k), and attempt to strip us all of the ability and opportunity to see a windfall in the free market. The Social Security system is horribly broken and will only be "fixed" by Democrats with yet another tax hike that will lower disposable income, which lowers consumer expenditure and lower the value of the market. I could write scores of volumes on these issues, but I suppose it's best to stop here for now.

I'll conclude this post with some samples from the article for your reading pleasure:

"None of the Democratic candidates would give me any confidence in the economy because we're talking protectionism, which is always, always extraordinarily bad. We're talking about tax hikes, redistribution and none of that is good," said Mark Coffelt, president of Empiric Funds in Austin, Texas.
Among Democrats, Edwards wants to increase the tax rate on long-term capital gains to 28 percent from 15 percent, and tax dividends as ordinary income. Obama favors a rate of between 20 percent and 28 percent on capital gains and dividends.

It should be duly noted there is no mention of Hillary Rodham Clinton in this article. I'm sure part of it has to do with her having no experience or achievements to speak of, nor any logical understanding of what an economy even is. Not even a peep of criticism. Being a MSM article though, you know who they are pulling for, so that's not hard to figure out why.


Bush on the Verge of Doing Something Spectacular?

John Fund has an excellent article entitled "Hold the Pork" published in the Opinion Journal section of the Wall Street Journal. The synopsis of the article, if you don't feel like reading the entire piece (a mistake, by the way, if you don't), is that the Democrats, in order to fulfill their undying hunger for all things pork, stuffed a ton of earmarks into the omnibus spending bill that President Bush can simply ignore the earmarks and direct the funds towards more useful areas, such as, oh, I don't know, funding the war. Here's an excerpt:

What Mr. Bush knows, and Congress doesn't want the taxpayers to know, is that the vast majority of the offending earmarks--the ones that aren't part of the actual budget law and were instead "air-dropped" into the committee report--aren't legally binding. A Dec. 18 legal analysis by the Congressional Research Service found that most of the committee reports have not been formally passed by both houses and "presented" to the President for signing, and thus have not become law. "President Bush could ignore the 90% of earmarks that never make it to the floor of the House or Senate for a vote," says Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, who has read the CRS report. "He doesn't need a line-item veto."

Federal agencies would still be obligated to spend the dollars appropriated by Congress. But they could use the money higher priorities that would benefit all taxpayers, rather than on favors for special interests or political donors. For example, the $700,000 for a bike trail in Minneapolis could be used to rebuild the collapsed bridge in that city and to strengthen others. In addition, under such an executive order, future earmarks would likely have to go through committee hearings and would receive much greater scrutiny and publicity than they do now.

Sure, this move would undoubtedly inflame the Libtards even more than ever, but President Bush needs to make this move for a few reasons. First, they will fight even harder during the next spending bill to stop funding the war that they have been trying to undermine for political reasons. Second, it would set an excellent precedent for Congress to stop earmarking everything imaginable. Third, it would help to undo some of the damage that was done by the increases in government under his watch. Of course, doing out of principal is reason all on its own. What will the Liberals do? How much crying could they possible do over this move? Even they wouldn't be stupid enough to go on TV to attack President Bush for putting a stop to a series of irresponsible and ethically questionable (at best) series of expenditures. Even assuming the Moonbats take full control of the party and try to use this as reason to pursue a failed impeachment proceeding, the effects would blow up in their face because the public wouldn't be so stupid as to not see the real underlying reason that they would only be pursuing this action because they were denied from gouging the taxpayers in outrageous spending provisions that serve as kickbacks to their donors. It should be a slam dunk and rank up there as one of the best moves that President Bush has done during his tenure.


McCain takes GOP Primary, Cankles Takes Donkey Primary

It's apparently official. McCain takes first, Romney takes second, and Huck takes third. First, congratulations to McCain and Romney for their showings. Second, Huck did a great job of getting a solid bounce in a state he did very little campaigning in and third is a great showing. All eyes shift to Michigan with it being a four strong race between Huck, Mitt, McCain, and Giuliani, as Thompson is focusing on South Carolina. It's going to a fun ride and I can't wait to see it play out.

On the Donkey side, The Little Crybaby somehow pulled out a win, perhaps on the strength of her staged crying, and the protesters she planted asking her to iron their shirts. There's no low to which a Liberal will stoop. It's pathetic that it's working, and it shows you just how gullible the Leftist voter can be. John Edwards gave his concession speech vowing the stay in the race, knowing he is rendered irrelevant, in essence only helping the Clinton puppet show, but perhaps he feels that being on the road for a few more states will expose him to some more sob stories and some a plethora of ambulances to chase so he can sue some people to pad his overloaded wallet some more. Obama just finished his speech about how horrible health care is in the country and that he is "change", and the crowd started to chant "change", perhaps being prophetic of what their paychecks will look like if the Democrats gets elected and they start to notice that the dollar column that they net has been moved completely into the tax category.


Temple Does The Right Thing

It's to hear that such a respectable University such as Temple did the right thing in not rendering a decision on whether or not to accept funds from an Islamic group under investigation for funding terrorism to create a chair position. Sure, Temple could use the money, if for nothing more than to beef up security around the campus, as the only thing new Mayor Michael Nutter has done since winning the election was trolling around the Mummers Parade. Temple is in a pretty bad area of the city who has seen crime skyrocket under the watchful eye of the deceitful crook John Street. Back to the issue at hand, however. Here's a snippet from the article:

The deal fell apart, however, when trustees and others raised concerns about the donor, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a nonprofit research group that was included in a government probe into funding of suspected terrorists.

Of course the group has the whole, "who...me?" reply to this occurrence. Factually, however, it would be irresponsible for Temple to take the funds from this group until they are cleared of all charges, if in fact, they are actually innocent. I know we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to terrorism, and an organization is under a cloud of suspicion of funding people whose goal it is to tear down every pillar of our society, it is definitely best to wait it out. Again though, the closing scenario from the article should raise an eyebrow:

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Eastern Virginia said he could neither confirm nor deny whether there was a continuing inquiry.

David Horowitz, head of the Freedom Center in Los Angeles, called the institute ''Islamo-fascists'' and ''part of a jihad against the West.''

Neither confirming or denying whether there is simply an inquiry going on should give you pause and arrive at a logical conclusion if you know anything about legal matters. I included the quote from David Horrowitz to remind you that there are organizations out there that aren't turning a blind eye to the jihadists that are residing in our homeland and that occasionally, the media will print something without demonizing a person making a point about what we face as a nation.


04 January 2008

Huck Wins the Iowa Caucuses

Click here for the ABC report. Of course, you'd be making a mistake if you didn't check out Huck's official website though. For some reason, a great number of people are still scratching their heads over this, but they really shouldn't be doing that. For starters, Huck has run a very strong campaign, mostly getting the push from the debate performances. That's a pretty remarkable feat. Two of the best candidates for the GOP nomination have been Huck and Duncan Hunter, and for as strong as Rep. Hunter is concerned, he simply does not have the oration skills that Huck possesses. In reality, I feel very badly for Rep. Hunter as it's a crying shame that he was not in the top two or three of the Iowa GOP caucuses tonight. That being said, I'm not someone who is going to pile on Mitt Romney. He ran a strong campaign and will be in it for the long haul. It's pathetic that he has had to go on to defend his religious beliefs, and really, I like Mitt a great deal, and I know he, too, is a great patriot. Fred Thompson should be congratulated as well on his third place finish and he will be a force to be reckoned with should he stay in the race, which hopefully he will despite what Politico "reports", though they may have it in for him for some reason. Then again, can you put anything past the MSM these days? McCain, a great American, had a nice showing in Iowa. Ron Paul has some decent ideas, but he's not Presidential material, though I'd love to see him hammer home some nice tax reforms in Congress, did a pretty solid job campaigning in Iowa as well. Rudy Giuliani gave a tip of the hat to Huck tonight, and was, as being from the Lehigh Valley and having seen his entire reign as NY mayor, his traditional self, very executive in praising Huck and being extremely genuine in doing so. In fact, if Huck wasn't in this race I'd be supporting Rudy at this point.

Huck won tonight due to his message and oration skills. That's a deadly combination for any candidate to possess. Huck isn't a mega millions candidate, and like any other political candidate, he has flaws. However, Huck sustained through a lot of the issues in his personal life that we average folk have. Huck has his faith, and though he is criticized for that, it is important. It's getting more and more difficult to be outward about your religious beliefs. I'm not an overly religious person. I went to Catholic school as a kid, and truth be told, I should be attending Church more often. I'm not an Evangelical. I respect him for that but that is not the reason I support him.

Huck has the communication skills necessary to the leader of the free nation. Gov. Huckabee is willing to reach across the aisle in order to resolve complex issues, yet has the backbone to refuse to do so when it is not in the best interests of the electorate. Huck has a record of achieving results, which is what we need right now. I truly believe he understands the mindset of the radical Islamic terrorists that we are currently engaged with in order to secure the world for the freedom of humanity. He will appoint the proper people at the proper levels to address this grave issue. At the same time, he has a focus on the domestic issues that affect us all.

Unlike many other political bloggers, I see the GOP race evolving into a three man race with Gov. Huckabee, Sen. Thompson, and Mayor Giuliani. I have a multitude of reasons for believing this, but that is too many to go into at this point. Tonight, Iowa took the first step towards vaulting Gov. Huckabee towards our nomination, and we should celebrate that victory, but the campaign is only starting. It is through the grassroots efforts that we have achieved this victory, and it will only be through grassroots that we can achieve further victory. I strongly discourage all from engaging in exceedingly dishonest attacks, with a close eye on the push polling in New Hampshire that is under investigation, something that may affect me to a substantial degree on future posts, and wish only the best for our cause. I believe, as I have believed for some time, that Gov. Mike Huckabee is the best choice for our nomination, and I salute him tonight and am proud to have played a role, albeit, a small part, of the campaign.


Don't Do It President Bush

News broke today that President George W. Bush is considering an economic stimulus package. It's irresponsible of President Bush to implement such a plan. President Bush has been a far superior President than Clinton ever was, in every way. To do such a thing would tarnish his record. He inherited a recession from Clinton due to tax rates that were too high and over speculations in the market. To date, he has done a pretty solid job of letting the free market reign, and his tax cuts are a major reason why a recession has not started since he took office. It's basic economics that when a tax increase is implemented against what Liberals declare as their enemies, that being corporations and high income earners, the impact is directly passes onto the middle and lower classes as they simply will not absorb a tax increase. This is an inflation tax. As the cost of production rises prices rise. The rich do not feel the impact of this, the middle and lower classes, however, most certainly do feel this impact. This basic logic is lost on the Left.

Among some of the problems with the economy today is the sub-prime market, in which irresponsible lenders, and irresponsible borrowers, have cost the economy dearly. There should be no bail out, there should be no hand-out, the market should be allowed to self correct. By providing these groups with tax funds taken from every individuals' earning, all people are learning is that irresponsible behavior will be rewarded. That's not to say some hardworking, honest people are getting beaten down, but the great majority of those in this market knew exactly what they were getting into. Another reason given is that of rising gas prices. See my previous post for my take on that.

On Wednesday, the Club for Growth release a study that proves that the market under performs when Congress is in session. A so called "stimulus" package that President Bush would put forth would do far more damage than good. First, our deficit is entirely too high, a "stimulus" package would result in a larger deficit. President Bush has done a good job of shrinking the deficit since our government began to run one due to discretionary spending due to the War on Terror. Second, government spending has a very, very, very poor record on actually being effective on what it is used for. Third, Americans need more empowerment to control their own destinies rather than less.

Unless this "stimulus" package would be a drastic reduction in government spending, coupled with a slash in tax rates, it will do far more harm than good. By reducing government spending and cutting taxes, two positives will be achieved. The first positive will be a reduction in deficit spending which will strengthen our dollar. The second positive, by cutting taxes, will be positive for the American tax payer, who is grossly overburdened, and who will have more disposable income and help offset the increase in gas prices. By restoring American citizens to a higher level of income, reducing the inflation tax, and strengthening our dollar, every one will be better off. It is completely mind boggling that President Bush would even consider for a microcosm of a second to follow a plan that would pursue the exact opposite positions and more than likely plunge us into a recession, one the media, and of course, the Liberals have been hoping for just as much as they have been hoping for Iraq to be a failure (old article, as it has long been their sick hope). Hopefully, with the same resolve that President Bush resisted the Liberal love-fest for defeat in Iraq, the Economic lunacy they are seeking will be avoided and turned into a great victory for America.


03 January 2008

Start Drilling in Alaska

Environmentalists and hippies simply do not care about the average man, woman, and child in America. How else can you explain the majority of their actions? They try to block anything that can help solve the energy in the short term while we gear up for the long term solutions. Long term, of course, we need to have a completely domestic solution to our energy needs. Nuclear is a long term solution and an environmentally friendly one at that, but they oppose that measure. Hydrogen is off the table for them as well, as evidenced by the Liberal Energy bill that specifically excluded the two technologies that could immediately take flight, perhaps because Global Warming Hoax spokesman Al Gore doesn't have those types of stocks in his portfolio. Solar is promising as well, but it takes time to cut off an immense portion of oil, that much is irrefutable. Rationally speaking, in terms of economics and in national defense, domestic production should be increased. However, Liberals refuse to drill anywhere in Alaska, as once again, the Libtards have blocked drilling in an area that has immense oil reserves that will help to drive down short term prices and help the average human being living in America by saving us a great deal of money an increasing our standard of living. Here's a snippet:

It would be the first federal OCS oil and gas lease sale in the Chukchi Sea since 1991. The agency estimates it contains 15 billion barrels of conventionally recoverable oil and 77 trillion cubic feet of conventionally recoverable natural gas.


The sale is backed by Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and community and tribal leaders, he said.

"We believe our decision is a good balance, and will allow companies to explore this intriguing frontier area while still protecting the resources important to the coastal residents," Luthi said.

Miller and Brendan Cummings of the Center for Biological Diversity said the MMS ignored dangers to animals and birds if an oil spill were to occur.

"No one yet has figured out how to clean up a spill in broken ice, so they just stick their head in the sand and pretend it won't happen," Cummings said.

He also said the agency's environmental assessment ignored changes brought by global warming.

Comprehend those numbers? That's a substantial amount of domestic oil production we are ignoring. ANWR has vast reserves as well. That's just a fraction of what is available domestically. Under the envirofascists logic, nothing should be done because it's possible something could go wrong. Under that same logic, I should cease to work or walk down stairs as something could go wrong doing that as well. If we are going to get serious about solving our energy needs domestically and stop spending such a large portion of our GDP on energy, we must develop more sources of oil and liquefied coal domestically while working feverishly to implement a combination of other sources. Again, for economic and national defense purposes chiefly. The so called global warming alarmists are using their hoax as some sort of sick pseudo-religion that is a disgusting political and self service trick as the major proponents are profiteering off of this effort even as more scientists step up efforts to tell the world community to stop drinking the Kool Aid. That's the only reason they have that reference to the hoax in that article, as a way to justify their irrationality and complete lack of logic. As a practical road map to economic security, lowering energy prices would greatly help the American family. If gas was even still at $2.00 a gallon right now instead of $3.00, how much would that help the American commuter? The only way that will happen is with a larger supply, one not controlled by OPEC. We need to do this short term and it must start ASAP while we develop the new technologies needed to fully supply our own energy needs, and the first step is to utilize what will work now.


Roger Wicker to Replace Trent Lott

This could do down to be one of those Herschel Walker to the Vikings type of trades that helps to restore the GOP to prominence. Wicker is an Air Force veteran who has served on numerous committees during his time in the House of Representatives and boasts a pretty strong conservative record. He does, however, have a suspect record on pork, which is something to worry about. However, if the Responsible Wing of Republicans (such as Sens. Coburn, Inhofe, DeMint, Sununu, Ensign, Burr, etc.) can get his ear and convince him of more strongly abiding by fiscal conservatism, he could be a very strong force in the Senate. Here's hoping that happens. For those of you into this sort of thing, you should find it interesting that one of his possible opponents in the 2008 election is Ray Mabus. I say a program on the history channel the other day about doomsday prophecies and the Nostradamus predictions mentioned something in one of the quatrains about a figure he called Mabus. Personally, I don't put stock in those kinds of things, but it's interesting nonetheless.