14 January 2008

Guantanamo Update

Some good news came out on Friday that vindicated the United States Military with regard to Guantanamo Bay...again. A federal court ruled against four British terrorists who were being held at the Guantanamo Bay Facility. The US won on all counts:

The four British men also brought constitutional claims and claims under the Geneva Conventions and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Rejecting all of the men's allegations, the appeals court overturned the only part of a lower court decision that hadn't already been dismissed. That was the alleged violation of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

"Because the plaintiffs are aliens and were located outside sovereign United States territory at the time their alleged RFRA claim arose, they do not fall with the definition of 'person,"' the court ruled. The law provides that the "government shall not substantially burden a person's exercise of religion."

This is precisely why it unwise to house these murderers within our borders. The criminals have been trained to claim torture and file false claims about their treatment and our military in general as a means to give them propaganda to use against us. In fact, going forward, after reviewing information on Jihad Watch, going forward I will refer to these terrorists by the proper term, hirabahists. The hirabahists aren't stupid, they know they have an ally in the American moonbat general population and the media as well, and if given access to the court systems they will perpetrate outrageous lies and stir their propaganda machine. Follow that link to see exactly what I mean. Kudos, by the way, to the police for enforcing the laws on those moonbats, I'll be even happier if they impose the maximum punishments on them. Their propaganda and psychological weapons are perhaps more deadly than their convention weapons at this point, as they are being routed in Iraq. Should we allow visits to the facility by non corrupt nations in order to certify their treatment? Sure. Should we close down the facility and bring the terrorists onto our soil where they can spread their message in our prisons and and use our laws against us? Absolutely not.


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