28 January 2008

Ed Rendell: Political Blowfish

If there's one thing Ed Rendell loves that isn't named "The City of Philadelphia," it's named "Ed Rendell." In perhaps one of the most fitting stories about a politician, Ed Rendell has released a study giving himself all kinds of love on what he has "accomplished" in his five years in office, loaded with questionable numbers, and costing the tax payers at least $20,000 for him to toot his own horn. What a pompous, arrogant move. Irresponsible in every aspect, using tax payer money for what essentially amounts to campaign release for the Democrats while simultaneously stroking his own ego. Worst of all, it's egregiously exaggerated...then again, what else do you expect from the man? Let us not forget he threatened to......campaign against Republicans who oppose his wasteful spending proposal that is socialized health care in Pennsylvania. That's shocking. Good, bring it on Rendell. You're wasting a surplus, increasing spending dramatically, and your health care plan is a further assault on the free market, while banking and hoping that people increase their spending on tobacco products that you have spent enormous amounts of money on trying to get people to stop using whatsoever. What happens then, when PA goes tobacco free? How do you pay for it then? What do you do about the jobs you're going to cost and the all the other taxes you're going to raise? How does it feel to go around threatening people who disagree with you in fascist tactic? Pathetic.


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