14 January 2008

California Teenager Proposes Common Sense Bill That Should Get Overwhelming Support

In short, R.J. Feild won a contest in order to have a bill sponsored for consideration by the California legislature. His idea? Require welfare applicants to be drug testing in order to receive benefits. Completely rational and chock full of common sense, which in California will probably still be tough to pass. It's pure genius in its simplicity and I hope it extends to those still receiving benefits. I'd be damned to see my or anybody's tax dollars being abused in the first place, let alone for someone to be using drugs. The write up for this story is short, and what R.J. has had to deal with is gut wrenching, I'm posting the majority of the story, as there is not much more for me to ad other than to express that my heart goes out to him.


From Fox News:

R.J. Feild, a sophomore with spastic triplegic cerebral palsy, won Assemblyman John J. Benoit's "There Ought to Be a Law" contest with a 500-word essay about his own life — born at 2 pounds, 2 ounces with traces of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine and alcohol in his body, the paper reports.

"R.J.'s captivating story provided a clear reason why we need his law," Benoit, R-64th Dist., told The Desert Sun. ""I look forward to introducing 'R.J.'s Law' in this legislative session."

Feild's mother used alcohol and drugs while she was pregnant and on public assistance, the paper said.

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