14 January 2008

MD, NJ, NY Governors Prove What Kind of Respect Democrats Hate for the Constitution

It's getting downright scary if you actually believe in the Constitution. The Democrats all-out onslaught on all things American is painfully obvious and they simply don't care. With the media in their back pocket running around slandering the Republicans, they are getting all the cover they need to punch holes in the fabric of American society. First, please familiarize with the spying and the drivers licence programs of which Elliot Spitzer (D-NY) is so fond. The guy is a political thug. Following the beat of Spitzer's drum in the chump Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, who is doing his best to assault the laws and organization of this nation as well as completely abuse the common tax payer.

You'll remember my post about Corzine and the Democratic legislature usurping the power of democracy from the electorate of NJ by abolishing the death penalty while a sizable majority of the people support the death penalty in the state. He follows up that gem by strongly pushing his mind numbing skyrocket toll increases through his moonbat controlled legislature, be sure to take note of this:

The plan would raise tolls on the Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway by up to 50 percent four separate times from 2010 to 2022, for a potential fivefold hike; it also would put a toll on a road that's now free. All that on top of other hikes to adjust for inflation.

The money won't go to the state or to the Turnpike Authority. Instead, Corzine wants a new "public-benefit corporation" that would collect the tolls and run the roads under a decades-long contract with the authority.

Unbelievable. Not only would the tolls on the roads increase 500%, but the money wouldn't go to the STATE or the TURNPIKE AUTHORITY. It would go to a third party administration that would "invest in the state." This is completely asinine, this is why 49% of people NJ don't want to live there anymore. Corzine is trashing the state. Furthermore, Corzine and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley have taken on an aggressive anti-Constitutional stance by attempting to overturn the Electoral College.

Apparently these guys don't quite understand that the one of the reasons we even have a Constitution is due to the Connecticut Compromise, which gave more say to the smaller states. Additionally, the electoral college continues this extremely important Constitutional provision by allowing small states a say in the election of the POTUS. Corzine and O'Malley have both passed bills meant to serve as a nationwide push to eliminate the electoral college system in their states in order to give all delegates to the national winner, and not the winner of their states' electoral choice for POTUS. It strips all power from the state and puts the small states at the mercy of the larger states. It is an attack on the very essence of our Constitution and Federalism. It's not something that should be overlooked. The Democrats are still mad the Constitution was followed when President Bush defeated Al Gore in 2000 and became engulfed in rage when President Bush defeated John Kerry in 2004. Apparently, they became so angry that they decided to do anything they could to destroy anything that reminded them of their failures, including deriding the constitution. Under a popular election vote, do you think any candidates will ever go to "Middle America", the area that the Liberals hate so much for voting against them in the last two elections? Essentially if you win NYC, LA, Miami, Dallas, Philly, and Detroit, you win the election. There would be little to no "get out to vote" efforts in the mainland and the Federal Government would become even more disconnected from the rural populations. It's exactly what almost prevented the Constitution from coming to fruition in the first place, and apparently something the Democrats care nothing about as they are attempting to run this course again.

Of course O'Malley is now trying to push through his proposal to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses in Maryland, under the guise of being in compliance with the REAL ID coming to fruition. Keep in mind that the state would give legal documentation to illegal immigrants instead of enforcing the law and deporting them as should be the case. Liberals constantly try to paint the GOP as racist, but remember, illegal immigration and legal immigration are not the same thing. You would give benefits and documentation to legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants you document only when you send them back to their country of origin. It is a blatant violation of federal law, law and order, and society in general to reward criminals, which is exactly what the Democrats are attempting to do. By following down this path, the Constitution is further diminished. The madness needs to stop and it needs to stop now.


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