17 January 2008

Clinton's Efforts to Disenfranchise Democratic Votes in Nevada? FAIL

It's not often you'll see me go to bat for Democrats on many issues, but the Clintons, the most notorious political crime family in American history, attempted to disenfranchise a large group of voters from being able to cast their votes because the Culinary Union had the gaul, the audacity, to not back her, but Barack "No Experience Needed" Obama in the caucuses. Here's the meat of the story:

The state teachers union went to court to challenge the plan, arguing that the casino caucus sites Saturday night will give the roughly 200,000 workers on the Las Vegas strip an unfair advantage over other voters who have to work that night.

But U.S. District Judge James Mahan rejected that argument after a Thursday morning hearing.

The lawsuit sparked a battle between the 28,000-member Nevada State Education Association and the state's biggest labor organization, the 60,000-member Nevada Culinary Workers Union, which supports the casino caucuses. The culinary workers endorsed Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois in Saturday's contest and accused the teachers union of trying to tilt the race in favor of his leading rival, senator and former first lady Hillary Clinton of New York.

Hillary has very strong ties to leaders of the Teachers Union, who of course, was backing her. There was no problem with the mobile caucus precincts at all....until the Culinary Union came out and backed her opponent. The Teachers Union immediately sues. It's insanely transparent that the Clintons orchestrated this. Just like the are orchestrating racial and gender overtures and having their minions try to label Obama as the cocaine candidate. Personally, the Democrats can have their moonbat candidates, I don't like either one of them. I can't stand the political crime family, and Obama is the most abortion...loving...candidate....ever. What I do care about is not letting the Clintons pull these stunts on the public, because they will do it again in the general election if she wins, and the Democrats will do it regardless, but just not as much, if she doesn't. Hillary's campaign of race baiting, gender baiting, illegal immigration pandering, back door deals, and crooked fundraisers are a microcosm of what this woman does and will do in the future. She needs to go. What's even funnier about this situation is that the Teachers Union had no right to bring the suit at all, complaining that the Culinary Works will get an unfair advantage by being able to caucus on their lunch breach on a Saturday? A Saturday? Uh, Teachers don't work on Saturdays, isn't that the unfair advantage? Even the Liberals over at the Nation aren't buying her antics:

Since her loss in Iowa, Senator Hillary Clinton has been an outspoken critic of the caucus system, saying that the limited time allotted for voting disenfranchises too many workers who are on the job during those hours.

It seems in Nevada Clinton has had a change of heart.

Nah, neither she nor B.J. Clinton (Bill Jefferson, hey, we should have seen it coming) have a heart. For the record, here's Bill getting his hand caught in the cookie jar...by a liberal reporter. Gee he sure seems to know ALOT about the specifics of the account for someone who simply hear about it on TV. Hmmmm.....:



Anonymous said...

Oh Stop Please. He wasn't trying to depress the vote but only to make it fair while Obama wants to make it so easy for him that you don't even have to leave your house to vote for him. The teacher's Union was right what is fair for one should be fair for all

Anonymous said...
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