18 January 2008

Romney Destroys Liberal Reporter

Good for Mitt to go after this clown. He interrupted Mitt's speech to try to contest him on a position, going on record as a Liberal activist and destroying his reporter "unbiased" "reputation" by challenging Mitt at Mitt's press conference. We all know that media is by far and wide, a liberal organization, and this little stunt just helps to hammer the point home. Class act by Mitt to repudiate this fool with the facts and do some sparring with the Libtard without stepping over the line of proper decorum. Think that guy would have done the same thing if it were Hillary or Obama giving a speech? We're going to have to be prepared to do this all election season as the Media has gone off the deep left end. Keep reading Newsbuters to get a better grip on just how far to the left they are aligned. Anywhere, here's the video:

Here's a good analogy video for you, with Romney being Kostya Tszyu and Glen Johnson represented by Zab Judah:


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Rhea said...

Johnson should be an example to all students of journalism. Journalists are MEANT to challenge sources, not kiss up to them and live in fear of alienating them with 'tough' questions.