28 January 2008

Egypt Wants Nothing to Do With Hamas

It's funny how most anytime strife pops up in the Middle East that alot of nations go out of their way to blame Israel. Take the blockade that the Israelis have imposed on the Gaza Strip for example. Under steady rocket fire from Hamas militants that are aimed at innocent Israelis, Israel cracked down on the area and have taken to protecting themselves. Undoubtedly it has been tough on the Palestinians being held hostage by the Hamas radicals, there is no arguing that. However, what is Israel to do? Should they simply lie down and let Hamas shoot rockets at them any old time they want and murder innocent civilians who are INTENTIONALLY targeted by Hamas, who has a stated goal of driving the Israelis into the sea? Well, you all know by know that the wall that EGYPT had erected in order to help protect their nation's sovereignty from Hamas was illegal breached by the radicals, and Hamas militants had assaulted Egyptian soldiers during this high violation of international laws. Egypt has criticized Israel in the past for their stances with the Palestinians to be sure, but you'd think even a left wing organization like the MSM would be paying more attention to Egypt slapping Hamas in the face and wanting Abbas to take control of the situation. Not that Egypt has ever been solidly in Hamas's corner, but it is still a huge developing story in the Middle East. If peace is going to be achieved in the Middle East, Egypt and the moderates in both Palestinian Territories and Israel need to make moves, along with of course, Jordan. Egypt's smacking at Hamas is a great sign for the region and after having to deal with the illegality of Hamas's actions as well having a bit of a taste for the terrorist organization's tactics first hand, they may find a bit more common ground with Israel.


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