08 January 2008

Temple Does The Right Thing

It's to hear that such a respectable University such as Temple did the right thing in not rendering a decision on whether or not to accept funds from an Islamic group under investigation for funding terrorism to create a chair position. Sure, Temple could use the money, if for nothing more than to beef up security around the campus, as the only thing new Mayor Michael Nutter has done since winning the election was trolling around the Mummers Parade. Temple is in a pretty bad area of the city who has seen crime skyrocket under the watchful eye of the deceitful crook John Street. Back to the issue at hand, however. Here's a snippet from the article:

The deal fell apart, however, when trustees and others raised concerns about the donor, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, a nonprofit research group that was included in a government probe into funding of suspected terrorists.

Of course the group has the whole, "who...me?" reply to this occurrence. Factually, however, it would be irresponsible for Temple to take the funds from this group until they are cleared of all charges, if in fact, they are actually innocent. I know we are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but when it comes to terrorism, and an organization is under a cloud of suspicion of funding people whose goal it is to tear down every pillar of our society, it is definitely best to wait it out. Again though, the closing scenario from the article should raise an eyebrow:

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Eastern Virginia said he could neither confirm nor deny whether there was a continuing inquiry.

David Horowitz, head of the Freedom Center in Los Angeles, called the institute ''Islamo-fascists'' and ''part of a jihad against the West.''

Neither confirming or denying whether there is simply an inquiry going on should give you pause and arrive at a logical conclusion if you know anything about legal matters. I included the quote from David Horrowitz to remind you that there are organizations out there that aren't turning a blind eye to the jihadists that are residing in our homeland and that occasionally, the media will print something without demonizing a person making a point about what we face as a nation.


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