09 January 2008

Why Don't Democrats Want Voters to Show ID?

You would think it's a no brainer that an individual who identifies himself as being Mr. X would have to prove they are, in fact, Mr. X. It's a pretty logical, and basic assumption. Then again, it's hardened Moonbats we are talking about here, and nothing is ever basic, easy, or logical with them. According to the hardened Liberal, having to show an ID is a violation of an individual's rights, and under no circumstances, ever, must you have to prove who you are in order to vote, even going so far as to the Supreme Court in order stop people from having to prove who they are. Does this make any logical sense at all?

They claim that this unfairly disenfranchises people, which is preposterous. People could get ID cards from any state institution or verifying place such as a bus station. Now should you have to show ID in a town of 50 people where everyone knows each other? No, of course not. However, if you live in a large setting where a great deal of people live and not everyone is on a first name basis, then yes, you should. Now why wouldn't Democrats want people to identify who they are in largely populated areas where they have a majority of registered voters where only about 40% of the people registered to vote actually show up to vote; and with multiple polling locations where workers wouldn't recognize them at the next station should they choose to wander over to a second or third location and simply say they are another person? Hmmmm....


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