26 July 2007

Liberal Attempts to Hijack the Constitution

Really can anyone actually trust these idiots? The liberals are so upset that the Supreme Court has taken a more moderate, if slightly right leaning, approach to ruling on the cases that it hears. The translation of this means that the decisions are interpreted more by the what was meant when laws were written rather than what they should be today, according to the deciding judges' political views, a power play by people we call activist judges. The problem that liberals have with strict interpretation of laws is that, when they are unable to get the legislation passed that they fight tooth and nail to enact, usually ones that are horrible, they've had the luxury of having a pretty left leaning court to come in and make a new law or reverse a sensible one for them. Let's look at the example of the failed amnesty bill, one that would have granted citizenship to people who illegal (as in broke the law) to get into our nation (violated our sovereignty). A criminal act to be sure. After all, why wouldn't you just follow the laws to come into the nation unless you had something to hide. Keep in mind people like this when you think of why it's important to enforce our laws on immigration. Today we saw Reid apologize to John Cornyn (R-TX) after a tempter tantrum last night over the fact that Sen. Cornyn had the audacity to ask for money to help secure the border. The Democrats keep this type of nonsense up in order to pander to Hispanics for votes at the cost of our laws and our security. Let's also examine the ridiculous ruling in Hazleton, PA today, a town approximately 1 hour from my home of Bethlehem, PA. This ruling overturned a law, enacted by elected officials that would have fined and punished businesses and landlords who knowingly engaged in business with those who are illegally in our country. Keep in mind of course, that they are NOT CITIZENS, which is key to this whole argument. Pay special attention to this quote from the Illegals' lawyer, "The fact that we won vindicates the right of citizens to rely on the federal constitution to protect our rights." THE CONSTITUTION DOES NOT APPLY TO PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT NOT NOT CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY. Yet a judge, appointed by Liberal Bill Clinton somehow says that they are not to be treated as if they were non-criminal citizens of our nation, which is complete foolishness. This will be struck down by the Supreme Court, make no mistake about it, how can you possibly misinterpret our constitution as to believe that it includes citizens of all other nations who break our laws? Let's also keep in mind this little gem at uber-liberal New York Times that spells out just how much liberals hate when they do not get their way, clamoring and fully expecting a win by Hitlery and begging her and their slimy Congressmen to hijack the Supreme Court. If they were truly worried about what was popular, would they have even attempted that amnesty deal? Wouldn't they put up something like that to referendum, or anything they try to pass to referendum to determine if that was really what people want? They are desperate to force out all opposing views from the nation. Imagine if right wing people were clamoring for President Bush to create and appoint two more judges who leaned to the right? Sheer outrage, a Nazi move, they'd undoubtedly say. However, this is precisely their aim. They are party who seeks ultimate power, the party who seeks to silence opposing voices, and to make sure that government is the almighty. They are the party who banned Robert Casey from their convention in 1992 for having the audacity for straying from the party's line of pro-abortion, to hell with everything else he did. Meanwhile, we are the party of diversity, whose candidates range from a war hero who supports amnesty, a strong national security advocate and great leader who is also pro abortion and pro gay rights, a moderate former governor who rescued the Olympics and who developed plans for universal health care, a former governor who physically transformed himself and drove bipartisan reform after the Clintons ransacked his state, and a certain former Senator with charisma who goes against the traditional grain of conservatives by backing the trial lawyer lobby. We are the party of diversity, of ideas, and of promise. We are the party of our forefathers who gave their lives to create this nation and realize the sacrifice, however unwanted, must continue forever in order to preserve our great union. We need to get this message out and we need to be more vocal in our efforts.

Onward to Victory, over Terrorists, over Liberals

I freely admit I'm not an investigative journalist. I'm more adapt at being able to put the larger pieces of the puzzle together and use complete and unfailing logic to hammer my point home, which of course is the nail in the coffin against idiot liberal ideas. Working a full time job and taking a more active role in this shrine to freedom and the American way takes a great amount of effort. Long story short, you come across articles sometimes that are expertly written, based on facts (not like the Scott Thomas bullshit), illustrate media bias and the utter disdain the far left has for the possibility of our victory in Iraq, which is coming but will take a bit more time, courage, and determination, words completely absent in a liberal's vocabulary. One point in case is this article by Ralph Peters of the New York Post, who crafts a great piece on how politics are attempting to sack any attempts for our victory in Iraq. It's sad. Very sad that the far left has completely hijacked most of the discussion on Iraq and are so near sighted, they can't see the forest, trees, or even a shred of grass. I highly suggest you read this cerebral piece, possibly the greatest speech delivered by President Bush about the situation in Iraq, one long over due, and one that should be required reading by every citizen who claims they know anything about what is happening in the war.

24 July 2007

Harry Reid is a Disgusting Human Being

He just runs his lawyer mouth over and over again spewing nonsense and inflammatory comments at every turn. The guy is a sewer rat, not a human being. Everything the guy does is to simply inflate his own ego and attempt to get votes, he has no moral base whatsoever. He is pathetic little man. Despite the tremendous lies contained in that article you clearly get a picture of the man. Alan Greenspan, probably the greatest modern economic mind in America not named Milton Friedman was the "biggest political hack" in America? He was the lone person who voted against Greenspan's nomination in 2004. He hates the central bank in general (surprise surprise) and Greenspan in particular because somehow he single-handedly makes people more. More inflammatory to Reid was that Greenspan backed the very successful Bush tax cuts. Vote against the Democrats and your a hack. Same goes for Olympia Snow (R-eally, what were you thinking?) who recently jumped ship to vote defeat in our current conflict (for the purposes of getting re-elected), now Reid praises her. The bottom line is that if you do what he and the hard left say, you're great, do something they don't like and you're Satan. There is no room for dissent in the Democratic Party, if you are not their sock puppet they will attempt to destroy you both personally and politically. Russ Feingold a genius? How ridiculous. McCain-Feingold has proven to stifle political speech. Of course to Democrats that's a great development. I meant hey are infatuated with Hugo Chavez, most likely due to his stifling of the media, destroying dissent among his citizens, and anyone who dares dissent from his Socialist views while visiting his "free" country that values freedom of speech. Much like Harry Reid and the hard left.

William Kristol Strikes Gold

Really you can't phrase an article much better than William Kristol of the Weekly Standard does in this piece here. It's very transparent that the Democrats and the anti-war left have no real desire to support the troops rather than to try to say that to get votes. They don't support the mission, accuse them of war crimes, criticize the generals, undermine them at every moment, vote to not fund them, pull the defense appropriations bill that would give the troops raises, and call them uneducated and poor, something said by a variety of hard left wing idiots from John Kerry to Rosie O'Donnell. It's high time to call them out by creating a ruckus that even the left wing media can not continue to ignore.

The Fourth Member of the Axis of Evil Invades Lebanon

The terror tactics or Syrian assassinations of Lebanese leaders beginning with the Prime Minster in 2005 have gone largely ignored by the main stream media. The Democrats and hard core liberals everywhere went bat shiat crazy when Bush called out the terror regimes of Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong-Il (Hans Brix?? Oh NO!), and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Perhaps the outrage should have been that he did not name Bashar al-Asad amongst them should have been the moral outrage instead of their own self-interest. Well it is now apparent that Syria is going to doing their damnedest to make sure they take Lebanon as a puppet state. The "quiet" invasion has already begun as is explained in this excellent article from the Wall Street Journal. No outrage you say? Why of course not. After all, NANCY PELOSI VISTED THEM AGAINST THE WISHES OF PRESIDENT BUSH AND IN VIOLATION OF THE LOGAN ACT, AND NOW, THANKS TO HER "PEACE OFFERING" THEY'VE INVADED LEBANON. Plus Diane Sawyer and the media is in their back pocket, so of course no outrage. But here, have a nice little humus recipe courtesy of Sawyer and al-Asad while Syria undermine a sovereign democratic nation.

Republicans are Finally Coming Around

Right now we have a good amount of momentum after the disastrous elections that saw us get beat down pretty well. Frankly, many members in the Republican Party deserved to lose their seats for not doing their jobs as they had promised, but nothing like the Democrats have done since they won the election, resulting in the....lowest...Congressional...approval...rating....ever. Take note that every time they try to hammer President Bush about the public has lost confidence in him, that their approval rating is much lower than his. Read this piece over at the Washington Times. Great job by Jon Kyl. The Dems are reeling after Harry Reid's Happy Time Sleepover proved to be just a show for the hard core left wing, and the Democrats admit as much. Let's also focus on this bit of news that, no surprise, isn't covered by the mainstream media. A beginning step in the reconciliation process (you know, the one that the Democrats say is unachievable) has been struck in the form of a security accord between Sunni and Shia leaders. So the Democrats are lying yet again. Also check this map out, which details where the security of Iraq is being lead by Iraqis and supported by the United States and the difference between 2006 and 2007. I'd say that's progress. Add to it that we have Sunni allies now in the conflict and the reports by Gen. Petraeus about how much things are improving in such a short time since the Surge started. The Democrats need this war to fail in order to take more seats in Congress, but low and behold, it's starting to go much better under this new strategy, hence the need to try and end the war as quickly as possible. Politically, the better things get in Iraq the worse they get for the Democrats, so they are simply trying to end this war before Petraeus even gets to speak and support begins picking back up for us to finish the job and secure Iraq. I'd also like to not that in the Washington Times piece how Traitor Reid notes how "spouses" will not be allowed to get earmarks from Congress, but what about the children? Oh that's right, better not stop Harry Reid's lobbyist children and Ben Nelson's son get their fair share of our taxes.

Newt Gingrich Goes Off

This article speaks pretty much for itself. He isn't sparing Republicans either. Entertaining read. Newt truly was the best speaker of the House we have probably ever had in modern history. It's a shame that nutjob/moron/defeatist Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi is trashing the respectability of the position much like Harry Reid is destroying the respect we once held for the position of Senate Majority Leader. However the two best jabs were solely aimed at those on the hard left. From the Examiner's article:
"Al Gore, maker of documentary 'An Inconvenient Truth' '[Not] in touch with reality. ... The advertisement for his movie was the most viciously anti-animal advertising that I've seen in a long time. They had these little penguins walking on sand. It was terrible.'"
"Michael Moore, maker of documentary 'Sicko' 'I find Michael Moore so despicable I can't imagine looking at a movie by him. It would be like looking at a movie by Goebbels.'"


But There Are and Were not Terrorists at GITMO

Sure there weren't. That's why this tool, who was previously held at Guantanamo and was used by the far left as a symbol of people under oppression, was probably released. Yes, the hard left refuses to believe anything that is going on in the real world. They have lost such touch with reality that in their own little minds President Bush is the biggest threat to the world. Notice he was located in South Waziristan, which is the one of the strongholds of the Al Qaeda network. Also remember that Waziristan is the area where Bin Laden and al-Zarqawi are probably hiding (Bin Laden is probably dead or damned closed to it). The militants have been getting free passage from Musharraf's Pakistani government in this region for some time and even after the Red Mosque siege. So here's hoping that Musharraf makes the most of the time he has left in command ahead of Pakistan elections and the continuing threat of assassination attempts at the hands of Al Qaeda. Remember though, that the people we are "fighting" are just "misunderstood" and are not the "enemy", "Bush and Cheney are the enemy," according to people on the far left, and if they were held at Guantanamo are just fighting now because we warped them. There is no terrorist threat and the Jews pulled off 9/11 with the help of the administration. Yes, sadly this is how a majority of people on the hard left truly feel and what means of logic could ever be used to combat such madness?

19 July 2007

Oh those Peace Leaving Environmentalists

I've said it before and I'll say it again, hippies are filthy animals and pretty much criminal thugs when it comes to the environment. Of course they couldn't even fit "environment" on one of the largest consumer vehicles out there, but these people are not friendly nor law abiding. These eco-terrorists constantly whine about the Bush Administration's "aggression" but they believe that by limiting the number of humans on Earth (as if this is something that would be achieved peacefully) is one of the best ways to stop Global Lying. Take special note of the fact that people in this "left-leaning" (translation: Mega Left) have a look of "smug satisfaction" and that the neighbor seems not to care at all that her neighbor is the victim of crime and he got what he deserved because it's "ridiculous to be driving a Hummer." What a stupid bitch. It's this man's God given right to choose freely what vehicle he wants to own, and if he can afford the car and the gas, he has every right to own the vehicle he chose on the FREE MARKET. Can't tell these eco-assholes this, no way, they wont' hear it. It's their "left-leaning" ways or they will commit a crime against you and act "smug" and take "satisfaction" at your victimization. That dumb bitch was driving a Prius too. South Park anyone? It's a SMUG ALERT. Seriously what a bunch of dicks, witnesses saw what happened and yet police have no leads? I'd say that's obstruction pure and simple as well as aiding and abetting. Here's another fact: CODE PINK, HARD CORE LIBERAL MOONBAT THUGS WERE IN DC FOR HARRY'S REID'S HAPPY TIME SLEEPOVER AT CONGRESS. Don't think the two are connected. The guy had these vehicles for a while and what's to stop one of these Moonbats from destroying a piece of the American Free Market when they are going back to San FranLeftCoast or some other God forsaken city at the end of the political charade? Yea, I'd say the two are related. I'd also highly advise people to really look at the political crimes that "ordinary" people commit because they almost all seem to be directed at people who are not following the hard left's political goals. So who's really the fascists in this nation? When's the last time you saw a Prius get smashed in? Thought so.

Liberals attack Catholics...again.

The Archdiocese of New York was to be honored for 200 years of service and dedication to the community and in a resolution in the House of Reps controlled by the Liberals, they decided not to pass the honor because, gasp, it mentioned Cardinal Egan by name, a blatant way to veil their true anti-Catholic feelings. Henry Waxman (D-Fantasyland) refused to pass the honor because it mentioned the leader of the Archdiocese and Waxman has it in for Catholics due to the scandal. Really though, unless the honor was to be bestowed to a leader of a terror supporting Muslim (perhaps the leader of CAIR) do you think he would have held it up? Is it any surprise that the Democrats refuse to honor Cardinal Egan and yet find it OK to kill the "John Doe Bill" which protects American citizens from lawsuits when they report suspicious behavior to the authorities. That's right, Waxman and liberal retards refuse to recognize the accomplishments of the Church and the faithful parishioners in New York because it mentions Egans' name directly, a man who has done a great deal of good during his service (admittedly he handled the scandal wrong) yet will allow you or I to get sued if say for example, a man chanting "Allah Akbar" were to enter an airport with a suspicious package and what would appear to be a gun on his person. Yes, Waxman and the asshats in his party can say that they want this to be simply a personal attack on Egan, but given their completely opposite stances on a multitude of issues that the Catholic Church represents (ex. abortion, anti-euthanasia, abstinence, The Ten Commandments, and oh yea....JESUS) can you seriously think that refused to pass this honor based on Egan personally or their overall disdain for the Catholic Church, which is constantly under assault from the Liberals over the ACLU and the other groups that form the base of the Democratic Party? Yea, it's pretty clear that they hate Jesus and Catholicism while all the while saying how religion is to them, but solely for the purpose of exploiting people so they can get votes.

18 July 2007

Can the Military Ever Again Trust the Liberals?

Let's examine the lack of support for the military by the liberals currently running Congress. They consistently say that we have no reason to be in Iraq, that they support the troops but not the mission, which is killing innocent civilians (logically they are saying that they really mean and that the troops are killing innocent civilians). The Dems have attempted to thwart our soldiers from receiving the funds they need in order to protect themselves and fight the factions of Islamic barbarians who want nothing more than to see every American either praying towards Mecca or to see us all dead. Why play politics with the troops lives? If they want to try to vote to deauthorize the war, they can fight that political battle (and lose yet again), but they have made it personal with the military by withholding votes that mean our soldiers' very lives. Again, they hold some staged sleepover event last night to appease the hard core left and have stated numerous times that they will not even listen to what General Petraeus says in September (hell they did not even want to wait to her him, perhaps they are afraid his report will be positive and their defeatist views will be exposed for the pile of political shit that it is). They have consistently undermined our troops every step of the way. What then are the views of the soldiers, knowing how far out the way the Democrats have gone to criticize our troops and demoralize them in every conceivable way? They keep comparing the war in Iraq to Vietnam, which is beyond absurd in every aspect. How can our troops feel even remotely like taking orders if, God forbid, the Democrats take the Executive and Legislative Branch of the government? What's more, how angry will the military be when Al Qaeda claims they routed us in Iraq, something that is not happening, it's a fight we are winning, but the Democrats do not have the spine to stick to the fight and allow us to win. In a plausible scenario, what happens if an attack happens on American soil under a Liberal and said Liberal orders military action? How would you respond? Knowing that the person ordering you into action has already been on record to essentially say your commanders are liars and incompetent, how could you take orders from this person? How could you go off to fight terrorism knowing that if the going gets rough the Commander (in this case Liberal Idiot) in Chief is not going to support you 100% and allow you to fulfill your mission? In this nightmare situation, one that, to me is plausible, the moral of the military may be at an all time low if the people in charge of their orders are the same people who have constantly criticized everything they do, are, and stand for, from their level of education, to their ability, to their assessments. Can the Military Ever Again Trust the Liberals?

Some of G-Dub's Accomplishements

Just a reminder:
1. North Korea shuts down their nuclear reactors and is asking for negotiations to dismantle their weapons programs. Remember when Clinton was in office and they agreed to do the same, took our money and laughed at the Liberal retard? Well Bush got it done.
2. Libya ends it programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction and exports of the material used in the program out of the country.
3. Two Dictatorships and completely brutal regimes shut down and replaced with fostering democracies (and will be sustained if the Dems stop trying to force us not to win). Two terrorist regimes wiped off the face of the map.
4. Dow Jones on the verge of 14,000 points.
5. Near record unemployment.
6. No recession started under President Bush. He inherited one and his tax cuts kept us out of going into a longer recession or starting a new one.
7. All time record for minority home ownership.
8. Shrinking budget deficit that was created by funding two wars that, when you look it from the perspective as being unexpected wars when his time in office started, is a pretty remarkable thing.

The big down side:
Higher gas prices. Of course this is more attributed by liberal refusal to have allowed more refineries to be built over the years, global demand, and their recklessly dangerous Global Warming lies among other reasons. Not his fault per se, but he could have attempted to ram through some refinery authorizations so I'll ding him for that.

Plus, if he holds his ground on the Iraq War I'll be willing to forgive the whole amnesty thing.

The All Night Political Stunt

I know by now it's old news that the Democrats tried to appease the wack jobs on the far left...and failed miserably. Really I'm hoping that we can just drive them over the edge and remind them that DICK CHENEY WAS THE PRESIDENT FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME when G-Dub was under the knife a few years back. So I think what would be the greatest way for Bush to end his presidency would be to resign on the day before last, let Cheney take over for that day so Bush can kick Murtha, Reid, Levin, and Schumer in the balls and then bitch slap Pelosi and Hitlery....and then be immediately pardoned by Cheney. How awesome would that be?

Worst part of the whole charade?
My tax money paid for the Defeatists pizza. That just pisses me off. They're playing sleepover in "support of our troops" and delayed on giving our troops the funds they needed to protect themselves, the Iraqis and accomplish their mission, and they took our money and bought Dominos. Assholes.

I'm not Paying for you to Murder your Baby

So according to this article over at the Chicago Tribune, Liberal fetus genocide proponents Hitlery Clinton, Barak Obama, and liar extraordinaire John Edwards (well his wife said it but let's face it there's two Americas, and apparently his two smallest Americans were removed a long time ago) all want our tax money to pay for women to have babies murdered. Somehow according to them, cracking a baby's skull open or running through a pureeing machine is health care in which every woman is entitled. Now keep in mind they want this to be paid for by our taxes. First of all, I'm not paying for anyone to murder a baby. Morally it's reprehensible. Second of all, I'm Catholic and I'm not ashamed to say that religiously this is a mortal sin, I believe that full heartily. They are violating the Separation of Church and state clause here big time. Third of all, economically I oppose this since those who do not need nor want abortions are to subsidize the slaughter of the unborn. So everyone who does not need or want an abortion will begin to pay more in health care to kill babies. I won't have any part of it. It's truly terrifying what these assholes will attempt to do if they somehow get the White House and the Legislature. These people have no morals and DEMOCRAT'S DON'T CARE ABOUT BABIES!

Will Democrats Surrender California?

I'm just wondering when they'll pull the trigger and surrender California, a state approximately the same size as Iraq. 7,302 Americans were murdered in California between 2003 and 2005 (the last updated statistics available to me, attainable at www.disastercenter.com). During the same time frame 2,181 Americans were murdered in Iraq. A total of 3,623 Americans have been killed in Iraq since the war began (these figures were gathered from www.icasualties.org). The population in California is approximately 36 million and the population in Iraq is approximately 27 million. Even factoring for population size, more Americans are murdered in California than they are in Iraq. The difference of course being that our soldiers are fighting our enemies who seek to destroy us and our way of life while helping the Iraqis foster a young democracy and become self sufficient. Compare this to the situation in California. Democrats demand a completely secure border in Iraq. A nation that has substantially larger land borders than California and admittedly this is a problem since Islamic terrorists from across the Middle East are pouring into Iraq in order to attack our troops. The Democratic solution to this is to cut and run and allow Iraq to slip into complete and total chaos, allowing it to be ran by those who are not Iraqi. This should not surprise you seeing as how they attempted to ram amnesty down our throats in order to give aid and support to people who sneak into our nation along the smaller land border in California. They also fight for murder and child rapists rights through the ACLU, again showing a pattern of having no spine and having a strong desire to simply hand over true control to the criminal element no matter what the degree of psychosis they exhibit. They say that value can not be placed on human life, but the Democrats are doing just that. They are willing to allow genocide in Iraq by adopting policies that according to Harry Reid will win them more seats in Congress. So screw the Iraqis, let them bleed out, as long as the Liberals win more seats, it's worth it to them. So why not pull out of California? They'd sure pick up the Hispanic vote in droves, and so many Americans are murdered there I'm sure they can't stomach that either, but then they'd lose seats in Congress if they did, but rest assured if they leaned to the right there, they'd probably do it without a second and call it "reconciliation" with Mexico. So if gang violence results in a great deal of murders (and gangs are a major source of all those murders) and the average citizen wants nothing to do with the violence and just wants to live their lives in peace, that would qualify as a civil war according to Liberal standards in Iraq. Vote now, Surrender California!!!! We can not officiate the gangs civil war!!!!