24 July 2007

Harry Reid is a Disgusting Human Being

He just runs his lawyer mouth over and over again spewing nonsense and inflammatory comments at every turn. The guy is a sewer rat, not a human being. Everything the guy does is to simply inflate his own ego and attempt to get votes, he has no moral base whatsoever. He is pathetic little man. Despite the tremendous lies contained in that article you clearly get a picture of the man. Alan Greenspan, probably the greatest modern economic mind in America not named Milton Friedman was the "biggest political hack" in America? He was the lone person who voted against Greenspan's nomination in 2004. He hates the central bank in general (surprise surprise) and Greenspan in particular because somehow he single-handedly makes people more. More inflammatory to Reid was that Greenspan backed the very successful Bush tax cuts. Vote against the Democrats and your a hack. Same goes for Olympia Snow (R-eally, what were you thinking?) who recently jumped ship to vote defeat in our current conflict (for the purposes of getting re-elected), now Reid praises her. The bottom line is that if you do what he and the hard left say, you're great, do something they don't like and you're Satan. There is no room for dissent in the Democratic Party, if you are not their sock puppet they will attempt to destroy you both personally and politically. Russ Feingold a genius? How ridiculous. McCain-Feingold has proven to stifle political speech. Of course to Democrats that's a great development. I meant hey are infatuated with Hugo Chavez, most likely due to his stifling of the media, destroying dissent among his citizens, and anyone who dares dissent from his Socialist views while visiting his "free" country that values freedom of speech. Much like Harry Reid and the hard left.

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