19 July 2007

Liberals attack Catholics...again.

The Archdiocese of New York was to be honored for 200 years of service and dedication to the community and in a resolution in the House of Reps controlled by the Liberals, they decided not to pass the honor because, gasp, it mentioned Cardinal Egan by name, a blatant way to veil their true anti-Catholic feelings. Henry Waxman (D-Fantasyland) refused to pass the honor because it mentioned the leader of the Archdiocese and Waxman has it in for Catholics due to the scandal. Really though, unless the honor was to be bestowed to a leader of a terror supporting Muslim (perhaps the leader of CAIR) do you think he would have held it up? Is it any surprise that the Democrats refuse to honor Cardinal Egan and yet find it OK to kill the "John Doe Bill" which protects American citizens from lawsuits when they report suspicious behavior to the authorities. That's right, Waxman and liberal retards refuse to recognize the accomplishments of the Church and the faithful parishioners in New York because it mentions Egans' name directly, a man who has done a great deal of good during his service (admittedly he handled the scandal wrong) yet will allow you or I to get sued if say for example, a man chanting "Allah Akbar" were to enter an airport with a suspicious package and what would appear to be a gun on his person. Yes, Waxman and the asshats in his party can say that they want this to be simply a personal attack on Egan, but given their completely opposite stances on a multitude of issues that the Catholic Church represents (ex. abortion, anti-euthanasia, abstinence, The Ten Commandments, and oh yea....JESUS) can you seriously think that refused to pass this honor based on Egan personally or their overall disdain for the Catholic Church, which is constantly under assault from the Liberals over the ACLU and the other groups that form the base of the Democratic Party? Yea, it's pretty clear that they hate Jesus and Catholicism while all the while saying how religion is to them, but solely for the purpose of exploiting people so they can get votes.

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