18 July 2007

Some of G-Dub's Accomplishements

Just a reminder:
1. North Korea shuts down their nuclear reactors and is asking for negotiations to dismantle their weapons programs. Remember when Clinton was in office and they agreed to do the same, took our money and laughed at the Liberal retard? Well Bush got it done.
2. Libya ends it programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction and exports of the material used in the program out of the country.
3. Two Dictatorships and completely brutal regimes shut down and replaced with fostering democracies (and will be sustained if the Dems stop trying to force us not to win). Two terrorist regimes wiped off the face of the map.
4. Dow Jones on the verge of 14,000 points.
5. Near record unemployment.
6. No recession started under President Bush. He inherited one and his tax cuts kept us out of going into a longer recession or starting a new one.
7. All time record for minority home ownership.
8. Shrinking budget deficit that was created by funding two wars that, when you look it from the perspective as being unexpected wars when his time in office started, is a pretty remarkable thing.

The big down side:
Higher gas prices. Of course this is more attributed by liberal refusal to have allowed more refineries to be built over the years, global demand, and their recklessly dangerous Global Warming lies among other reasons. Not his fault per se, but he could have attempted to ram through some refinery authorizations so I'll ding him for that.

Plus, if he holds his ground on the Iraq War I'll be willing to forgive the whole amnesty thing.

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