18 July 2007

Can the Military Ever Again Trust the Liberals?

Let's examine the lack of support for the military by the liberals currently running Congress. They consistently say that we have no reason to be in Iraq, that they support the troops but not the mission, which is killing innocent civilians (logically they are saying that they really mean and that the troops are killing innocent civilians). The Dems have attempted to thwart our soldiers from receiving the funds they need in order to protect themselves and fight the factions of Islamic barbarians who want nothing more than to see every American either praying towards Mecca or to see us all dead. Why play politics with the troops lives? If they want to try to vote to deauthorize the war, they can fight that political battle (and lose yet again), but they have made it personal with the military by withholding votes that mean our soldiers' very lives. Again, they hold some staged sleepover event last night to appease the hard core left and have stated numerous times that they will not even listen to what General Petraeus says in September (hell they did not even want to wait to her him, perhaps they are afraid his report will be positive and their defeatist views will be exposed for the pile of political shit that it is). They have consistently undermined our troops every step of the way. What then are the views of the soldiers, knowing how far out the way the Democrats have gone to criticize our troops and demoralize them in every conceivable way? They keep comparing the war in Iraq to Vietnam, which is beyond absurd in every aspect. How can our troops feel even remotely like taking orders if, God forbid, the Democrats take the Executive and Legislative Branch of the government? What's more, how angry will the military be when Al Qaeda claims they routed us in Iraq, something that is not happening, it's a fight we are winning, but the Democrats do not have the spine to stick to the fight and allow us to win. In a plausible scenario, what happens if an attack happens on American soil under a Liberal and said Liberal orders military action? How would you respond? Knowing that the person ordering you into action has already been on record to essentially say your commanders are liars and incompetent, how could you take orders from this person? How could you go off to fight terrorism knowing that if the going gets rough the Commander (in this case Liberal Idiot) in Chief is not going to support you 100% and allow you to fulfill your mission? In this nightmare situation, one that, to me is plausible, the moral of the military may be at an all time low if the people in charge of their orders are the same people who have constantly criticized everything they do, are, and stand for, from their level of education, to their ability, to their assessments. Can the Military Ever Again Trust the Liberals?

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When as the Military ever trusted the Liberals??