26 September 2007

...Meanwhile Dems show how they view Human Freedom and WILL TAX US BACK TO THE STONE AGE...I'm Serial

While not paying so much attention to the situations in Syria, Iran, Burma, and continuing their strange silence on Cuba since President Kennedy (the last great Democrat), they believe that their wallet's bottom line...er, Global Warming is still the issue of the day. Sigh. However, Gore's little idiotic rant this time has really crossed the line. Calling up Ronald Regan's name for his own agenda is beyond pathetic. I do not need to remind you of his hypocrisy in terms of global warming with the whole jet fleet, mansion, and his greatest....scam....ever....carbon credits. In fact he pretty much owns up to it in that article:

"We have to put a price on carbon, and the United States of America has to lead the world to solve the climate crisis," he said.

Yes, you already have a price on carbon....your carbon credit bullshit. For those of you new to this concept, a "carbon credit" is basically your right to use any and all energy and carbon emitting device so long as you invest in the company that takes the carbon back out of the environment....want to guess who owns a sizeable share of all companies who offer this service? Why...it's Al Gore. So of course he wants a price on carbon, because the cost of using it goes to him. What a great scam Al. What a dick.

Democratic morons are drooling over the prospects of this new carbon tax idea, led by Moonbat John Dingell. In yet another instance of "I told you so"....here is possibly the most terrifying article in the last 6 years. Some excerpts from the Washington Post article:

_A 50-cent-a-gallon tax on gasoline and jet fuel, phased in over five years, on top of existing taxes.

_A tax on carbon, at $50 a ton, released from burning coal, petroleum or natural gas.

_Phaseout of the interest tax deduction on home mortgages for homes over 3,000 square feet. Owners would keep most of the deduction for homes at the lower end of the scale, but it would be eliminated entirely for homes of 4,200 feet or more.

So let's see, they are set to let President Bush's tax cuts (the only reason we are not in recession right...and which lead to an increase in government revenues due to re-investment) expire and let the tax-free Internet shopping provision expire. Both are major tax increases...the largest ever. They continually support more programs which will dwarf even these two ginormous mistakes through a back door socialized medicine program in SCHIP as well as their front door proposal in socialized medicine by promoting socialized medicine. I am truly terrified for our nation's future if these big-government, tax and spend, lying defeatists win. Ugh.


G-Dub Goes on the Offensive at UN for Human Rights, Democracy

The moonbats of course see this more as "Emperor George" running amuck at the UN, but really has their Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) really run this far? President Bush is absolutely in the right to call out the situation in Myanmar and the cause of human dignity and freedom world wide. Many Liberals feel shocked that he would have the audacity to call out the UN while at the General Assembly, but the reality is, where better to call them out? The UN, for as biased and ineffective as it is, is the absolute correct place for President Bush to stand in front of the world audience and defend human rights, dignity, and freedom. Who can fault any man for uttering these words in front of the world, testifying to rights of all people of all nations:

"The nations in this chamber have our differences, yet there are some areas where we can all agree," Bush said. "When innocent people are trapped in a life of murder and fear, the declaration is not being upheld. When millions of children starve to death or perish from a mosquito bite, we're not doing our duty in the world. When whole societies are cut off from the prosperity of the global economy, we're all worse off."

"Changing these underlying conditions is what the declaration calls the work of larger freedom and it must be the work of every nation in this assembly," he said. "This great institution must work for great purposes: to free people from tyranny and violence, hunger and diseases, illiteracy and ignorance and poverty and despair."

This is absolute truth and yet, criticisms of our President run deep. How is it that the Liberal hatred of our leader, on a personal level as much as political, can trump his outright protection of the Myanmar people, where the situation has gotten so bad that the monks in that nation have now been met with deadly force for speaking out for human freedom? Indeed, curfews have been imposed, and the right to assembly simply does not exist in this section of Southeast Asia. This is precisely the time to stand with the world's people and demand freedom. What is it with those so blinded by pure lunacy that they see fit to stand against our President when he is defending human freedom in so many places all across the world? The world is doing their absolute best to ignore what is happening in Myanmar, and President Bush is taking the world, rightfully, to task for ignoring their plight. He is to be applauded, he is being a true leader.

Similarly, watching those students at Columbia cheer for everything that Ahmadinejad said was horrible. Watching this horrible display of Liberal lunacy was one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. Here is this man, a Holocaust denier, a bigot, a murderer, a terrorist, a man who has threatened genocide, is murdering our troops, and is actively seeking nuclear weapons for use against Israel being applauded by students in an Ivy League school. The only time those moonbat fools booed him was for his saying that there was no gays in Iran. State policy of the Iranians under the Ahmandinejad and Ruhollah Khomeni. They will murder and torture anyone who is not their model person for Iranian society. Oh yea, Ahmadinejad is also a truther. He was shocked today when the wife of an Israeli he had kidnapped confronted him face to face. Kudos to President Bush for seeking new sanctions against the tyrannical regime of Iran. It is also to commended that he is voicing and showing his commitment to Afghanistan. He and President Karzai touted the successes in Afghanistan today as well.

So for all the hatred of President Bush, the BDS that is fully on display nearly every day by the Left Wing in this nation, they cannot overlook their personal hatred of our President in order to advance the cause of human freedom. Indeed, the hard left has the same reaction (and in reality, much worse in many instances) than the Cuban delegation at the UN when challenged to defend human freedom, as the Left in our nation is doing to our soldiers what the Cuban delegates did when confronted with the challenge of promoting freedom:


20 September 2007

The Hardest of Libs Tip Their Hands, Show They are OWNED by Move On

President Bush went off on the libtards today. He called it like it is, the most hardened of socialists, I mean Democrats, are terrified of MoveOn. He's totally right of course, and from here on out, in lame-duck status he's going to be doing all he can to call them out on the kind of crap these idiots pull. Why not, right? His endorsement isn't going to exactly be a golden ticket for anyone in our party since for 7 years he has faced an amazing amount of hate from the Left and Media and has stood tall, and that's a testament to his inner strength, anyone else who faced the kind of vitriol he has would have crumbled. From calling him a moron to a liar to Hitler to evil, etc, he's stood tall, truly an amazing feat. He has placed what he believed to be right above all else, even when he inflamed the base for things like Shamnesty, but you know what? I respect him for that. I really do. Knowing how the media and moonbats assaulted his character and were desperately trying to train wreck his presidency before he even took office, he still stuck to what he believed was the right thing to do even going against his base. Much respect. The money quote from today of course, which will go down as one of the greatest lines of his presidency went like this:

"I thought the ad was disgusting," Bush told reporters in the White House briefing room.

"I was disappointed that not more leaders in the Democrat party spoke out strongly against that kind of ad, and that leads me to come to this kind of conclusion: That most Democrats are afraid of irritating a left-wing group like MoveOn.org — are more afraid of irritating them — than they are of irritating the United States military. That was a sorry deal," the president said.

He's absolutely right of course. The ad was pathetic and simply un-American. Bush even said something to the effect that he doesn't care what they say about him but to go after a general with 30 years of experience is despicable. He's even more right that the Libtards are terrified of MoveOn. The hardest of Liberals refused to condemn the ad and stick up for Gen. Petraeus and the military. The usual bought-off, corrupt scumbags of course. Hillary leads the list as she is trying to placate the base, is the most corrupt campaign fundraiser in history, and her husband owes MoveOn his soul for saving his ass from being thrown out of office. The two morons from NJ of course backed MoveOn. Both PA Senators voted to condemn the ad. Maybe Sen. Casey may well be a respectable Democrat, much like his father. Who knows? Anyway, get the roll call and follow the outrage further over at Hot Air.

In the meantime, please feel free to follow Reid, Clinton, and the likes political objectives to that of Bin Laden. Yes, I question their patriotism.


Dubai, Qatar Buying up Financial Markets

Not really a surprise. Dubai and Qatar are ally nations and the hissy fit that the Liberals threw over the whole port issue should have been moot. Dubai companies have done a damn good job in Britain thus far. That being said, Dubai and Qatar's competition as well as the worries over our ever declining dollar prompted the moves today of Dubai buying just about 20% of NASDAQ and 28% of the London Stock Exchange. Qatar, for it's part is buying about 22% of the London Stock Exchange. With the Chinese threatening the "nuclear" option in regards to our dollar, hopefully these moves are met with optimism. Given the choice, I'd pick Dubai and Qatar over China any day.


Al Gore...Saving the Planet on His Private Jet, Raping the Planet and Wallets

Really, this guy's chutzpah is just beyond me. First he claims that we are in the midst of the utter destruction of the Earth, and that in order to survive we need to cut down on those mean old "carbon emissions" and our electricity consumption, or purchase "carbon credits." Carbon Credits of course are how he's making alot of his money. By scaring people and guilting them into paying extra for using modern conveniences to the companies he has a financial stake in, when said company's profits go up, so does his. His mansion's energy consumption is comedy gold with how much he uses. His concern is also so much concerned about our doomsday and our raping of the planet that he flies around in private jets. Even as recently as two weeks ago...on one of the worst fuel consuming private planes available. So what is ManBearPig up to now? Well, he goes to one our strongest allies, Australia, and blasts Prime Minster Howard (who is a great man by the way) and demands $25,000 just for the honor of hearing him deride the average man and woman's energy use and basically call us stupid for using so much carbon before he whizzes away in his private jet back to his drug addicted son at his energy mammoth of a mansion. What an asshole.


Huckabee set to get a MAJOR boost in the polls?

It's no secret who I'm pulling for in the election. Of course it's Mike Huckabee. My first real encounter with Mike Huckabee was the first GOP debate this year and I was truly impressed with him. Truth is, with each subsequent debate he has impressed me more. Going into the primary season I was down with Rudy big time, but I was all about hearing all the candidates out and reviewing their records. I was also impressed with Duncan Hunter, another great American. However, Huckabee puts the other candidates to shame on many issues, his eloquent and personal speech style is simple great and his ideas are refreshing. He generates hope like...dare I say...Ronald Reagan. Now sure, he doesn't have the money the other candidates have but his populist style and likeable nature makes him an extremely difficult candidate to debate and a negative campaign simply will not work on him.

So why do I feel that he's going to get a major boost in the polls? Well first, more people will be tuning into the next debate to hear Fred's first go at it. That audience will be treated to hearing Huckabee pull off another great performance in the debates. Second, Huckabee has made very solid points on the need to pull in minorities and union members into our coalition party, and is the top tier candidate to commit to the Black Caucus Debate hosted by Fox. Sad, really, that the other candidates are not committing, as we really do need to get the message across that we are the Party that has and will continue to provide the most opportunities for every American, regardless of race, gender, religion, etc. The third and biggest reason?

James Dobson has stated he will not endorse Fred Thompson
. Why is this big news? Well Dobson is the most influential Evangelical in America and commands a giant percentage of the primary voting GOP members. He has already gone on record to say he will not be endorsing Rudy due to the abortion and gay marriage issues among other things. He has also stated that John McCain probably will not get his endorsement either. That leaves two candidates, Huck and Mitt. Now how can I be so sure Huck will get his endorsement? Here's why:

Values Voters pick Huckabee

Huckabee shot like a rocket to the top of this straw poll and absolutely crushed the field. Somehow Mitt did not get any votes, kind of surprise really, Mitt really is a nice guy and has outstanding morals, but the issue of his being Mormon somehow being a problem is just another face of prejudice. That being said, Huckabee ran away with this contest. Here's just a sampling of one of the voter's take after the debate was over:

“What literally happened last night is values voters moved from the back of the bus to the driver’s seat. We’re now going to see a united front.”

She said that many Christian conservatives had been praying for a clear winner to emerge from the debate, which is what happened. As a result, she said, she will be casting her lot in now with Mr. Huckabee.

“The values voters have spoken,” she said. “It’s loud and clear. It’s unmistakable.”

That's what I call a ringing endorsement. Huck is also being tracked by Rasmussen and other national polls, and while currently at 6%, that has grown pretty steadily since the first debate. No other candidate can say that. So if Dobson throws his support behind Huck, it's a guarantee he moves into the top tier and most likely puts him in a dead heat with Rudy and Fred...without spending a fraction of what they have. If the money starts trickling in after this endorsement comes, it's Game Over folks and we will have ourselves a presidential contest between a Carpet Bagging Hillary who ran north to escape the corruption and mess she left behind (though what's she done in this campaign is the definition of corruption) against the man who unified Arkansas and cleaned up the Clinton's mess and restored the people's faith in the state government. The only problem to this though is that one man may get in the way of this. The Clinton Killer himself.


19 September 2007

Liberals Determined to Shove Amnesty Down our Throats

What is it with these asshats? They routinely and with utter contempt for the electorate try to shove a bill down our throats that has robust bipartisan opposition. They are doing anything they can to placate criminals and go after votes, and that goes for certain Republicans as well. Hot Air and founder Michelle Malkin are all over this one.

It's called the "DREAM Act". It's a piece of hot garbage if there ever was one, and Sen. DICK Durbin is the man responsible pushing this horrendous betrayal of the American people. The Democrats are out to drop our sovereignty like clothes off Lindsey Lohan after a few lines of coke. The Washington Times has a great piece on this as well. I'll save you some trouble by posting a good portion of the article without you even having to click on the link:

"The illegal alien who applies for this amnesty is immediately rewarded with 'conditional' lawful permanent resident (green card) status, which can be converted to a non-conditional green card in short order," Kris Kobach, a law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, noted in a Heritage Foundation paper. "The alien can then use his newly acquired status to seek green cards for his parents who brought him in illegally in the first place. In this way, it is a backdoor amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens who brought their children to the United States."

The DREAM Act would repeal a 1996 law — the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act — which included a provision barring any state from offering discounted tuition to illegals unless it provided the same tuition discount to all U.S. citizens. But 10 states (California, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Washington) currently grant reduced in-state tuition to illegals in violation of federal law. It would be difficult to exaggerate all of the perverse incentives in the DREAM Act, which provide illegals with better treatment than citizens and non citizens who obey the law. Some states actually make breaking federal law a condition for receiving in-state tuition rates by denying in-state tuition to legal aliens with valid student visas. The laws also show contempt for law-abiding American citizens. For example, Mr. Kobach notes, "a student from Missouri who attends Kansas University who has already played by the rules and obeyed the law is charged three times the tuition charged to an alien whose very presence in the country is a violation of federal criminal law."

Unbelievable. This nonsense needs to stop. No wonder that for as low as President Bush's approval rating is at 28%, it's still over 2.5 times higher than Congress is currently at 11%. I'm pretty sure that was the approval rate the Communist Party had in the 1960s as well. Maybe the true Republicans can retake Congress after all and after the disaster of having fake Republicans calling the shots the last go 'round. It's high time Tom Coburn, Jim DeMint, and the gang took the reins of our party as they are the rightful leaders.

I urge anyone reading this to follow this issue and vote against any Senator from your state who votes for this bill regardless of their party affiliation. I will not allow our Senate to sell us down the river and give more rights to these criminal illegal aliens than they do to our own citizens. I'm sure that means I'll be voting against Arlen Spector very soon, as he was all about passing Shamnesty the last time around.

One bit of news that is logical in regards to the Immigration issue today is that a Church that was housing an illegal alien and giving her refuge is being forced to foot the bill for the security that needed to be provided for all of the protests from both sides. I'm Catholic and I do think that Religion is wrongfully taking a beating in this nation, especially from moonbat groups from the ACLU as we were in fact founded as a non-denominational Christian nation, but the separation of Church and State is key here as the state should definitely be charging this Church for sheltering a criminal and having posed a security threat to a great number of legal American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights.

Respect America and legal Americans first and Foremost. It's called the Law. Follow it.


Iran and Syria Are Spitting in the World's Collective Face

The stooges at Columbia University of course have their man crushes on hate spewing Iranian leaders, so let's start it off with the uber left Universities that aren't worth 1/1000th of their tuition. Remember when Columbia invited Death Ambassador Zarif there last year? How does a moonbat den one-up themselves after having one vocal, terrorist supporting, anti-Semite Holocaust denier speak on campus? After the uproar that came from the those of us with an IQ over that of your average inbred jellyfish? They invite the head vocal, terrorist supporting, anti-Semite Holocaust denying, "wipe Israel off the map", Apocalypse cult loving to come speak. Surprise, it's Ahmadinejad. I wonder how many standing ovations the Jewish hating faculty will give him? Even the students up there being spoon fed the idiocy of their professors have got to be pissed at them. (Side note, in two weeks Lafayette College, of which I am alumni, plays Columbia in football so I'm hoping they run the score up on those chumps).

Inviting Ahmadinejad to speak at a scholastic setting would be like asking Hitler to speak at a sensitivity training session. This is insanity at its best. Oh yea, it gets even worse. If NYC or Bush doesn't come around and throw this piece of trash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when he comes here to visit, he's going to try to make his way to Ground Zero to place a wreath, though I highly doubt it is for the true victims of 9/11. It's probably his way of honoring those 19 people who are burning in the bowels of hell. Outrage is a mild term here.

This news coming today as "Iran Draws up Plans to Bomb Israel". They claim they will only retaliate but are not hostile in any way. Of course they are not. They only threatened to unleash their FINAL RESPONSE ON OCTOBER 12TH. Sure they are probably just shooting off more flame throwing rhetoric, but Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, and have a stated goal of picking up where the Nazis left off. Here's a little sample of their statement today:

Referring to the approaching World Qods Day, the spokesman stressed, "Supporters of the Zionist regime will definitely receive the final response for their support on that day."

Of course we all know they have their nuclear aspirations are and driving for a nuclear weapon. It's really becoming more and more evident that their buddies in Syria is helping them in this effort, and hence the stepped up rhetoric after Israel destroyed nuclear material inside of Syria. However, that little tidbit I threw in there yesterday about remembering how there were alot of allegations about Saddam's WMDs winding up in Syria? Turns out these two nations are indeed sharing WMD technology. Turns out they had a little incident:

"The blast dispersed chemical agents (including VX and Sarin nerve agents and mustard blister agent) across the storage facility and outside," the publication quoted the sources as saying.

The magazine said that, in addition to the 15 Syrian troops, "dozens" of Iranian weapons engineers were killed.

Say isn't mustard blister agent, VX and Sarin exactly what Iraq had? Why are Iranian weapons engineers in Syria for anyway? They were fitting chemical warheads on ballistic missiles....all in the name of peace right?

Of course there is outrage that Israel has declared Gaza hostile. Gaza of course is home to Hamas, whose terrorist activities are well documented and would love nothing more than to eliminate the Jewish state and all of the Jewish people who live there. Here's the UN leader's take:

"Such a step would be contrary to Israel's obligations towards the population (of Gaza) under international humanitarian and human rights laws," he said.

Yes, defending themselves from an onslaught of rocket attacks and from an organization to finish off the Holocaust is a violation of "international humanitarian and human rights laws." Meanwhile, do we hear anything from Mr. Ban Ki-Moon about the most recent assassination of a prominent Christian leader in Lebanon who was anti-Syria?

Ghanem is the eighth prominent anti-Syrian figure assassinated since 2005, including three lawmakers from the majority, reducing the ruling party's margin in parliament.

Even when the anti-Syrian ex-Prime Minster from Lebanon was assassinated the UN was shockingly silent and the investigation has been blocked even though it's common knowledge that Syria did the killing. The UN is worthless and the escalation of violence that Syria and Iran are embarking upon is a prime example of why we need to stand tall in these dark times. I suppose we shouldn't hold our breaths for a condemnation of Iran after finding yet more Qods Forces members from Iran in Iraq. No apologies to be issued from the moonbats to Gen. Petraeus either I'm guessing.

What all this spells is that we are heading for a disaster or epic proportions in the very near future. With people like Pelosi and Kucinich on Syria's list of buddies and the rise of anti-Semitism among the UN member nations, as well as pretty much the whole world's complete and total fear of standing up to Islamic extremism, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they will get bolder every day in their heinous actions. The real question is, do they go full out now or simply wait until the looming election disaster for our party and take complete and total advantage of the Democrat's ineptitude after they take charge, knowing full well that the Liberals can't stand to fight for what's right in the world?


Canadian Politician Shows Hillary How Bad Our System Sucks....By Coming here for Cancer Treatment

I don't blame her at all. It's her life on the line and Canada's socialized health care isn't something I'd want her to bank on either. Rob from Say Anything has a nice post about this as well, with a great graphic that illustrates that Canada is not even in the top 20 for survivor rates of cancer for men or women. So who's number one? Uh....we are. Yes, our capitalist system that fosters innovation and creative new techniques for treatments flat out works. Granted, we are tearing away from the pack, but then again, most cures are developed here and we are major exporters of health care innovations.

Of course erecting barriers against the capitalist system is a recipe for disaster and a key Liberal goal. Take for example, this interview with Hillary, and this little gem of a quote:

She said she could envision a day when "you have to show proof to your employer that you're insured as a part of the job interview - like when your kid goes to school and has to show proof of vaccination,"

If that doesn't rattle you a bit on a great deal of levels, you really don't get it. You could view it that you're essentially unemployable if the government doesn't have you under their thumb. You could view it as a means to restrict a vast number of people from the workforce. You could view it as...well you understand. It's a horrible idea, but the moonbats eat this stuff up, and media loves it as well and will not criticize her, or ask questions, or let simple logic get in the way of their rush to crown her.

This whole idea of socialized health care is a classic liberal ploy of bait and switch. Sure, sounds good to make sure everyone has health care, but the people who are uninsurable, and thus have the highest premiums, are going to be completely subsidized by federal funds. The revenue from taxes only goes so far and a major, major tax hike is coming down the pipes if this goes down. The restriction of competition is always a recipe for disaster. Research and development of health care companies will see a dramatic drop in quality if there is no profit in it. I could rattle the saber on this one all night, but the thought of it is making me sick. Good thing I have some personal responsibility and voluntarily opted to pay my share of my premiums from my employer sponsored plan.


18 September 2007

Three Cheers for Israel

Seriously, great job Israel. The Wall Street Journal is dubbing the bombing of the Syrian nuclear shipment as Osirak II, the Iraqi installation Israel bombed out of existence in the 80s. Of course, this wasn't a full blow reactor that the Israelis destroyed, but a shipment of nuclear materials for making bombs that was shipped into Syria from North Korea. Of course, I'm sure the Liberals don't see it this way though. Look at Nancy Pelosi for God's sake, first in text, then in pictures, showing her love for the hijab and dhimmi status that she would have us subjected to. Dennis Kucinich, another Liberal moron running for President went to Syria as well, this time verbally assaulting our President, calling him essentially an evil tyrannical terrorist, all while Syria was no doubt getting ready to get their nuclear weapons programs up and running for use on Israel while destroying Lebanese sovereignty. Here's some more information on "Codename Orchard" from the Israel Insider. You should really be asking yourself why Israel and Syria are both being so quiet. From the Israel perspective, they can't be outright celebrating this victory (we can, however) because they would be admitting that they struck Syria pre-emptively and would undoubtedly invite the wrath of the anti-Semitic U.N. On the Syrian side, they simply claimed a fuel tank was released. What else can do they? Admit they took a shipment illegally from North Korea in order to produce nuclear weapons and face sanctions themselves? Hence, mum is the word. Let's also revisit one more piece of information that was hush hushed long ago by everyone but which remains an intriguing, and very possible occurrence. The Iraqi WMDs were taken to Syria. This is a very real possibility and one that I am sure is being further explored by own intelligence community to this day.


Huckabee Update

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. First, as I'm sure you already know by now, Gov. Huckabee gave another outstanding performance in the last debate, especially this exchange here with Ron Paul, where Huck gives him a little ethics lesson while defending the war:

On the 9th of this month, he gave an interview with Wolf Blitzer, the text of which can be found here. Again, it's what we've come to expect of Gov. Huckabee, a solid interview, where his points come across with direct clarity.

After the President's great speech the other night (probably his best one to date), Gov. Huckabee Release his own statement via his website. The statement can be found here. President Bush and Gov. Huckabee are to be applauded by their defense of this confrontation, as we must stay to defend the Iraqi people and help them to rebuild. It is our responsibility to do so on a moral level as well as it being in our best interests for national defense. This war is about security. The Left does not see it this way, even with comments coming recently from John Murtha hint to their dragging their feet on pushing for what they believe in order to get the votes for more seats. Way to stand on principal Murtha. Perhaps you'll think twice about that when the slander suit from the soldiers at Haditha pushes forward.

Finally, late last week Mike Huckabee took the Party to task, challenging Republican leaders to attract more minorities, union operatives, etc, in order to combat the growing socialist scourge. He is absolutely right. I have never understood how the liberal media has been so effective at convincing the population that Republicans are racist. It is amazing that the Republicans freed the slaves, passed the Civil Rights Act, have had the first black National Security Director and the first two black Secretaries of State and we are denounced as racist. Union leaders have thugged out on their own members, stolen vast amounts of their money since inception after turning hideously corrupt, and force the members to support their own political agendas and we are considered as being abrasive to union members. Unbelievable. We need to counter this media and Liberal onslaught by effectively getting the message out, and utilizing our resources, such as the Internet to do just that. Kudos to Mike Huckabee for dropping the hammer and waking some people up.

Great Job Huck, Let's Keep the Momentum Going!


Hillary Clinton: We will Own Every Aspect of Your Life

Of course she wants universal health care. What else can you expect from a socialist hack. Everything this woman stands for is personal power grabs and the establishment of all powerful federal government that will run every aspect of your life. How can they even claim to be even mildly supportive of capitalism? She is simply going for the sound bite for votes, and rest assured her liberal media buddies will not put the clamps to her. $110 billion a year, a conservative figure, is insane. Even worse yet, its mandated care. Forget choices and personal responsibility, the government will force you to get health care and routine check ups. Why not cap limits on lawsuits for example, the leading cause of rising health care costs in this nation. While you are at it, take a look to see how many innovative drugs are developed in other nations as opposed to this one. Eliminate the period of time granted to companies who fund R&D into innovative medicines and all incentive is pretty much gone to develop revolutionary new cures. The Weekly Standard does a very nice job, as usual, of getting a great point across in an articulate and concise means on this issue. Let's also keep in the mind the ginormousness of the costs associated with this asinine program. $110 billion does not pop out of thin air, the foot for this bill will come directly from the average citizens. Sure, Hillary can claim she wants to tax the rich, but let's be pragmatic in this discussion. The very rich will always have tax loop holes in which they can escape paying taxes. Should some type of restriction be placed on corporations in order to close a loop hole, rest assured, you will see inflation on a massive march. You can already see inflation increasing since the minimum wage hike took effect. The cost to the average citizen will be enormous.

Worse yet, the Hillary camp is keeping quiet on whether or not illegal aliens will be given the health benefits, which, given Liberal track records is an assurance that they will. Now couple this with the fact that the Libs want to give amnesty to 12 million plus illegals and basically want to take no steps to enforce border security and now you have a swelling population of illegals who will derive health benefits and not have to worry about paying into the system. Now ask yourself, if border security and illegal immigration is a huge issue now, what will happen when we have an unsecured border and the promise of free health care to those who illegally enter our borders? National security indeed. This is a recipe for disaster, not just from a health care stance, but from a security stance.

The Liberals have no intention of honoring the free market, the basis on which this nation was founded. Have they even heard of Adam Smith? What gives them the right to take away from the ordinary citizen the ability to make decisions on which coverage option is best for them. Uninsured people are pretty much screwed, I will grant them that. But what is the better option, a bureaucratic nightmare that will make current premiums seem like spare change, or a free market option with the promise of tax credit with the purchase of health care, much like the one on the Republican side of the debate. This option puts the responsibility on the individual and enables them to make choices while easing the burden of cost. It also keeps this very important aspect of your life, out of the governments hands. Ever dealt with the DMV? You want your health care ran that way?

I also consider you to look at the source who is offering this ridiculous proposal. Hillary is a power monger along the same political lines of the former Soviet Union. The great majority of positions she holds would earn her a Golden Bear award from the former republic. She slams our armed forces, calling them liars, while getting her pockets fed from criminals like Norman Hsu. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure many more corruption charges against her cronies are coming. Let's not forget Vince Foster, which is still mysterious. Of course Whitewater is nice little example of her business practices as well. Perhaps she can get further advice from Madeline Albright, her half wit adviser on foreign affairs...say how does she feel about Kim Jong Il again? If you trust these people with your health care, then you are really beyond reach. What our founders had in mind was a free market economy with a central government that would defend our interests and expressly left the rest of governing the state and local governments. What Marx gave us was the idea of a supremely strong central government with the citizens and all local governments at its mercy, the same model that Liberals are pushing hard for. Communists also crushed all dissent. Well, yes, you see that too from the Liberals as well. This is evidence from pushing for the Fairness Doctrine all the way down to their own liberal attack dog groups going after Brian Baird, Liberal, who had the audacity to support our troops. There are many other examples, many, many, examples. But then, this is the way the Soviets ran their shop as well.


Alien Virus in Peru, Or More Idiots Overreacting?

Ooooo....it's a tough call here folks. I always love our openly liberal media referring to people in underdeveloped nations as "villagers", makes them sound so much, "Third World", perhaps their way of reminding their audience that we are better off than they are. Why not just say citizens? Either way, doesn't bother me too much, not my main point. Essentially, a meteorite falls in Peruvian village and people start to get sick. Sure, some weird bacteria may have been on it, but coincidences are commonplace. Never mind that, though, the media's got a story to sell here that the Doomsday Comet may have landed and made people mysteriously ill....of course they fail to consult a doctor on this one though. Sensationalism, yellow journalism, hey they've got to do something to make a few quick bucks, P.T. Barnum style if need be. Perhaps this meteor appeared as a result of a game of Jumanji, though I suppose Zathura may be more appropriate. No matter. However, it would be kind of cool if there was some type of alien virus out there, simply for the fact that the whole new O.J thing would just go away.