18 September 2007

Hillary Clinton: We will Own Every Aspect of Your Life

Of course she wants universal health care. What else can you expect from a socialist hack. Everything this woman stands for is personal power grabs and the establishment of all powerful federal government that will run every aspect of your life. How can they even claim to be even mildly supportive of capitalism? She is simply going for the sound bite for votes, and rest assured her liberal media buddies will not put the clamps to her. $110 billion a year, a conservative figure, is insane. Even worse yet, its mandated care. Forget choices and personal responsibility, the government will force you to get health care and routine check ups. Why not cap limits on lawsuits for example, the leading cause of rising health care costs in this nation. While you are at it, take a look to see how many innovative drugs are developed in other nations as opposed to this one. Eliminate the period of time granted to companies who fund R&D into innovative medicines and all incentive is pretty much gone to develop revolutionary new cures. The Weekly Standard does a very nice job, as usual, of getting a great point across in an articulate and concise means on this issue. Let's also keep in the mind the ginormousness of the costs associated with this asinine program. $110 billion does not pop out of thin air, the foot for this bill will come directly from the average citizens. Sure, Hillary can claim she wants to tax the rich, but let's be pragmatic in this discussion. The very rich will always have tax loop holes in which they can escape paying taxes. Should some type of restriction be placed on corporations in order to close a loop hole, rest assured, you will see inflation on a massive march. You can already see inflation increasing since the minimum wage hike took effect. The cost to the average citizen will be enormous.

Worse yet, the Hillary camp is keeping quiet on whether or not illegal aliens will be given the health benefits, which, given Liberal track records is an assurance that they will. Now couple this with the fact that the Libs want to give amnesty to 12 million plus illegals and basically want to take no steps to enforce border security and now you have a swelling population of illegals who will derive health benefits and not have to worry about paying into the system. Now ask yourself, if border security and illegal immigration is a huge issue now, what will happen when we have an unsecured border and the promise of free health care to those who illegally enter our borders? National security indeed. This is a recipe for disaster, not just from a health care stance, but from a security stance.

The Liberals have no intention of honoring the free market, the basis on which this nation was founded. Have they even heard of Adam Smith? What gives them the right to take away from the ordinary citizen the ability to make decisions on which coverage option is best for them. Uninsured people are pretty much screwed, I will grant them that. But what is the better option, a bureaucratic nightmare that will make current premiums seem like spare change, or a free market option with the promise of tax credit with the purchase of health care, much like the one on the Republican side of the debate. This option puts the responsibility on the individual and enables them to make choices while easing the burden of cost. It also keeps this very important aspect of your life, out of the governments hands. Ever dealt with the DMV? You want your health care ran that way?

I also consider you to look at the source who is offering this ridiculous proposal. Hillary is a power monger along the same political lines of the former Soviet Union. The great majority of positions she holds would earn her a Golden Bear award from the former republic. She slams our armed forces, calling them liars, while getting her pockets fed from criminals like Norman Hsu. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure many more corruption charges against her cronies are coming. Let's not forget Vince Foster, which is still mysterious. Of course Whitewater is nice little example of her business practices as well. Perhaps she can get further advice from Madeline Albright, her half wit adviser on foreign affairs...say how does she feel about Kim Jong Il again? If you trust these people with your health care, then you are really beyond reach. What our founders had in mind was a free market economy with a central government that would defend our interests and expressly left the rest of governing the state and local governments. What Marx gave us was the idea of a supremely strong central government with the citizens and all local governments at its mercy, the same model that Liberals are pushing hard for. Communists also crushed all dissent. Well, yes, you see that too from the Liberals as well. This is evidence from pushing for the Fairness Doctrine all the way down to their own liberal attack dog groups going after Brian Baird, Liberal, who had the audacity to support our troops. There are many other examples, many, many, examples. But then, this is the way the Soviets ran their shop as well.


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Wherefore then do ye harden your hearts, as the Egyptians and Pharaoh hardened their hearts?

A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.