18 September 2007

Three Cheers for Israel

Seriously, great job Israel. The Wall Street Journal is dubbing the bombing of the Syrian nuclear shipment as Osirak II, the Iraqi installation Israel bombed out of existence in the 80s. Of course, this wasn't a full blow reactor that the Israelis destroyed, but a shipment of nuclear materials for making bombs that was shipped into Syria from North Korea. Of course, I'm sure the Liberals don't see it this way though. Look at Nancy Pelosi for God's sake, first in text, then in pictures, showing her love for the hijab and dhimmi status that she would have us subjected to. Dennis Kucinich, another Liberal moron running for President went to Syria as well, this time verbally assaulting our President, calling him essentially an evil tyrannical terrorist, all while Syria was no doubt getting ready to get their nuclear weapons programs up and running for use on Israel while destroying Lebanese sovereignty. Here's some more information on "Codename Orchard" from the Israel Insider. You should really be asking yourself why Israel and Syria are both being so quiet. From the Israel perspective, they can't be outright celebrating this victory (we can, however) because they would be admitting that they struck Syria pre-emptively and would undoubtedly invite the wrath of the anti-Semitic U.N. On the Syrian side, they simply claimed a fuel tank was released. What else can do they? Admit they took a shipment illegally from North Korea in order to produce nuclear weapons and face sanctions themselves? Hence, mum is the word. Let's also revisit one more piece of information that was hush hushed long ago by everyone but which remains an intriguing, and very possible occurrence. The Iraqi WMDs were taken to Syria. This is a very real possibility and one that I am sure is being further explored by own intelligence community to this day.


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