18 September 2007

Alien Virus in Peru, Or More Idiots Overreacting?

Ooooo....it's a tough call here folks. I always love our openly liberal media referring to people in underdeveloped nations as "villagers", makes them sound so much, "Third World", perhaps their way of reminding their audience that we are better off than they are. Why not just say citizens? Either way, doesn't bother me too much, not my main point. Essentially, a meteorite falls in Peruvian village and people start to get sick. Sure, some weird bacteria may have been on it, but coincidences are commonplace. Never mind that, though, the media's got a story to sell here that the Doomsday Comet may have landed and made people mysteriously ill....of course they fail to consult a doctor on this one though. Sensationalism, yellow journalism, hey they've got to do something to make a few quick bucks, P.T. Barnum style if need be. Perhaps this meteor appeared as a result of a game of Jumanji, though I suppose Zathura may be more appropriate. No matter. However, it would be kind of cool if there was some type of alien virus out there, simply for the fact that the whole new O.J thing would just go away.

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