20 September 2007

Al Gore...Saving the Planet on His Private Jet, Raping the Planet and Wallets

Really, this guy's chutzpah is just beyond me. First he claims that we are in the midst of the utter destruction of the Earth, and that in order to survive we need to cut down on those mean old "carbon emissions" and our electricity consumption, or purchase "carbon credits." Carbon Credits of course are how he's making alot of his money. By scaring people and guilting them into paying extra for using modern conveniences to the companies he has a financial stake in, when said company's profits go up, so does his. His mansion's energy consumption is comedy gold with how much he uses. His concern is also so much concerned about our doomsday and our raping of the planet that he flies around in private jets. Even as recently as two weeks ago...on one of the worst fuel consuming private planes available. So what is ManBearPig up to now? Well, he goes to one our strongest allies, Australia, and blasts Prime Minster Howard (who is a great man by the way) and demands $25,000 just for the honor of hearing him deride the average man and woman's energy use and basically call us stupid for using so much carbon before he whizzes away in his private jet back to his drug addicted son at his energy mammoth of a mansion. What an asshole.


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