18 September 2007

Huckabee Update

Wow, it's been a while since I posted. First, as I'm sure you already know by now, Gov. Huckabee gave another outstanding performance in the last debate, especially this exchange here with Ron Paul, where Huck gives him a little ethics lesson while defending the war:

On the 9th of this month, he gave an interview with Wolf Blitzer, the text of which can be found here. Again, it's what we've come to expect of Gov. Huckabee, a solid interview, where his points come across with direct clarity.

After the President's great speech the other night (probably his best one to date), Gov. Huckabee Release his own statement via his website. The statement can be found here. President Bush and Gov. Huckabee are to be applauded by their defense of this confrontation, as we must stay to defend the Iraqi people and help them to rebuild. It is our responsibility to do so on a moral level as well as it being in our best interests for national defense. This war is about security. The Left does not see it this way, even with comments coming recently from John Murtha hint to their dragging their feet on pushing for what they believe in order to get the votes for more seats. Way to stand on principal Murtha. Perhaps you'll think twice about that when the slander suit from the soldiers at Haditha pushes forward.

Finally, late last week Mike Huckabee took the Party to task, challenging Republican leaders to attract more minorities, union operatives, etc, in order to combat the growing socialist scourge. He is absolutely right. I have never understood how the liberal media has been so effective at convincing the population that Republicans are racist. It is amazing that the Republicans freed the slaves, passed the Civil Rights Act, have had the first black National Security Director and the first two black Secretaries of State and we are denounced as racist. Union leaders have thugged out on their own members, stolen vast amounts of their money since inception after turning hideously corrupt, and force the members to support their own political agendas and we are considered as being abrasive to union members. Unbelievable. We need to counter this media and Liberal onslaught by effectively getting the message out, and utilizing our resources, such as the Internet to do just that. Kudos to Mike Huckabee for dropping the hammer and waking some people up.

Great Job Huck, Let's Keep the Momentum Going!


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