26 September 2007

G-Dub Goes on the Offensive at UN for Human Rights, Democracy

The moonbats of course see this more as "Emperor George" running amuck at the UN, but really has their Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) really run this far? President Bush is absolutely in the right to call out the situation in Myanmar and the cause of human dignity and freedom world wide. Many Liberals feel shocked that he would have the audacity to call out the UN while at the General Assembly, but the reality is, where better to call them out? The UN, for as biased and ineffective as it is, is the absolute correct place for President Bush to stand in front of the world audience and defend human rights, dignity, and freedom. Who can fault any man for uttering these words in front of the world, testifying to rights of all people of all nations:

"The nations in this chamber have our differences, yet there are some areas where we can all agree," Bush said. "When innocent people are trapped in a life of murder and fear, the declaration is not being upheld. When millions of children starve to death or perish from a mosquito bite, we're not doing our duty in the world. When whole societies are cut off from the prosperity of the global economy, we're all worse off."

"Changing these underlying conditions is what the declaration calls the work of larger freedom and it must be the work of every nation in this assembly," he said. "This great institution must work for great purposes: to free people from tyranny and violence, hunger and diseases, illiteracy and ignorance and poverty and despair."

This is absolute truth and yet, criticisms of our President run deep. How is it that the Liberal hatred of our leader, on a personal level as much as political, can trump his outright protection of the Myanmar people, where the situation has gotten so bad that the monks in that nation have now been met with deadly force for speaking out for human freedom? Indeed, curfews have been imposed, and the right to assembly simply does not exist in this section of Southeast Asia. This is precisely the time to stand with the world's people and demand freedom. What is it with those so blinded by pure lunacy that they see fit to stand against our President when he is defending human freedom in so many places all across the world? The world is doing their absolute best to ignore what is happening in Myanmar, and President Bush is taking the world, rightfully, to task for ignoring their plight. He is to be applauded, he is being a true leader.

Similarly, watching those students at Columbia cheer for everything that Ahmadinejad said was horrible. Watching this horrible display of Liberal lunacy was one of the worst things I have ever seen in my life. Here is this man, a Holocaust denier, a bigot, a murderer, a terrorist, a man who has threatened genocide, is murdering our troops, and is actively seeking nuclear weapons for use against Israel being applauded by students in an Ivy League school. The only time those moonbat fools booed him was for his saying that there was no gays in Iran. State policy of the Iranians under the Ahmandinejad and Ruhollah Khomeni. They will murder and torture anyone who is not their model person for Iranian society. Oh yea, Ahmadinejad is also a truther. He was shocked today when the wife of an Israeli he had kidnapped confronted him face to face. Kudos to President Bush for seeking new sanctions against the tyrannical regime of Iran. It is also to commended that he is voicing and showing his commitment to Afghanistan. He and President Karzai touted the successes in Afghanistan today as well.

So for all the hatred of President Bush, the BDS that is fully on display nearly every day by the Left Wing in this nation, they cannot overlook their personal hatred of our President in order to advance the cause of human freedom. Indeed, the hard left has the same reaction (and in reality, much worse in many instances) than the Cuban delegation at the UN when challenged to defend human freedom, as the Left in our nation is doing to our soldiers what the Cuban delegates did when confronted with the challenge of promoting freedom:



Anonymous said...

where's the consistency? Well follow the money and you'll find it.

Ever heard of China? No democracy, brutal communist regime? Where's the "letting freedrom ring" from Bush (and Clinton and...)?

Saudia Arabia? N Korea? Pakistan? Russia?

when it suits, no-one gives a damn.

Let's see Bush order troops to secure freedom in Burma. Yeah right, there's not enough oil.

don't be so naive, wake up and smell the money.

USpace said...

That mad, mad terrorist minkey is actually a very wise and shining light for the Religion of Peace. GO Sharia!

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God of the Universe says
admire terrorist monkeys

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