19 September 2007

Iran and Syria Are Spitting in the World's Collective Face

The stooges at Columbia University of course have their man crushes on hate spewing Iranian leaders, so let's start it off with the uber left Universities that aren't worth 1/1000th of their tuition. Remember when Columbia invited Death Ambassador Zarif there last year? How does a moonbat den one-up themselves after having one vocal, terrorist supporting, anti-Semite Holocaust denier speak on campus? After the uproar that came from the those of us with an IQ over that of your average inbred jellyfish? They invite the head vocal, terrorist supporting, anti-Semite Holocaust denying, "wipe Israel off the map", Apocalypse cult loving to come speak. Surprise, it's Ahmadinejad. I wonder how many standing ovations the Jewish hating faculty will give him? Even the students up there being spoon fed the idiocy of their professors have got to be pissed at them. (Side note, in two weeks Lafayette College, of which I am alumni, plays Columbia in football so I'm hoping they run the score up on those chumps).

Inviting Ahmadinejad to speak at a scholastic setting would be like asking Hitler to speak at a sensitivity training session. This is insanity at its best. Oh yea, it gets even worse. If NYC or Bush doesn't come around and throw this piece of trash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean when he comes here to visit, he's going to try to make his way to Ground Zero to place a wreath, though I highly doubt it is for the true victims of 9/11. It's probably his way of honoring those 19 people who are burning in the bowels of hell. Outrage is a mild term here.

This news coming today as "Iran Draws up Plans to Bomb Israel". They claim they will only retaliate but are not hostile in any way. Of course they are not. They only threatened to unleash their FINAL RESPONSE ON OCTOBER 12TH. Sure they are probably just shooting off more flame throwing rhetoric, but Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world, and have a stated goal of picking up where the Nazis left off. Here's a little sample of their statement today:

Referring to the approaching World Qods Day, the spokesman stressed, "Supporters of the Zionist regime will definitely receive the final response for their support on that day."

Of course we all know they have their nuclear aspirations are and driving for a nuclear weapon. It's really becoming more and more evident that their buddies in Syria is helping them in this effort, and hence the stepped up rhetoric after Israel destroyed nuclear material inside of Syria. However, that little tidbit I threw in there yesterday about remembering how there were alot of allegations about Saddam's WMDs winding up in Syria? Turns out these two nations are indeed sharing WMD technology. Turns out they had a little incident:

"The blast dispersed chemical agents (including VX and Sarin nerve agents and mustard blister agent) across the storage facility and outside," the publication quoted the sources as saying.

The magazine said that, in addition to the 15 Syrian troops, "dozens" of Iranian weapons engineers were killed.

Say isn't mustard blister agent, VX and Sarin exactly what Iraq had? Why are Iranian weapons engineers in Syria for anyway? They were fitting chemical warheads on ballistic missiles....all in the name of peace right?

Of course there is outrage that Israel has declared Gaza hostile. Gaza of course is home to Hamas, whose terrorist activities are well documented and would love nothing more than to eliminate the Jewish state and all of the Jewish people who live there. Here's the UN leader's take:

"Such a step would be contrary to Israel's obligations towards the population (of Gaza) under international humanitarian and human rights laws," he said.

Yes, defending themselves from an onslaught of rocket attacks and from an organization to finish off the Holocaust is a violation of "international humanitarian and human rights laws." Meanwhile, do we hear anything from Mr. Ban Ki-Moon about the most recent assassination of a prominent Christian leader in Lebanon who was anti-Syria?

Ghanem is the eighth prominent anti-Syrian figure assassinated since 2005, including three lawmakers from the majority, reducing the ruling party's margin in parliament.

Even when the anti-Syrian ex-Prime Minster from Lebanon was assassinated the UN was shockingly silent and the investigation has been blocked even though it's common knowledge that Syria did the killing. The UN is worthless and the escalation of violence that Syria and Iran are embarking upon is a prime example of why we need to stand tall in these dark times. I suppose we shouldn't hold our breaths for a condemnation of Iran after finding yet more Qods Forces members from Iran in Iraq. No apologies to be issued from the moonbats to Gen. Petraeus either I'm guessing.

What all this spells is that we are heading for a disaster or epic proportions in the very near future. With people like Pelosi and Kucinich on Syria's list of buddies and the rise of anti-Semitism among the UN member nations, as well as pretty much the whole world's complete and total fear of standing up to Islamic extremism, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out they will get bolder every day in their heinous actions. The real question is, do they go full out now or simply wait until the looming election disaster for our party and take complete and total advantage of the Democrat's ineptitude after they take charge, knowing full well that the Liberals can't stand to fight for what's right in the world?


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