30 August 2007

Again the Media Paints the Right as Anti-Gay

It's not that we are anti-Gay. The prefix of anti assumes a disposition that we on the right are essentially advocates of eradicating the gay population. This is totally wrong. We simply do not approve of the gay population based upon our moral beliefs, the same religious beliefs of which the Left claims they are respectful. However, we do tolerate the gay population. We advocate Civil Rights for Gays except in two cases, marriage and adoption. The main reason for marriage is the encroachment upon religious ceremonies. Had states properly separated themselves from religious aspects of marriage, this would not be an issue. Only a Church can marry. A state can "bond". I have no problem with a states decision to "bond" gays in a ceremony. I have a problem with at state "marrying" gays in a ceremony. Marriage is a sacrament of the Catholic faith. The state has no faith by definition. In regards to adoption, I feel that this is a benefit afforded a man and woman who are unable to produce a child who have shown their ability to raise a child correctly. This is natural procreation. Natural of course being the key term. Naturally any species that produces offspring only occurs between a male and female. There is no argument there. This is the normal and natural situation a child is born into. That being said, this is a situation for states to decide. This is not an issue to be overlorded by the Federal Government. This is something each state should decide for themselves. However, the MSM will not provide this choice to the masses. Their objective, along with the Liberals who have seized power, wrongfully, from a public who believed in the rhetoric of a Blue Dog Congress, have lied to America. The agenda on their plate is to concentrate Federal authority and destroy state authority provided in the Constitution. The Slate is a Leftist publication who will attack Republicans at all cost. That being said, we have all called upon Sen. Craig to resign based upon his actions being unbecoming of a Senator. All Gays are not trolling around our airports invading privacy and sexually harassing people in violation of the law. Sen. Craig was. That is why we call on him to resign. He broke the law, it's End Game for him. However, the MSM, especially uber-liberal SLATE, will do all they can to try and portray us as cavemen, evil, etc, instead of showing our personal opposition to a stance while saying we want the individuals of each state to carry out the Constitutional duty and respond for themselves how the issue should be handled. They are insanely biased from headlines, to rhetoric, Sen. Craig is even a worse villain for Supporting former Gov. Bill Clinton's positions on Gays in military while himself being homosexual.

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