21 August 2007

And Now...More Huckabee

Great articles have been popping up so often that I have not been able to keep up, but its accurate to say that the news on Huckabee is growing....and it's spectacular. Yes, the lack of money is going to severely limit the campaign, and ultimately it will probably be Rudy Giuliani who walks away with the nomination if nothing changes, but something can change. What we are trying to do as a grassroots campaign is not to be supremely negative as the Democrats are (they even hate their own) but to battle on the campaign front in terms of idea, message, and the spread of hope. Huckabee is excelling on all of these things. The longer he is effective on his shoe string budget, as the campaign progressives, it will be that much more effective when the money does start to come. In the meantime, we are practically salivating at the amazing performance the Governor is going to turn in at the You Tube debate, and it will not be lost on anyone that Governor Huckabee led the charge to go into the hornets nest and tackle the hard left in their own den. With that kind of confidence and courage, how can you not be excited. For more reading pleasure check out these articles:
Being Mike Huckabee by Salena Zito
The Next Huckabee Surprise by David S. Broder
Hybrid Huck by Jim Geraghty
Huckabee Says that Iowa Showing Gives Chance to Keep Thompson at Bay by Heidi Przybyla

Stay tuned folks, we're only just building momentum on what will be the one of the biggest coups in political history.

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