29 August 2007

More MSM Cencorship, and WE get to Question the Timing

So Sen. Craig was turning tricks in the Minneapolis Airport bathroom. Besides the fact that he looks and sounds like Mr. Garrison from South Park (I can hear him now..."I'm nooot gaaay"), what he did was not illegal, just horribly repugnant and morally bankrupt. So what is the media reaction? To say that this is a Republican crisis. Well, not really. Unlike our counterparts on the left, we refuse to allow our members to do these sort of things without repercussions and we do not defend them to the end of the earth in regards to these matters, ask Mark Foley. He needs to go, and he needs to go now. Not because he is gay, but because what he did is completely wrong in that he was 1) soliciting sex, 2) in a public place, 3) he abused his power, and 4) it is down right creepy and it is not what we would have our senators doing. He's wrong, he needs to go, that's that I don't care what party he is.

Now of course is the Liberals favorite line of "I question the timing." Well in this case it is appropriate. The arrest happened in late June but it comes out now, breaking in the middle of day on the same day these nuggets of illegal activity are slated to come out in the newspapers:
1. Hillary Clinton's main fundraiser illegally gave money to the Paw family so that they could donate money to her as well as other Democratic organizations and candidates. The Paws gave 100s of thousands of money to Democrats...on a household income of less than 70,000. Despite the revelations of illegal funds being transferred, HRC was going keep the money, that is until the it became apparent that gig would be up, but kept quiet.
2. Hsu, the fundraiser in question, is a felon....and a fugitive.
3. "Richardson's Donors Tied to Rail Prospects," which nicely show how Hilldog's future VP took kickbacks.
4. A George Soros group fined nearly 1,000,000 for illegal campaign activities.
5. Bob Filner (D-umbass) has his own little airport incident kept quiet for a while until, low and behold they answer questions right as the Craig story drops and he professes his guilt. His excuse for assault was his crankiness. Awww, poor baby.
6. MSNBC coming out and flat out stating that they are not going to be airing any pro-war ads on their network, taking it upon themselves to decide what should and should not be considered free speech.

So none of these stories that have been brewing for quite some time were brought to the public for this long for what reason? Is it just a coincidence that these stories dropped in near silence due to the MSM uproar over Sen. Craig being gay? Fair media indeed.

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