02 August 2007

Congress Fools Media....Harry Reid Gets...More Pohwa!

Sure, they say it's ethics reform. However, any earmark reform that gets the A-OK from Robert "KKK" Byrd (D-eez Nuts), rest assured is not a true reform bill. Please refer here for bios on all members of Congress who attempt to "Bring Home the Bacon". Here's all you need to know. Harry Reid and the Committee Chairpeople each get to decide if the earmarks need disclosing. How nice. I'm sure they won't abuse that, not in the least. Of course Mitch McConnell didn't oppose it either, so at least there is one non-partisan issue, the bilking of taxpayer money for moronic reasons.

Here's what my personal political hero, Sen. Coburn has to say:
“Rather than opening the secret chambers of government to the public, this new Congress has opted to change the locks. This bill, which was negotiated in secret, guts key earmark reforms that both houses of Congress approved overwhelmingly. Unfortunately, this process shows that Congress’s 28 percent approval rating is well-deserved,” Dr. Coburn said.

“The problem in Washington is not lobbyists, but members of Congress. This bill solves the wrong problem and creates new ways to hide earmarks. For example, it is ludicrous to give the Majority Leader of either party, not the objective Senate parliamentarian, new unilateral powers to police earmarks. It is also obscene that the Senate gutted a key reform preventing senators from directing earmarks to family members. The new language mirrors existing Senate rules which have done nothing to prevent these serious conflicts of interest,” Dr. Coburn said.

“In the last election, the American people said they wanted the earmark favor factory to be shut down, not turned over to new management. As our Republican majority learned, breaking promises has consequences. Congress first broke its promise to impose an earmark moratorium by offering 32,000 earmarks. Now Congress has signaled its determination to continue the secretive earmark favor factory."


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