22 August 2007

Americans Following Liberal Congress Just Enough to Know How Bad it Sucks

1. It turns out that surprise, surprise, surprise (Gomer Pyle style) that most Americans do not know what is going on politically and find it difficult to keep up with politics in America. Not surprising since I posted earlier on definitive proof of left wing bias and a small percentage of people who actually trust the media anymore. Sadly, they will all vote regardless of what they know, hence the Democrats prey on this as they say things in talking points where as Republicans go into the issue which takes a bit of attention and a means to reach the audience. The media chops it up makes the Republicans look like something we are not and take pride in this. So Americans are less politically astute then they should be.
2. Congressional approval ratings are at all time lows, again. 18% of our citizens approve of Mega Liberal Nancy "Blinky" Pelosi's congress. Yes, they have been halved in just 8 months since the Liberals took over. It took them all of 8 months to become the least effective, least productive congress ever. That's shocking. I figured it would take them at least 1 year.
Math time: 1 + 2 = Most Americans do not know what is going on politically but they know that it has gotten tremendously worse since the Liberals took charge, indicating a strong position of having buyer's remorse. The Dems ran as centrists and are diddling their time in leadership by doing nothing but investigating President Bush which has resulted in? Absolutely nothing. The public also seems to be keenly aware that things are getting better in Iraq, so much so that Democrats themselves acknowledge this and have since changed the goal posts and painting the successful General Patraeus as a tool of the President. This will go over well with the public. All this in the face of extreme media bias and vitriol from the left so hardcore that a scorpions venom can be viewed as an antibiotic. Now based on the last time the Congress hit rock bottom like this the Democrats got ousted, and seeing as how they are not even pretending to be centrist, no amount of spin will be able to get them out of hard left land in the public eye. The Republicans on the other hand are actually in a very strong strategic position to oust a do nothing ultra liberal Congress and/or the Presidential elections in one fell swoop. A Giuliani-Huckabee nomination will crush almost of the old rhetoric the hard left uses on the Republicans and the GOP comes off looking pretty centrist with a pro-gay right, pro-abortion nominee at the head of the ticket and a small government former minister who is focused on restructuring the homeland and helping the average man and woman in the nation since he has been there himself and still conducts himself in the average person's mold. A centrist Republican ticket on the races in 2008? Possible, and if it happens, I think we realistically have a great shot at getting back both the Presidency and the Congress.

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