15 August 2007

Moving Goalposts Set Up by Defeatist Tools

Seriously, at what point does the political aspirations of the Democratic Party just blatantly scream that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT STATESMANSHIP, NATIONAL SECURITY, OR THEIR OWN WORDS. Today Sen. Levin (D-angerously incompetent) admitted as much. Here is his quote proving how the Democrats know that the Surge is working militarily, extremely well, so what do the Democrats want to do? Move the goal posts. Forget all the military benchmarks and ignore the reconciliation progress that I have noted in previous posts that are starting to take foot in the political arena of Iraq.

"I'm going to try to see if we can't shift the attention of the American people from the report on the military situation to a report on the political situation since everybody acknowledges that it's the failure of the political arena and the political areas that are the cause of the ongoing violence in Iraq."

Shift the attention of the American people from the military situation (going so well that Gen. Petraeus is actually considering suggesting scaling down the number of troops) onto the political situation (that is starting to improve). The main idea here for the Dems is that by showing how the political process is not on par with the military success (which they previously chided as being failed, but is now turned around) that the war is lost, as they have been saying pretty much since the first casualty in the war. Of course logic and all sense dictates that in order for an orderly, politically evolved society to exist the safety of the citizens comes first. After all, show me an effective government operating at full political organizational capacity that is not secure. Just name one...... Exactly. Doesn't happen. Security comes first. Once the violence dies down, rational behavior and dialogue kicks in, except in this case, the Democrats last hopes for not being proven to be the weak cowards that they are on National Security this can not happen. If this does happen, it's game over for the Left. When we win this war after they pinned all their hopes and political dreams on its failure, its Lights Out for the Donkeys. For a further examination of the just how pathetic the Left is in regards to this war read Tony Blankley's "Democracts' Disgrace," published in the Washington Times. So yes I question their patriotism and I'll debate any Lefty on this issue anytime, anywhere.

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