15 August 2007

Multiple Law Breaker Says Laws Suck

Shocking. A criminal says that the laws are not fair and that they are innocent? No, I'm not talking about Michael Vick, though I'm sure he and every other criminal takes the same position. I'm talking about illegal immigrant turned Mainstream Media Darling Elvira Arellano. Among the laws she has broken:
-Illegally Entering the United States and being deported
-Illegally Re-entering the United States
-Obtaining and using a false Social Security Number (which also means defrauding the American people)
She also told authorities she would surrender to authorities before hiding out in a Methodist Church (uninvited I'm sure, after all it's not every day you hear about the vast number of La Raza Methodists). She's been getting even more free stuff from the Church ever since. So now she feels like she's special for going to Washington on September 12th, which I'm sure at no point will anyone say something along the lines of "The tragedy memorialized here yesterday......insert idiotic pro-law breaking rhetoric here.....is not unlike the tragedy of enforcing your laws upon me." At the heart of the debate is that she snuck into the country illegally and had a child, so she says that she is entitled to be a citizen because of this. No, you're not a citizen. You're a criminal from another nation. As such, I have two proposals to fix this dilemma.
1. Change the law to state that children are citizens of the nation of which their parents hold citizenship.
2. Adopt the Mexican rules for immigrants who come into their nation, posted by Jay over at Say Anything Blog.

We need to enforce the laws and now. It's a joke that one of the "benchmarks" in Iraq that amnesty loving Lefties keep throwing around is even taken seriously when they don't even pretend to do anything about our borders here, even promising amnesty and pandering the people in nation illegally, essentially opening our borders and undermining our own political process, which is a total slap in the face of every citizen who either are in this country LEGALLY or whose forefathers came here legally.

Finally, Elvira Arellano states, "If this government would separate me from my son, let them do it in front of the men and women who have the responsibility to fix this broken law and uphold the principles of human dignity." Well please refer to my prior area. I do not advocate separating you from your son. I advocate sending both to make a different kind of run for the border. Under my rule you will both be deporting because you're right, the law is broken and we must not separate you from your child. As far as upholding, are you saying that the Mexico does not have any room for human dignity. I see upholding the laws that you knowingly broke, for your selfish reason, in blatant disregard for the honor and wishes of the citizens of our nation as disrespecting human dignity. The situation is a joke and pandering politicians are making it worse. Build the fence, build a moat, do something to enforce our laws, but do it, and do it now or we are heading down such a path that it may not be recoverable for when the violators of all laws get to choose whether it should have been a law in the first place how long will it be before all crimes are no longer enforced?


BCP said...

Homeland Security and ICE should use her trip to Washington to test their ability to track terrorists. If she even gets near the Capitol heads should roll at ICE and DHS.


Anonymous said...

nice read. I would love to follow you on twitter.