22 August 2007

More Good News Coming In From Iraq Terrifies Liberals

Amazing you don't hear this stuff on the TV or the normal Mainstream Media outlets. Makes you wonder if they even care about how bias they are anymore. Yet another report has come in that Sunnis are working with the United States against al-Qaeda and seeking to get to the table with the government. This is exactly the sort of thing that Liberals claim they must see in order to show "true progress" in Iraq, but they have the resources to make sure they don't see it in that the hard lefties are firmly in control of what media hits you if you're not resourceful and practicing due diligence. Excellent news indeed and news that the Liberals want nothing to do with. They went all in on Iraq failing and that General Petraeus couldn't do enough in such a short time before they could force a reckless withdraw for political purposes. Except it's not happening. He is being successful. The Surge is working, and the political component is coming around. They know its working which is why they are digging in so hard right now to refuse to believe it, sort of like when you tell a child that Santa Claus isn't real. They can't fathom it is really happening. They're already gearing up to after General Petraeus personally after promising they would never do such a thing, but now that the facts and the proof is against them and their agenda, they are going to go their usual personal attacks. It won't work. Their plan for undermining the war effort and the troops is not going down the way they want it. They will not have the votes they so desperately need to force a genocidal withdraw from Iraq so that they can get the votes they so desperately want in the general election. Even more good news in this article by Ralph Peters that appeared in the New York Post. As more and more Sunni leaders are looking to get back to the political table and showing some faith in their own government, the Liberals lash out at yet another target in the Iraqi Prime Minister, al-Maliki. One of their oldest rallying cries against the war was that Democracy wouldn't work in Iraq, that their way of life was too different then ours (a racist stance by the way), and yet when the elect their own leader, regardless of what we think of him, he was elected democratically. We rightly get upset when foreign leaders cry for President Bush's removal as being a direct violation of our laws and Democracy, but yet this POWER HUNGRY HILLARY CLINTON DIRECTLY INTERFERES WITH IRAQ'S DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED LEADER BY CALLING FOR HIS REMOVAL SO THAT SHE CAN GET MORE VOTES HERE IN THE UNITED STATES. Personally I don't think al-Maliki is a very effective leader or the best choice for the pro-U.S. position for many reasons, including his closeness with Iran, but it's not my decision. It's not Americans decisions. We're not the ones living next to crazy mullahs and psycho jihadis, in that regards they are much different than our own. We must respect their decision and help foster their democracy. What we must not do is what Hilldog Clinton and the uber-liberals have done,t which is first decry them as savages incapable of having a democracy, and then openly undermining their democratically elected government for their own political gains once they are proven wrong about their ability to have a democracy in the first place.

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