02 August 2007

Jimmy Carter Doesn't Care About Black People

Where is the leftist outrage here? Where is the uproar? The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals just told homeowners devastated in the Hurricane Katrina crisis...too F-ing bad, deal with it. Now note the name of the Judge, Carolyn King. A quick Google search of her reveals...tada...Jimmy Carter appointed her. Yes the same anti-Semite who nearly shipwrecked our nation in one horrible term. You'd think this would be all over the net, but it isn't. President Bush gets blasted for not showing up to Katrina before the levees broke, as if he were supposed to be Superman and single handedly save the day. Perhaps expressing the Gov. Blanco his wishes "to please ensure that there would be a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans," 18 hours BEFORE THE STORM HIT LAND was somehow misinterpreted. Please note also it took all of less than 72 hours for Congress to pass a direct response bill providing directly relief (which I'm sure had a John Murtha earmark in it somewhere). Yes, by ordering a mandatory evacuation and constantly monitoring the situation, Bush failed in that he was not able to physically and mentally possess Ray Nagin and Kathleen Blanco to act for their citizens. Yet, even as the area is struggling, a worthless political Judge appointed by an anti-Semite tells the people of the New Orleans, you're on your own, hope you liked being defrocked by your insurance company because some of your premiums are now in my pocket. Liberals don't care about black people.

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