08 August 2007

Mike Huckabee Needs Our Help

Honestly I know it's going to be either Rudy Giuliani (our best hope in the general election) or Fred Thompson (who may prove to be an extremely strong competitor as well) but after soaking in all the debates and information over the last few months, I must admit that Mike Huckabee is truly the candidate for whom I would vote. There's something about Governor Huckabee that just seems very pure, like he's never throwing around some unadulterated B.S. answer, or that he's giving answers based on some debate coaching tactics. He's saying what he truly feels and that's refreshing. There's a nice piece on Governor Huckabee at The Weekly Standard that is a good read, but not overly endorsing of Huckabee. I feel much stronger about Governor Huckabee. In fact, it was pretty much him and John McCain that got the Republicans to reverse course and enter the You Tube debate, and his video clip on the subject is awesome, viewable here. There are many other great clips on You Tube in regards to the Governor. The Republicans know that they are going into an ultra liberal audience and will have to scrap hard in a venomous audience, but hey this shows they have no fear, unlike the Democrats who ran like a scared little puppy from Fox News, you know, the far right wing news organization that is taking the strongest steps of any network to Go Green (blah, blah, blah), so far in fact, that the hard lefties in Hollywood thinks goes too far. Here's some points you should really know about Mike Huckabee. First, he was the first male in his family to graduate from high school. He came into the Governorship of Arkansas after a Clinton stooge Governor was convicted in Whitewater (nothing like having your friends take the fall eh Hillary?) and turned around a dire situation and was extremely popular. He is an ordained minister and has continually taken the high road on many issues. He does not flip flop, in fact he is extremely open with his views and backs them up with logic and morals, something I greatly admire. He takes the time to shake people's hands and greet them personally at his events. He is a different kind of candidate, scandal free, and a man of great personal resolve, evidenced by his hard work in shedding 110 pounds and promoting health, there by giving him extra sway when taking about preventative health measures and personal responsibility in managing your health. There is much more but I invite you to explore Mike Huckabee either through this link here, the link on the right side of this blog, or on your own. You'll like what you find, and if there was ever a time a strong grass roots movement needed to begin, it's now. At worst, he should be a slam dunk for the Vice President portion of our ticket, at best he wins it all.

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