21 August 2007

How Much More Proof is Needed to Show Iran is in Iraq.

Really, it's out of hand that it's not being beaten down the world's throats right now. As we all know, President Bush did the right thing in pushing for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to be correctly listed as a terrorist organization. Sure they deny doing anything in Iraq, but then again so does a three year old who is standing in front of you eating a cookie who says "I don't have a cookie." Let's just look at two examples here which for some reason are not getting the play in the media that it should seeing as how one of the leaders of Iran basically admits that the Revolutionary Guard is attacking Americans in Iraq. Here's the direct quote from Ayatollah Khatami:
"Whenever your enemy is saying something bad about an organization, it shows that the organization has been effective."
Hmmm. The organization has been effective you say, perhaps by training Shiite militias and supplying them with weaponry? He is all by saying, "So what," to the international community and the US in general. Secondly, lets look at another full proof piece of evidence of what Iran is up to. This article appeared in the Guardian of all places. In the northern part of Iraq where the Kurds reside, Iran is blatantly and viciously shelling villages. Here's a very important part of the equation:
"If this escalates it could pose a real threat to the Kurdistan region, which is Iraq's most stable area," said Mr Yawar, who said he expected the Iraqi government and US officials in Iraq to make a formal protest to Tehran about the "blatant violation of Iraqi sovereignty".
What makes this extremely important of course is the timing of the shelling and the increase of Iranian tactics in the south as well which are undermining the Iraqi government ahead of the Progress Report in September. While the Surge has been extremely effective, you can see almost instantly that now that violence is down and the Liberals in the United States are trying to move the goal posts and completely ignore the military successes in Iraq while trying to focus on the political nature of Iraq, Iran apparently is watching alot of CNN. Why do I say this? Well let's see, they have tried their tactics in the South and it is not working to their liking, but if they can bring a little turmoil to "Iraq's most stable area," the Democrats of course will jump all over this and continue their defeatist cries. Now the question is whether the Bush Administration can keep up the pressure and beat this information in the general public's heads that this is what is happening, a very daunting task indeed as we all know how far to the left the mainstream media resides.

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