02 August 2007

Dems Try to Backdoor Socialized Medicine on America

Pretty much that's what SCHIP is in a nutshell, and it's utterly despicable. Part of me thinks it is entirely too sad that most of the country has no clue as to what is really going and the Liberals are using this lack of information (i.e. the Media doesn't report the Liberal agenda that is highly controversial because the Media IS Liberal) to push through programs destined to destroy the American way of life. What's worse here is the Far Left is hiding behind children in order to put their Socialism plans into action. Thoroughly read this article by Sean Lengell of the Washington Times. Nancy Pelosi somehow thinks it is fiscally responsible to raise taxes and undermine private insurance companies, which will in turn cost people (and not the higher up) jobs and put these same worker and their families right into plan and directly out of the middle class. She also invokes the ol' Liberal reliable "it's for the children" routine. No it's not. Take for example the tax issue at hand, the Lefties claim this will be completely funded by either a 45 cent or 61 cent per pack tax on cigarettes. Simple economics will show that as price rises, use drops, so there will be no substantial gain on revenues. Secondly, if Lefties, who detest the individual freedom that allows people to choose to smoke, really cared about health care perhaps they would not be taking a drug dealer's stance in that "Oh we know how highly addictive cigarettes are, but now that you're hooked, we'll be raising the prices on you now." How ethical. Lastly, and I could spend days on this issue because I'm an American and a capitalist, this is not a program of last resorts. If they raise the bar to four times the poverty line in order to qualify for the program, that covers most of America. Again, more money out of private insurance, costing more jobs, a gateway to socialized medicine, and the program will take a federalist stance by allowing the states to decide if they want to cover individuals who are not children (which of course they will because it's all politics, and any state that does not grant this socialized health care will have every person fighting for our Constitution and economical system targeted by Democrats as having "betrayed and denied health care to babies and poor people.") Make no mistake this is a full on assault on our way of life. You have to wonder why they don't take a federalist state by state approach to abortion. Oh, that's right, no room for dissent on the Democratic side of the aisle.


Anonymous said...

What a completely fallacious argument. Rather than madly railing against the "liberal media" and "socialized medicine" which btw, is way way better than what we have now, you would be better served to come up with a cogent argument defending blanket illogical assertions. You dont care about the loss of jobs and life, but only the loss of corporate profits.

We R. Right said...

I strongly urge you to check the survivor rates of cancer. You will see America has the highest rate. You miss the mark completely Mr. Anonymous. How is it that I care about corporate profits as a vested interest. I own no stocks or mutual funds specializing in this area. The argument is based on economics, yes, as that is human nature. You falsely rattle off liberal talking points that sound nice but in reality are horrible. Socialized medicine is not better than what we have now. It is a downgrade at best. Please refer to my post which helps illustrate this point where the Canadian lawmaker comes to America for treatment. Innovation and competition make for better products and lower prices. Government red tape has hindered this process and caused artificial inflation. The position of the liberals in Congress is to take the profits of industries and turn into their own revenue. These actions cause the citizenry to become reliant on an all powerful government and deprives them of power. You would be best suited to check on health statistics rather than spill out nonsense. Your blanket illogical assertion is that socialized medicine is better, yet common and safe procedures here lead to numerous deaths in socialized countries. Our health system is the best in world and what stops it from becoming even better is an overreaching government.